When I was about 9 years old, my mom told me she had my name picked out before I was born, at the time I was having a hard time with my teacher mispronouncing it DAILY even though I'd corrected her several times. My mom fixed that though lol. I've seen the movie and bought the book❤❤ I think my name is REGAL, GRAND AND JUST BEAUTIFUL but to this day if my name is mispronounced I'm triggered lol I'll instantly correct you.
MikoMiko70  2/21/2021
I actually love my name but people tend to say it wrong like "Tomico" or "Timika" which confuses me but I also looked it up and its meaning is "child of the people" or "beautiful". I think who ever has this name, is honestly blessed.
Tamiko duke  5/5/2020
My name is Tamiko Williams and I didn't like my name until I learned that it was Japanese, and now I love it but I can't get people to call me by the right pronunciation.
Tamiko Williams  12/10/2019
I am wondering if you are familiar with the popular anime show "My Hero Academia"? If you are then I would like to proudly say that I have created my very own MHA character and her name is Tamiko Fukushima. I picked the name because I thought it was very pretty, but I never knew the meaning of it, thanks for telling me this. :3.
Tamiko Fukushima  11/13/2019
I lived in Japan and never met anyone named Tamiko. So... I don't think it is a popular name in Japan, maybe outside
of Japan but I was told by my mother (who is Japanese) that the name Tamiko means "righteous one" or "a person of the people".
I believe the name beautiful flower was just a personal interpretation because if you look up the meaning of the Japanese syllables Ta Mi Ko they do not mean beautiful flower. Sorry to break it to you. However, it has more meaning and substance. I love the name and its meaning and I think it's a very beautiful name!
agntamiko  11/2/2017
My name is Tamiko which my mom gave to me because it's her middle name. My grandmother too got this name from the movie "A Girl Named Tamiko". As a child I hated my name and would always use my nickname instead.. now that I'm older I am very comfortable with my name and I've grown to love it.. I am always complimented on my name.
Tamiko  6/20/2017
This is my mothers name, she was born in '65 and was the only Tamiko she knew growing up. However, it is a very common name in Japan, we met an older Japanese lady about 80 years old with the same name. I think it is a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2015
Other uses for Tamiko:
民子, たみ子, タミ子, 多満子, 他美子, 多見子, 太巳子, 多己子, 多味子, 多巳子, 太三子, 他巳子.
m4yb3_daijirou  3/19/2015
I named my daughter Tamico, as not to be confused with Tamiko, which is Japanese. I am of mixed heritage Philipino and Creole and her dad is Black-Irish, so I had to make it a little different. I too, heard the name in the movie "A Girl Named Tamiko" and thought what a beautiful name for a daughter, if I ever had one. My daughter was born in 1971, after having 3 sons. She gets so many compliments and curiosity about her name.
Diamond49  6/10/2014
What a lovely, lovely name!
Luangi  4/10/2007
Depending on how Tamiko is spelled in Kanji, the meaning of the name differs. TA means many, MI has several meanings e.g beauty, futures, fruits, charm etc. KO means child. Put together, the name can mean child of many futures, or child of many beauties.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2006
This is my name, my mother got this name from the movie, 'A Girl Named Tamiko'. In the movie the meaning of the name is "Beautiful Flower". Coincidently when I was born, a Japanese lady that worked at the hospital where I was born told my mother also that was her name as well and the meaning is "Beautiful or Pretty Flower". I know one other lady that has the same name and same spelling and coincidently her mother named her as well from the same movie. She also says that this is the meaning of our name.  1/23/2006
Doesn't seem so common. However it can also be "gather many" followed by "beautiful" or "fuit" and then "child".
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005

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