Tamir is not just Tall.

The name Tamir means - upright, tall, loud, high class. The word Tamir expresses uprightness and exaltation in the physical and spiritual sense and is attributed to a set of qualities of nobility and to a person with unique virtues. Hence, parents who call their son this are wishing him to be able to face the difficulties he will face and move forward.
Tamir can be used as a last name.
I'd laugh if this kid was short. But only now because I know the meaning of the name.
There is also a different name that is pronounced the same and written the same in English, but differently in Hebrew - טמיר (beginning with tet instead of tav.)
This name means "secret, hidden" (from a word usually used in religious context to describe a most holy secret or mystery.)
May be related to Hebrew "tamar", which means palm tree, but I've always known the meaning of this name to be "tall". [noted -ed]
Pronounced tah-meer.
Tamir is the name of Jonny Greenwood's (Radiohead) son.

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