It’s also very common in Brazil!
For some reason, it seems like a lot of Tatian(n)as in the USA are African-American. (Just making an observation)!
I've only heard this name once and she goes by Tati. This name sounds very rare.
Sounds weird. I only like the nickname Tania.
It feels rather plain, dry. I don't like it much. It's not bad, just really nothing so great about it. Also too common.
Ta-tee-A-nə sounds the best.
This name is actually really nice.

But, must I say a warning. My old history teacher's name was Tatiana, and kids tortured her with the “bust down thotiana” meme things. So uh, just be aware of that.
I always think of Tatiana Nikolaevna, the second eldest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II. It's a very beautiful name, and very unique.
My mom wanted to name me this name and I'm kinda glad she didn't.
Whenever I think of the name Tatiana, I think of snow falling on the ground in winter, or a sunny meadow of flowers. I think this is a very beautiful and underrated name. Also, it's just an adorable name for a little girl to have.
SO beautiful! Sounds like a princess with black hair and fair skin from some exotic place. I LOVE this name! This name originates not from Russia as most assume but from a Roman emperor Tatius. It is historically linked and beautiful.
This is a beautiful name.
This is a pretty name, I also love the French version which is Tatienne. Some nicknames would be Tat, Tiana, Tati, Ana, but it's so refreshing and easy to pronounce so I would probably just use Tatiana.
Also used in Estonia:
Very pretty. The meme didn’t ruin this name for me.
I think the association with the meme might have died down. Anyways, Tatiana is a lovely name :)
Tatiana is a lovely name.
I like my name, it fits my personality. I love all of the amazing nicknames my friends give me like Tati Tanya Tanki but the only nickname I don't like it Thotiana that is so overrated and dumb but anyway I'm very happy that my mom gave me this name.
As someone with this name, people rarely reference "bust down Thotiana". If anything, I'm the one to make fun of my own name the most often.
It doesn't fit the English world though. The way a name is pronounced can change its "feel" immensely, and anglophones do not make Tatiana sound like a pleasing name, both to me and the people who think it fits a "bratty/spoiled girl".
H.I. H Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia (1897-1918) the second daughter of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna of Russia.
It’s okay. The “bust down” didn’t ruin the name for me.
Sounds nice, but the meme killed this name.
Tatiana Weston-Webb, pro Hawaiian surfer from Kauai. She is a promising young athlete from the new generation of surfers, competing in the pro competitions across the world. Currently 8th in the WCT ranking of female surfers.
The meme killed this name. But I didn’t really like it. Tatiana sounds like a spoiled rich girl that lost her virginity at 12.
Why would you say that? What's wrong with you?
I think the 'Bust down Tatiana' meme ruined this name for the current generation.
A popular girl at my school who has dyed her hair a gazillion different colors is named Tatiana.
Bus down Tatiana. (meme)
I love my name and I am so happy that my parents gave me that beautiful name - Tatiana.
Tatiana is also the Italian form.
In 2016 there were 8 Tatiana born here. It was more used in 1990s [ISTAT].
Tatiana, while very popular in Russia, is practically unheard of in the UK, which is a shame, since Tatiana is a delicate, balletic name that carries a touch of the exotic. It sounds much nicer than other Russian names such as Natasha or Sasha, which are more common.
A gorgeous name.
My baby name book says the name is Slavic and means fairy queen.
SUPER pretty, lovely, unique, and just plain WONDERFUL!
It's very pretty and underused. If you want a nice name, use Tatiana.
Tatiana Shmaylyuk, vocalist of the Ukrainian band Jinjer.
Cool name. Both the full form and the common nickname Tanya are badass.
In Russian pronunciation the second "t" is palatalized and the vowel following it is a diphthong /ja/. The "t"s don't have any aspiration. /tat'jana/ It transforms the sound-form completely. It sounds harsher in Russian.
Tatiana Casiraghi is a socialite, the wife of Andrea Casiraghi, who is the eldest son of the Princess of Hanover and fourth in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne, and heiress to her grandfather's fortune. On the Forbes 2016 list of the world's billionaires, she was ranked #722 with a net worth of US$2.4 billion.
The name Tatiana was given to 386 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Tatiana are female.
Tatiana "Tati" Cotliar is an Argentine fashion model and stylist. She has been the face of Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Prada, Lanvin for H&M, Mulberry, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, and Nina Ricci.
Russian nicknames for Tatiana:

Tanya, Tanechka, Tanyusha, Tanyura.
The proper transcription for the Russian spelling provided in this entry (Татьяна) is actually Tatyana, not Tatiana. You see, the standard transcription for the letter я in the name is "ya", while "ia" and "ja" are usually considered variant transcriptions. As such, one can argue that for this particular spelling, Tatyana is the main Russian form and Tatiana is the variant transcription.

For more information about this, please see the comment that I left at the entry for Tatyana (in the main database), which is quite a bit longer and thus more useful.

- (in Russian; scroll down until you see "Tatiana" in one of the columns on the right)
- (in Russian)
- (in Russian). [noted -ed]
Name of the day: November 25, 2016.
Tatiana is such a stunning name as a whole, but I know people will shorten it down to Taty or Tat and in England (London) that is slang for worn, shabby, old & dirty :/ and where I live, Tiana and Tia are very over used. It is still a beautiful name.
I haven't met a Tatiana, but Tiara, Tiana, Talia, similar sounding names. Very beautiful Russian name. I love all Russian names usually. It is strong yet pretty. Any bearer is lucky to have this beautiful name. A nickname is Tia, Tatia, Tiana, Ana. This is perfect for any girl or woman.
I kind of like this name. Haven't met a person with this name, so it's good that it's not overused.
One of my favorite names!:D It's also the name of a Romanov Grand Duchess. It sounds really great with the name Noelle!
Another pronunciation is: Tah-tee-anna
Also it's interesting to add that there's a version of the name "Tatiana", of Finnish origin, named "Taina" which originated the name "Tainara" (Tah-ee-nah-rah).
The star of the BBC America series "Orphan Black" is the Golden Globe-nominated actress Tatiana Maslany.
This name is also used in Greece, although in Greece it doesn't necessarily always come from the Latin name Tatiana. There is also an authentic Greek name Tatiana, which is derived from Attic Greek τάττω (tatto) meaning "to place in order, to arrange, to form". Also see Tatiane, which can be a variant form of that name - and which actually has a name day in Greece.

In Greece, Tatiana is written as: Τατιάνα.

Finally, this name is also used in Georgia. Georgian sources dedicated to given names used in Georgia, list Tatiana as coming from Greek - so according to them, the name Tatiana as it is used in Georgia usually comes from the Greek name Tatiana. However, undoubtedly there are also countless cases in Georgia where the name comes from the Latin name Tatiana - probably due to the influence that Russia has had on the country, as the name Tatiana is very common in Russia (and in Russia, the name usually comes from the Latin name Tatiana).

In short: just as it is in Greece, in Georgia there are two etymologies possible for the name Tatiana.

In Georgian, Tatiana is written as: ტატიანა.
In response to Lucille's great comment above about the Greek origin and meaning of Tatiana, I would just like to add that I don't think there is a difference between the "Latin" name and the "Greek" name and their origins/meanings. Especially since the name does not derive from any Latin language word or meaning.

The *Roman* name Tatius, from whence we get Tatianus/Tatiana, could itself in fact be derived from the *Greek* word 'tatto', which is the information given at this website:

It says of the Roman name Tatius, "Maybe deriving from Greek 'tatto', which is the Attic form of 'tasso', meaning 'I arrange, I put in order'." They get their info from Brewer's Dictionary of Names (1992).

In which case, there are not two different origins of the name, one being Roman/Latin of unknown meaning and the other being Greek. Rather, it is just one name, Tatiana, which seems most likely to have its ultimate origin in the Greek word. Going backwards, it is Tatiana from Tatianus from Tatius from 'tatto'.
This name has been popular in France since the 1970s.
I've always loved this name, but I dislike this Anglicized spelling. I assumed the name was pronounced Ta-ti-ANN-a when I first encountered it, not Taht-YAHN-ah, because of the improperly transliterated spelling.
Tatiana was the sixth daughter of the first Romanov Tsar Michael I and his wife Eudoxia.
Pretty name. I like Tatia for short.
I'm writing a book where the main character is named this. But I pronounce it "tot-tee-on-a". I think it's a beautiful name.
English pronunciation is "ta-tya-na".
Looks like I'm the minority, but I dislike this name. It'd be fine in Russia, but in English, it often gets pronounced "tah-tee-AH-nah", which sounds horribly tacky and low-class. And am I the only one here who sees a few dirty nicknames at the girl's expense?
I can't find any sources that point to the meaning "Fairy Princess", and other meanings are unknown, so I was determined to discover the authentic meaning myself. I may be very close, if not spot on to showing how Tatiana actually means "Gift of God". Here is what I found:
"Tatiana is the feminine form of the Roman name Tatianus, a derivative of the Roman name Tatius... Tatius is Roman family name of unknown meaning, possibly of Sabine origin."

Could there be a link between Tatius (Possibly Sabine - which spoke an Indo-European language, and was located in ancient Rome) and Tadeo (Italian version of Thaddeus)?

If Tatius is a Roman family name spoken in Indo-European language, and if you combine "TAD"eo with Thadd"EUS", would you not find a link between the two?

If and when you see the possible correlation, you will notice that Thaddeus is from the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros), which meant "gift of god" from Greek θεος (theos) "god" and δωρον (doron) "gift".

May be a stretch, but it that is how words, names and languages are formed. This is the only relative source of a real authentic meaning.
My daughter's name is Tatiana. It means 'fairy queen'. The first time I heard it was in a Danielle Steele book. I have loved it ever since.
Second child of the last Tsar of Russia. Grand Duchess Tatiana was the beauty of the family and the favorite of the family. She was murdered with her family Nicholas, Alexandra, (parents) Olga, Maria, Anastasia, (sisters) Alexei (brother).
Another famous bearer of this name is Tatiana Troyanos (1938-1993), an operatic mezzo-soprano.
The English pronunciation is absolutely HIDEOUS, but I like the Spanish and Russian pronunciation.
Makes me think of head-strong fairies. Cute!
Tatiana is a beautiful name! It is also the name of the new Disney princess in the movie The Princess & The Frog.
I don't really like the pronunciation ta-tee-a-na. It doesn't really flow well. But I love the pronunciation tah-TYAH-na.
I'm not sure of the accuracy of this, but I've been reading that Tatius is possibly derived from the Latin tata meaning "father". If this is the case, it seems that Tatiana then would either be Tatius replacing -us with -ana to feminize it, or a smashing together of Tatius and Ana.
The name of the heroine in Tchaikovsky's beautiful opera 'Eugene Onegin' based on the Pushkin story.
I detest this name. It sounds like the name of a bratty, petulant little girl girl who is spoiled rotten.
I thoroughly dislike this name. It sounds annoying, and it sounds like the name of an obnoxious idiot. It's not pretty at all, the Tat- beginning make it worse. Tiana would be better.
Really beautiful name. It is so elegant and beautiful! I just wish it wasn't getting popular.
I remember watching a movie and I had the subtitles on. I loved the name of a character which was Tatiana but they pronounced it Tuh-Tah-Nee-Ah (the "uh" in "tuh" is short and "Nee-Ah" are connected and smooth). I was very confused but I liked the way they pronounced it but preferred the original spelling. I know the two can't work together.
Among the most notable names was Tatiana Romanov, the second-youngest last Grand Duchess of Russia (1897-1918).
I have always loved this name. But I hate when people pronounce it ANNA not Ah-na (at the end).
I love this name! It is beautiful, feminine, and slightly exotic. It is a classic and traditional Slavic name-- though its use has spread to many other languages and cultures, as well. Personally, I prefer the English "tah-tee-ah-nah" pronunciation to the Slavic "tah-t'yah-nah" pronunciation because it sounds softer. The name has many literary connections-- for example, one of the main characters in Pushkin's Eugene Onegin is named Tatiana. A possible nickname is "Tanya."
This name is ugly. I don't like how you keep saying Ta. It's annoying.
I have also heard that Tatiana is a variation of Titania, who was queen of the fairies.
My name is Tatiana, and I like it. I've always pronounced it ta-ti-AHN-uh, but I personally prefer the eastern European pronunciation. I always get tons of compliments on it being such a pretty name, and although people mispronounced it pretty frequently when I was young, that's pretty much stopped now. So there's no need to be worried about having a child who can't say their name correctly or who will get teased.
Means Praiseworthy/Priceless.
I've lost my love for this name, don't know why. I don't like for English-speakers to use this name; it's foreign and exotic on Russians/Romanians/Italians/etc., but just doesn't have that same effect on Americans.
I am a Canadian with a daughter named Tatiana. I still love the name; the only issue has been pronunciation. In the beginning we tried to get people to pronounce it the correct, Russian way: Tat-ya-na. We gave up because most people here say it Ta-tee-ann-ah. She now uses Tiana as a nickname part of the time.
In Russian Literature Tatiana always ends up alone, that is she may marry but something will happen to her husband, or she may never marry at all. (generally ends up being an old spinster) Because of this it is generally not reccommended you name your child "Tatiana" as a sole name, but it's ok apparently if they have a second name or if it is their second name.

I myself am a Tatiana, and I'm Russian, so I'm quite superstitious. I only found out about this last year and I"m considering being confirmed with another name. Note that I am not particuarly religious or anything, but for some reason this has put me off of the name a lot. I think about all the Tatiana's I know and they are all alone in the end.
I like this name so much because of how enjoyable it is to say.
This is my joint favourite girl's name and one of the four names I have picked out for any future children I might have. It's SO beautiful, I adore this name.
A famous bearer of this name is Tatiana Rusesabagina, the wife of Paul Rusesabagina. Paul and Tatiana rescued thousands of Tutsis and Hutus from the 1994 Rwandan genocide by allowing them to stay in the hotel in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, where Paul was manager. Their story is told in the 2004 movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’, in which the part of Tatiana is played by Sophie Okonedo.
Tatiana is also the Czech form. Pronounced as "tah-TYAH-nah".
I can definitely see why people around the world would name their daughters this name, it's really pretty. However, with a Canadian accent (specifically Ontario) it doesn't really roll off the tongue right, I'm sure there are Canadians named Tatiana, but, it just doesn't sound natural. Does that make sense? Haha. No offense intended of course.
In Brazil it is pronounced ta-chee-uh-na.
This is my best friend's name. She spells it Tathiana which to me looks way better. She also goes by Taty. Of course the name sounds more beautiful in Spanish.
A famous bearer is Tatiana Santo Domingo, a Colombian socialite and heiress of a beer empire and a Colombian tv station, airline, and newspaper. She is currently daring Andrea Casiraghi, who is second in line to the throne of Monaco.

Another royal Tatiana is Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten, daughter of George Ivar Louis Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, an English royal who sold his website uSwitch for £210 million.

There is also Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy's daughter.
I really like this name because it sounds like titanium (kind of) which has a connection to me, and it's really pretty. For a Confirmation name, I would like either this or Rose.
I love the name Tatiana! I used it for my confirmation name, for the saint Tatiana. She was born on the same day as me! I am hoping that when I have a child of my own my husband will love the name as much as me! And if not oh well! Ha ha, I'll name her that anyways! =]
My mum pronounces it Tat ee ain yah which I find very pretty.
I've heard this pronounced tah-TYAN-a so that it almost sounds like tah-CHAHN-a.
Tatius is the name of Achilles Tatius (in Greek A÷éëëåõò Ôáôéïò) of Alexandria, a Roman era Greek writer whose fame is attached to his only surviving work, the erotic romance The Adventures of Leucippe and Clitophon.

The traditions of ancient Rome held that Titus Tatius was a Sabine king who, after the rape of the Sabine women, attacked Rome and captured the Capitol with the treachery of Tarpeia.
One of the most beautiful Russian feminine names.
Tatiana was used in a Midsummers Night Dream by William Shakespeare. It also has meaning of a Fairy Queen. Other names have derived from this name as well, such as, Tania, Tanya and Tonya.
Actually, the name of Shakespeare's Fairy Queen is Titania. Don't worry. I used to get the two names mixed up all the time. : )
Michael Shanks & Vaitiaré Hirshon-Bandera have daughter Tatiana Shanks (born 1998).
Taťána Kuchařová - Czech Miss World 2006.
I have never liked the name Tatiana. I find it a bit snooty. No offense intended to anyone.
The Russian meaning of the name is "beautiful". I know this because my name was passed down from the Russian czars. It is as old as when god was born!
Famous bearers:
Tatiana Wilhelmová - Czech actress
Tatiana Pauhofová - Slovak acress.
And one famous woman: Taťána Kuchařová - 2. Vicemiss.
Also Serbian.
[see Tatjana - ed]
Tatiana is a beautiful name, and if I marry a hot Russian, I'll use it for my daughter.
A Czech form of this name is Ta?ána [TA-tjaa-na].
[noted -ed]
From Greek origin and it means (Golden Star).
The name of Grand Duchess Tatiana and the more current Princess Tatiana of Russia. Also, the name of a medieval saint and Caroline Kennedy's daughter.
This is my name. According to Russian name books, it is of Greek origin, and may (or may not) mean something like 'hard, unbendable'.
Tatiana makes me think of a beautiful princess. It also makes me think of someone who is stubborn.
Borne by the second daughter of Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas.

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