Hey, my name actually is Sevan, I always was told by my older brother it meant black lake.
Sevan Bıçakçı is a famed Turkish jeweler of Armenian descent. He is one of the few reknowned jewelers in Turkey and is known around the world. He is considered a "star jeweler" in Turkey.
I'm sure it's pronounced as something like seh-vaun.
The lake where this name is derived from, Lake Sevan, is often wrongly thought to have been named after the monastery that was built in the vicinity of the lake. The monastery in question was built with black tuff, so people believed the lake's name meant "black monastery". The etymology behind this meaning is as follows: the first element is derived from Old Armenian սեւ (sev) meaning "black", which is սև (sev) in modern Armenian. The second element is derived from Old Armenian վան (van) meaning "monastery" as well as "dwelling, house, home", which is վանք (vank') in modern Armenian.But as I said before, that meaning and etymology is incorrect.An other story about the meaning of Lake Sevan is, that it was named after Lake Van, by people who thought it resembled Lake Van. The water of Lake Sevan was much darker than that of Lake Van, however, so the people called the lake "black Van". In this story, the etymology is from Old Armenian սեւ (sev) meaning "black" combined with Van, the name of Lake Van. In the case of Lake Van, the name is the Armenized form of the Urartian ethnonym 'Biainili' meaning "Urartians" or "Urartian people".However, this meaning and etymology, too, is incorrect.Lake Sevan actually derives its name from the Urartian word 'suinia' (also found written as 'sunia' and 'tsuinia') meaning "lake" or "basin". As such, one could say that Sevan is actually the Armenized form of the original Urartian name of the lake.
In Armenian, Sevan is written as: Սևան .
Okay, I'll admit that I think the name sounds cool (or at least, it does according to how I would pronounce it), but I think it would sound just like the English word "seven". For that reason, I don't think I'd use it, even in a story. Which is actually rather a shame, I think it looks nice written out on paper.
I am Armenian, and this is a common name in the Armenian community. It is a boy and a girls name. I know several girls with this name and one boy who has this name. I personally prefer it as a boys name. It is pronounced SEHV-AHN.
Van is the lake that is in Turkey now. Sev means BLACK. SEV VAN because of problems that occurred there during the Genocide, Armenians call it dark days. Dark (bad) memories.
Hebrew 7th month, also as Sivon, Sivan.
The name Sevan comes from 2 Armenian words: Sev and An. Sev meaning black, An meaning lake. Thus the name means black lake.
They called it black lake because at some stage through the continuous conflict between Armenia and Turkey the Turks used to take civilians to the banks of Sevan and slaughter them.
Since black is assosiated with all things evil, the name sort of stuck.

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