Oh my god, if I got to name a kid this I would be over the moon. It would only work on a girl though, Presley Anne would be cute.
Claudette  1/29/2021
My son is called Presley, he’s 14. Pretty much everyone called him Prez though.
Jess3188  1/13/2021
I’m an Elvis fan as well, but I wouldn’t name a child after him. Seriously, tell me Elvis doesn’t instantly come to mind hearing this name.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2021
I think it's cool on either gender but even cooler on a boy.
namespanela78  1/1/2021
Although I’m an Elvis fan, please don’t do this to a poor child!
― Anonymous User  12/20/2020
Presley is a cool name for either gender. It has mostly been used for girls since the early 2000’s. It has a fresh newer sound compared to the really older names that people are trying to bring back for girls.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2020
I think Presley is fine on either gender. Elvis Presley was male, that’s one thing and in my opinion, I think surnames are fine on girls as long as these names are either feminine or both.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2020
It’s cool for boys.
Inxpect  11/29/2020
To reply to those who say it’s too surnamey for girls, I think surnames are fine on girls as long as these names are either feminine or unisex.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2020
Presley is definitely feminine and beautiful for a girl, even though it has been minimally used for a boy's name years ago I definitely think it has gone completely over to the feminine side. It is also becoming more common with celebrity children but still not overused. It’s unique but not unheard of.
Kris22222  11/22/2020
This is amazing.
noisynora  11/20/2020
My name is Presley, I love my name but I feel weird using it. I usually like being called Pres or Pretzel. :)
Ratsarehotteehee  11/20/2020
This is an old post I've just stumbled across.
I live in the UK and my son who is 13 next week is called Presley.
I loved the idea of surnames used as first names, and yes I always get the comments "do you like Elvis then?".
That's not even close, I just liked the name.

Haven't heard it before in the UK since for boy or girl..
Clairjp  11/20/2020
I hate this stupid name. If someone is named that, I automatically hate her.
preslmccurl3132  9/29/2020
Love Elvis Presley. As much as I do, I would never stick a poor child with this name!
― Anonymous User  9/28/2020
Presley Smith is the name of the female toddler who portrayed Sunny Baudelaire in "Series Of Unfortunate Events", which ran for three seasons (2017-2019).
april_13  6/16/2020
Too masculine and "surnamey". Why call a girl with these unfeminine names? What a disgrace.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2020
I think of Elvis Presley when I hear this name. I can't believe girls are being named this.
someone-  4/14/2020
NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer named his daughter Presley Elizabeth Bowyer on Friday 9 December 2016!
NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer must have been a fan of rock and roll music!
― Anonymous User  4/12/2020
I have named my second son Presley. I find the name awesome. It's unisex but to a guy it gives a peaceful impression and an attachment to tenderness.
farie  10/15/2019
Pressley Hosbach, is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” season eight with her Mom, Ashley.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2019
I’ve been stuck to Pressley, a female dancer on advance Moms Season 8, so that is what I prefer most! ;) Pressley over Presley in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2019
This is much better as a surname. I literally cannot picture it as being used as a first name. Reminds me of Elvis Presley, which isn't that bad of an association, but I do kind of think that naming your kids after pop culture figures is kind of weird.
Feiticeiro  7/9/2019
A family friend of mine has a young girl named Presley. She fits her name well and I think the name sounds cool, modern, and pretty.
GabriellaConcetta  7/6/2019
My first name is Presley and middle name is Marie. I have been called: Pres, Preston, Elvis and so many more. I'm 30 years old and was actually one of the first to be named Presley in 1988 in the US. I love how unique my name is but unfortunately will never see my name on a keychain lol.
Pres1388  2/19/2019
My name is Presley. I am 12 years old and FEMALE. Looking through these comments, I feel like the name Presley is not very loved at all. Most of the love is for boys. The stuff that isn't is from people who are female and love this name, like me! My parents named me after Elvis, but it will surprise you why. My grandmother died on the day that I was due to be born. I was already born at this point, but I was 1 day old when she died. My dad was very grieved. My name was going to be Bridget, but decided, to pay homage to my grandmother, who was an Elvis fanatic, to name me Presley. My parents call me Pres, Pep, Peppy, Prep, Ol' Paps, and so much more. My friends call me either Presley, Peanut Butter (because my initials are PB), or Pretzel. Thank you for reading my little story. I hope I helped you love my name!
pizzapresley  2/4/2019
I like the name Presley. It sounds like a flower so I would say it's more natural than urban. It's weird that it can be a boy name. With Elvis it WAS HIS LAST NAME, not the first.
Lily.duh  9/20/2018
I don't like the name Presley. It's too associated with Elvis Presley, and it sounds like pretzel. It's even worse on girls.
kayisforkeen  8/24/2018
The name Presley was given to 141 boys in the US in 2017!
Lady_Skywalker  8/23/2018
It does have a nice sound, but personally I dislike the Elvis association. It would work well for a book character, though.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2018
I named my daughter Presley! I love this name and no I did not name her after Elvis. Her name is Presley Victoria which I think is beautiful :)
Milehighlove  1/15/2018
My name is Presley I love my name and I get complements everywhere I go. After reading all of these comments I am really annoyed because why can't you like Elvis- my dad used to love him. I always get the nickname Pres but I'm okay with Presley because it is awesome!
presleys  1/10/2018
Also pronounced PREZ-lee.
Nifty_Name_Nerd  8/8/2017
My name is Presley. I am a female. I have the nickname of Elvis, but my parents just liked the name Presley. I love my name. It is perfect to me and my personality. I think it goes good with boys or girls.
Pinkmoo55  5/16/2017
The name Presley was given to 121 boys in the US in 2016.
Lady_Skywalker  5/16/2017
Presley is an average name in my opinion. I like it ONLY on a boy, I hate it on a girl though.
Katesnames15  4/20/2017
I live in Vegas and one of my students this year is Presley. It does not fit her... I wonder if her Dad is an Elvis impersonator!
LV51sfan91  9/25/2016
My eleven year old daughter is named Presley. We get compliments on it all the time. I chose it because I thought it sounded cool, smart, modern, and just pretty. The family calls her Pres. Her friends have taken to calling her Pretzel. She doesn't seem to mind either. I love the name.
justsayjulie  8/21/2016
This is a BEAUTIFUL name. Face it old folks, rare names like this are common nowadays. I love this name for a girl! Anything ending with a "lee" just sounds more feminine to me. I'm either naming my baby girl this or Luna.
AmandaBb  8/1/2016
The name Presley was given to 128 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
My wife and I are naming our daughter Presley. Yes, we get the Elvis association comment a bit but that's not the reason we are using the name. It's relatively unique and sounds classy to me. Literally EVERY person we tell it to likes it.
dbgrizzly  4/20/2016
My 6 year old son's name is Presley. I'm so trailer trash that I actually did name him after Elvis to honor my father, who adored the man. I love this name! He gets nothing but compliments on it. I actually thought it was really unique and not trendy. When he was about 3 we ran into a little girl whose name was Presley. Since then I've met 2 other boys named Presley, one was a 43 year old man and the other was his young son. Also, Cindy Crawford named her son Presley.
Brookemomof3  4/17/2016
Well.. These are some interesting comments. My name is Presley. Presley Kendall. I am a 20 year old LADY. I love my name. I always get compliments on my name wherever I go. I think that it is very unique and I am glad my mother (who does like Elvis) gave me such a beautiful name. I do not get made fun of. Some people make Elvis comments, but I am glad I can be associated with such a legend. Also, since my mother has named me Presley, many other parents in my hometown have named their daughters (sons too) Presley, and I think it is wonderful.
presleykendall  4/6/2016
We named my daughter Presley Ann. I will admit that this name was my husband's pick originally and I said no, but we kept coming back to it and when she was born she just looked like a Presley. I love her name and I couldn't imagine her being called anything else. The Elvis assimilation does drive me a little crazy. I am not denying the king of rock n roll, but Elvis reined as the king in the 1950's. Elvis doesn't really mean anything to me and definitely had zero factor in my daughter's name. My husband and I grew up in the 80's so if I was going to name my daughter after a major musical influence in my life from my era, I would have called her Cobain. We get a ton of compliments on her name and for the most part the Elvis commenters are usually 60+.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2016
My daughter's name is Presley, not too common 11 years ago. Yes, I do like Elvis, so that had a bit to do with it. But it's unique, and I just like the sound of it. Everyone shortens it to Pres, or think it's Leslie or Preston... you can't win!
― Anonymous User  2/24/2016
Presley Walker Gerber is Cindy Crawford's eldest child. (July 2 1999).
QueenJamila  2/1/2016
This is so funny, people get so mad but I guess I can understand. To me Amanda or Bill (William) would be such boring names and even that other people have the name Presley can be irritating when trying to be original, but everyone has their quirks. Not that Bill or Amanda are bad, but common, as I'm sure this name might be one day.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents. My daughter's name is Presley and ALL OF YOU ARE RIGHT! Lol. I had a dog named Presley, my late mother in law who I've never met was obsessed with Elvis, but neither of those were the reason, we liked the name. Ending in EY to me makes it a feminine name but the relation to Elvis, I can see how some would think masculine. Presley Anne is pretty I actually called my dog that specifically but that doesn't mean it is a bad name, those are human names, it's not like I named the dog Scruffy. She is still young but her personality is shining through without a doubt and yes I can see how some could imagine a snooty version, my daughter has burberry coats, and tiffany earrings given to her by family members who think materials are important and I do take pride in dressing her appropriately at church in pink dresses, matching coat, earings, and cute shoes. I get compliments on how well she is dressed. Then she comes home and gets in dirty little toddler jeans and boots, and hand me down tennis shoes and holds wrenches for Dad and rides to the dirt track, or gets excited to play in the mud, she is going to be that laid back kinda girl.

I got one negative look when I said Presley, "no, no I picked it out 4 years ago, I'm not naming it after fabric print like your daughter Paisley" lol that ended that.

I always get over the top compliments also, not just Oh cute name but "awesome", "beautiful," "cool". Lots of Elvis who I don't mind, she likes his music too.
So yes Presley is a dog's, Elvis lover's, snooty appearance, laid back, tomboy kinda name that a lot of people love. She will dress classy, have fun, and like her parents not take S*** from anyone. I never thought it would have a stereotype like some say most "Heather's" are wild or whatever, but I guess it does. It seems to be forming a pretty awesome stereotype.
JCain  2/20/2015
I am not a big fan of this name. To me, it just screams "trailer park trash."
GroovyBaby  1/7/2015
*Rolls eyes* Great, another fairly popular & trendy name that screams "Teen mother"

Presley may be "alright" for a surname but as a given name, it's just gross & tacky.
Though I do prefer it more for a male even though Presley as a given name is utterly snobbish & has that filth rich quality to it.
I picture "Presley" more for a male but on a feminine male (the obnoxious, stereotypical kind; perhaps works as a hairstylist or with fashion.) Has that same annoyingly bad attitude & personality as that of a really preppy & perhaps "fake" type of female.
The feminine males who think they're all that and are just obnoxiously annoying.
Presley totally fits that type

Sorry, but you can find something better to name your child. And if you wish to honor Elvis Presley, there are better names. Such as his middle name, Aaron.
Use Aaron or Erin perhaps or Elvin instead of Elvis.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
My sons' name is Presley... and it is because I'm a huge Elvis fan. It didn't even dawn on me that it would be considered a girls name until he was like 3, when I met a girl with the same name. I find it to be masculine... That's just my opinion. It's just one of those names that will fit both boys and girls.
Melzr730  9/26/2014
I love the name Presley. My husband was an Elvis impersonator who passed away before my little girl was born. This being the reason I named her Presley in memory of my husband.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2014
I'm considering this name for our child. Pressley is my grandparents' last name, and there are no males to carry on the last name so it would be in honor of my grandfather. I can't believe so many hate the name. I think it's a great name for a girl!
― Anonymous User  7/18/2014
I'm 26 (female) and my name is Presley. My grandmother was in fact a huge Elvis fan and convinced my parents to name me Presley. I love it I have never gotten anything but compliments on my name.
Presleyba  6/27/2014
We just had a little girl 6 weeks ago and named her Presley Lynn Tate ( two middle names ). At first I didn't care for the name but it really grew on me, and now I just get a kick out of the whole Elvis thing. I tell everyone my wife wouldn't let me name her Elvis so at least I got Presley. I also wanted to have an Elvis wedding in Vegas but sadly, that too, got vetoed by the wife. I am using it as a reason to rediscover his music and the baby seems to like it too. She even raises one side of her upper lip, just like the King.
gut12  6/6/2014
I am naming my daughter Presley not because of Elvis! But because it was my mother's Maiden name. I thought it would be nice to honor her and my grandparents.
presley  5/27/2014
I am not a huge Elvis Presley fan by any means. I think Presley is a unique girl's name. I am all for unique names. Presley is new and fresh.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2014
To the people who want to name their daughters this: I hope you never have daughters.

And to the person who thinks Ann is boring: well shame on you for saying that :D.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2014
To me this name sounds very masculine and makes me think the parents are massive Elvis fans. I can't think of any other reason to use such a name for a little girl. I don't think this name would do very well when a child grows up. It's all well and good to have a strange and unflattering name when you're little because little kids can get away with any name because they're just so cute. But being an adult woman with the name Presley, in my mind does not set you up for success. To be frank, I think it sounds stupid and very ugly.
LadyEleanor  1/31/2014
You guys dogging on the name Presley are the biggest group of idiots. Presley is becoming a popular name only for girls not boys, look at the charts over the past three years. It's in the top 200's because people like it as a first name for their baby girls, and not because of the king of rock n roll's last name. The ones hating and leaving nasty comments are probably in their mid 30's and like names like Anne or something else boring. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
― Anonymous User  1/19/2014
I would honestly hate it if my name was Presley. It's not pretty or feminine at all and what woman wants the same name as Elvis. It looks so unprofessional. Not so bad on a boy but just ugly on a girl.
Almonds  12/10/2013
I'm naming my daughter Preston Leigh and her nickname will be Presley. There is a lot of controversy over boy names for girls, however my husband and I love different names for girls that aren't every day!
― Anonymous User  11/12/2013
I don't really like this name, only because it doesn't flow nicely. There's already a double consonant sound with a 'pr' in the beginning, and the 'sl' shortly after doesn't help make this name much better. It's one of those names that if you try to say repeatedly, you'll stumble after the third time.
Icycoldhot  9/11/2013
I really don't like this name. Imagine an old person named Presley! The alternative spellings are worse. This name's too trendy. The only way I think mothers would name their child this, is that Elvis Presley is their idol or something. It's only cute on a pet dog.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2013
Wow - this name isn't tacky or anything. Seriously, this is a horrible name. It's almost laughably bad.
sunshinechild67  1/7/2012
I love this name as a first name for a female or male, or as a surname! I am on this website because I want to change my first name, I'm just trying to get some ideas but I'm really stuck on this name. I'm only looking to change my first name, and I think Presley sounds good with Ann.
h3ath3rm08  2/24/2011
To be blunt; it sounds incredibly ugly. The Elvis association is also too strong.
Louska  2/21/2011
I adore this name for a girl OR a boy. This makes me think of a cool laid-back girl that you can become really good friends with.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2010
Presley is an AWESOME name for a girl. My best friends have a little girl named Presley. She's truly one of a kind, just like her name!
DuskyJewel  11/21/2009
It doesn't sound one bit feminine, and everyone will assume you named her after Elvis. I don't think Elvis would've liked his surname used as a first name, particularly on girls.
bananarama  10/9/2008
It sounds quite tacky, because people would assume the name is a tribute to Elvis. On the other hand, it's not that terrible, if you cam get past the Elvis association, and the fact that it's very surname-y and a bit boyish.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Wow. Presley is just so COOL! I mean, I know people would think of Elvis Presley, but still. I once actually considered naming a future son Elvis Presley, but then I realized that the kid would be made fun of.
rv14142  8/20/2007
I like Presley only for a boy. I don't get all of these parents using surnames on their daughters. Who do you think of when you say the name Presley? Elvis! Elvis was. Male! Stop naming your daughters surnames.
scarletcorset  4/25/2007
I completely agree. Presley sounds awful on girls.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2020
People can name their CHILDREN whatever they want - whether or not you like it. I like Presley for a girl or a boy. :D
Jasmine  6/24/2007
I think Presley is a cool name. I have only seen it used for girls and would prefer it for a girl myself. Other spellings I have seen are Preslea, Preslee, Preslei, Presleigh and Presly.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2007

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