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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is October; and the birth day is 18
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Adriaan MaasOlympic Medalists
Aimée of Orange-NassauOther Royalty
Alan WilleyNotable Athletes
Andrej BajukOther Leaders
AnnaPolish High Dukes and Kings
Annekatrin ThieleOlympic Medalists
Anthony PereniseNotable Athletes
Anton PeikrishviliNotable Athletes
Candy CummingsHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Chuck BerryNotable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Craig MelloNobel Prize Winners
Daniel OpareNotable Athletes
DanteNotable Athletes
Ed ReynoldsNotable Athletes
Efe AmbroseNotable Athletes
Émilie GomisNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Ernesto Canto GudiñoOlympic Medalists
Esperanza SpaldingGrammy Award Winners
Ferdo KozakNotable Writers
Forrest GreggHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Freida PintoNotable Actors and Actresses
George C. ScottNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Gloria GarayuaNotable Actors and Actresses
Győző KulcsárOlympic Medalists
Harold L. DavisPulitzer Award Winners
Heinrich SchützNotable Musicians
Henri BergsonNobel Prize Winners, Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Howard ShoreNotable Musicians
Hrant BagratyanOther Leaders
Hugo GoetzOlympic Medalists
Ingvar JónssonNotable Athletes
István VHungarian Kings and Queens
Ivanoe BonomiItalian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Jean-Claude Van DammeNotable Actors and Actresses
Joanna VanderhamNotable Actors and Actresses
Kerry WeilandOlympic Medalists
Klaus AuhuberOlympic Medalists
Klaus KinskiNotable Actors and Actresses
Konstantinos MitsotakisGreek Prime Ministers
Lee Harvey OswaldNotable Evildoers
Lina RadkeOlympic Medalists
Lisa ChappellNotable Actors and Actresses
Major RitchieNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Marcus MattioliOlympic Medalists
Maria PrytzOlympic Medalists
Martina NavratilovaNotable Athletes
Maxim VylegzhaninOlympic Medalists
Mike DitkaHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Olesya PovhOlympic Medalists
Om PuriNotable Actors and Actresses
Paul PalmerOlympic Medalists
Pierre Elliott TrudeauCanadian Prime Ministers
Pius IIBishops of Rome and the Popes
Rabah SlimaniNotable Athletes
Ramiz AliaAlbanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Rita VerdonkNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Robert HartingOlympic Medalists
Shaffer "Ne-Yo" SmithNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Sidney HollandNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Jang Song-hoOlympic Medalists
Svetozar StojanovićNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Toby RegboNotable Actors and Actresses
Tyler PoseyNotable Actors and Actresses
Vasilijus MatuševasOlympic Medalists
Veronica BrennerOlympic Medalists
Vytautas LandsbergisLithuanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Yoenis CéspedesNotable Athletes
Zac EfronNotable Actors and Actresses