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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is August; and the birth day is 9
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Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein1696-1772Other Royalty
Amedeo Avogadro1776-1856Notable Scientists and Inventors
Randle Ayrton1869-1940Notable Actors and Actresses
Albin Lermusiaux1874-1940Olympic Medalists
Nils Sandström1893-1973Olympic Medalists
P. L. Travers1899-1996Notable Writers
William Alfred Fowler1911-1995Nobel Prize Winners
Joop den Uyl1919-1987Dutch Prime Ministers
Bob Cousy1928-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Yoshi Oyakawa1933-Olympic Medalists
Beverlee McKinsey1935-2008Notable Actors and Actresses
Rod Laver1938-Notable Athletes
Romano Prodi1939-Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Shirlee Busbee1941-Notable Writers
Don Dee1943-2014Olympic Medalists
John Rambo1943-Olympic Medalists
Sam Elliott1944-Notable Actors and Actresses
Zurab Sakandelidze1945-2004Olympic Medalists
Jungo Morita1947-Olympic Medalists
Jean Tirole1953-Nobel Prize Winners
Udo Beyer1955-Olympic Medalists
Melanie Griffith1957-Notable Actors and Actresses
Amanda Bearse1958-Notable Actors and Actresses
Dagmar Švubová1958-Olympic Medalists
John Key1961-Other Leaders
Whitney Houston1963-2012Notable Musicians
Brett Hull1964-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Deion Sanders1967-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Eric Bana1968-Notable Actors and Actresses
Gillian Anderson1968-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Juan "Juanes" Aristizábal Vásquez1972-Notable Musicians
Liz Vassey1972-Notable Actors and Actresses
Kevin McKidd1973-Notable Actors and Actresses
Dillianne van den Boogaard1974-Olympic Medalists
Audrey Tautou1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jessica Capshaw1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
Rhona Mitra1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
Chamique Holdsclaw1977-Olympic Medalists
Kestie Morassi1978-Notable Actors and Actresses
Li Jiawei1981-Olympic Medalists
Andréanne Morin1981-Olympic Medalists
Takuto Hayashi1982-Notable Athletes
Tyson Gay1982-Olympic Medalists
Ashley Johnson1983-Notable Actors and Actresses
Takaharu Furukawa1984-Olympic Medalists
Anna Kendrick1985-Notable Actors and Actresses
Filipe Luís1985-Notable Athletes
Kim Crow1985-Olympic Medalists
Rosemarie Whyte1986-Olympic Medalists
Willian1988-Notable Athletes
Robelis Despaigne1988-Olympic Medalists
Lahiru Thirimanne1989-Notable Athletes
Meredith Deane1989-Notable Actors and Actresses
Niles Paul1989-Notable Athletes
Bill Skarsgård1990-Notable Actors and Actresses
Grant Gilchrist1990-Notable Athletes
Stuart McInally1990-Notable Athletes
Anja Stiefel1990-Olympic Medalists
Dri Archer1991-Notable Athletes
Nick McCrory1991-Olympic Medalists
Marius Antonescu1992-Notable Athletes
Seantavius Jones1992-Notable Athletes