Sounds like ‘tissue’.
This was the name of my school librarian, and, believe it or not, she was Asian. But I actually like this name, way better than Trisha.
Wayyyyyyyyy better than Tit or Titty!
From my own personal knowledge I know this name to be a diminutive of the name "Tikhon".
(Тихон, Тиша, etc.)
Why does this seem like a "ghetto" name?
I think Tisha is sweet and girly sounding and doesn't seem "trashy" or "ghetto" or whatever other ridiculous term people use to cover up their racism and classism.
Can also be pronounced TEE-sha.
Meaning "Joy" and "Happiness". Derived from the Latin name Laetitia.
I often have trouble with people adding their own consonants, like "Trisha" when it clearly says "Tisha" and I'm not black or anything. People confuse this name for a black girl's name, on the contrary I am Hispanic, and the orgin comes from a Latin name. So if you ever name a child this name, be prepared for the lack of monogram items and the expectation that your daughter is black.

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