I like the meaning, it's cool.
noisynora  10/3/2020
Very pretty, but I prefer Yue.
MayaHelen  7/9/2020
Yua Shinkawa is a Japanese actress and model. Shinkawa made her screen debut in the television drama Chōnan no Kekkon in 2008, and made her film debut in the 2010 film Matataki in which Keiko Kitagawa played the lead role. In 2010, she won the Miss Magazine 2010. Next year, she won the Miss Seventeen 2011. She was one of four winners chosen from 7, 157 applicants. Then she started model activities as an exclusive model in the Seventeen magazine. On October 30, 2013, she debut as a singer with her first single de-light. This song was used as the ending theme in the tokusatsu drama Shōgeki Gōraigan! Aired on TV Tokyo, and it reached 45th in Oricon chart.
cutenose  7/23/2017
If I ever do have a daughter, I'd give her Yua. I love the pronunciation of the name, so I would give my daughter the name written in hiragana using (ゆあ). If I did ever want to use kanji, I would go for 結愛, 汐海, 夢愛, 由愛, 由有 but there are many other combinations of kanji I want to use on my daughter as well... Those are just a few :D.
lilolaf  7/22/2017
Yua Aida is a former Japanese model and AV idol. Aida debuted in photo layouts in 2003, and made her AV debut in the January 2004 DVD release Pichi Pichi for Max-A. The video was directed by Yukihiko Shimamura with whom Aida made several more videos in the following years. Aida's second video, Your Yua Aida, was released in February 2004 by the KUKI studio. This video left the fictional narrative format to explore the documentary style common with Japanese adult videos. Over the next year, Aida made new videos about once a month alternating between Max-A and KUKI. At the 2004 X City Grand Prix Awards, Aida received the Best New Actress Award as well as the 3rd Place Best Actress Award.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2017
Such a pretty name. I'd consider this name for a child of mine.
Dessa  8/13/2007

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