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The only possible explanation that would come to mind will probably be hidden in the Celtic Prem-acus (masculine name) with variant-īācus and Primic-Acus in all cases, meaning the first front. Indeed, this name was in other nations fairly rampant. Just remember Greek Priamos, content, meaning essentially the same thing as a Celtic word. It will therefore be very likely that the Czech Přemysl arose from the Slavic mind, but that its origin is probably in indian-european. -first-. Indeed, it is still quite a commonly used term for prime minister or top student (Czech: premiant).
Holder demonstrates a considerable number of personal and place names, which are derived from this appellation. It is not an original Celtic word, but the older Indo-European substrate. As an example, the local name in France Méry-et-Prémecy, dep. Marne, arr. Reims, which is phonetically very similar to the hypothetical Slavic form of the name of the mythical plowman who Slavic ethnic group pronounced as *Prěmisu. Although it is possible in this explanation to resist, some doubt remains the only acceptable evidence of possible hypotheses particular with regard to non-Slavic past names foregoing. With Celtic origin of this name is associated one more little thing. According to Kosmas was meditating in a time when it contacted the embassy of Libusha, plow and oxen propel the white hazel fox.
Samantha Carter  3/13/2015

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