Great name for a horse!
It's interesting. I prefer Red because it's easier to spell. Redd would be a good name for a horse.
Seeing some really old comments on here but just saying I'm a Redd and we've traced our family back to the 1500s to Ireland and Scotland. So I'm not sure what Redd means in Norway but we're not Norwegian so it really has no bearing here, and it definitely is an actual name. Not sure why the extra d as someone asked but you can ask that question about a lot of surnames that could be spelled more simply. Proud to be from a long line of Redds.
A person named Redd would be an amazing Reddit worker.
Reddit moment.
Redd White is the antagonist in one of the cases in Ace Attorney. He is a rich businessman and dresses tackily.
This is even worse than Red. What's the extra D for?
The word "Redd" means "scared" in Norwegian (like in "I am scared") and is obviously NOT used as a name.
In the book "The Looking Glass Wars," Redd Heart, Alyss's aunt, is the main antaganist. The next book in the trilogy will be called "Seeing Redd" and will be released this August.
Redd Foxx was an actor/comedian with this name.

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