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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is May; and the birth day is 4
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Anghel IordănescuNotable Athletes
Audrey HepburnNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners, Tony Award Winners
Brianne JennerOlympic Medalists
Cesc FàbregasNotable Athletes
Dániel GyurtaOlympic Medalists
Dawn StaleyHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Dick DaleNotable Musicians
Efe AydanNotable Athletes
Elke SehmischOlympic Medalists
Esmond KnightNotable Actors and Actresses
FernandinhoNotable Athletes
Fitzgerald ToussaintNotable Athletes
Florjan LipušNotable Writers
Goran PrpićNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Graham SwiftNotable Writers
Gretchen UlionOlympic Medalists
Henri IFrankish and French Kings
Henrik of DenmarkOther Royalty
Hosni MubarakOther Leaders
Igors MiglinieksOlympic Medalists
Irina FalconiNotable Athletes
Jan PesmanOlympic Medalists
John Hanning SpekeNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Karen PhillipsOlympic Medalists
Karlos WilliamsNotable Athletes
Kate SaundersNotable Writers
Kersten NeisserOlympic Medalists
Kimberly ChaceNotable Athletes
Li KongzhengOlympic Medalists
Kubrat PulevNotable Athletes
Kyshoen JarrettNotable Athletes
Lance BassNotable Musicians
Lin LiOlympic Medalists
Markus RoganOlympic Medalists
Martyn StanbridgeNotable Actors and Actresses
Med HondoNotable Filmmakers
Radja NainggolanNotable Athletes
Ran LaurieOlympic Medalists
Rasim TagirbekovNotable Athletes
René MayerFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Richard JenkinsNotable Actors and Actresses
Romina LauritoOlympic Medalists
Russi TaylorNotable Actors and Actresses
Scott SpeddingNotable Athletes
Sjoerd WinkensNotable Athletes
Stavroula ZygouriNotable Athletes
Tamás KulifaiOlympic Medalists
Tandi WrightNotable Actors and Actresses
Tania Di MarioOlympic Medalists
Terry ScottNotable Actors and Actresses
Thomas Henry HuxleyNotable Scientists and Inventors
Tiaan SnymanNotable Athletes
Trevor NyakaneNotable Athletes
Valdemaras ChomičiusOlympic Medalists
Werner FaymannAustrian Chancellors and Presidents
Wolrad EberleOlympic Medalists
KangxiChinese Emperors
Yelena DendeberovaOlympic Medalists
Yulia KoltunovaOlympic Medalists