The name Samael is the name of an archangel, which is sometimes associated with the "Prince of Darkness" in Hebrew texts. When Samael had fallen from heaven, it was said that he took Adam's previous wife, Lilith, and had an offspring of demons with her. Therefore Lilith and Samael are usually associated with each other on some early satanic symbols because of this interaction. It can also be noted that the name Samael can be translated to "the poison of god."
Samael is also the guardian angel of Esau in the Bible. Jacob, Esau's brother and his counterpart, had Archangel Michael as his guardian angel. In some cases Samael is included as one of the angels that rule over the seven planets. His astrological counterpart is Archangel Michael, which is fitting compared to scriptural evidence.
According to some Hebrew texts, the Archangel Samael was mated to Lilith after she left the Garden of Eden.

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