Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows. If shown, the year indicates when the show premiered.
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NameYearShowOther Names
Ethel Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Fred Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Lucy Ricardo1951I Love Lucy(Lucille)
Ricky Ricardo1951I Love Lucy
Alice Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Ed Norton1955The Honeymooners
Kermit the Frog1955Sesame Street
Ralph Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Trixie Norton1955The Honeymooners(Thelma)
Adam Cartwright1959Bonanza(Eugene)
Barney Rubble1959The Flintstones
Ben Cartwright1959Bonanza(Benjamin)
Betty Rubble1959The Flintstones
Bullwinkle J. Moose1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Candy Canaday1959Bonanza
Clem Foster1959Bonanza
Eric "Hoss" Cartwright1959Bonanza(Hoss)
Griff King1959Bonanza(Griffin)
Hop Sing1959Bonanza
Jamie Cartwright1959Bonanza
Joseph "Little Joe" Cartwright1959Bonanza(Joe, Francis)
Rocky J. Squirrel1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Roy Coffee1959Bonanza(Royal)
Will Cartwright1959Bonanza
Wilma Flintstone1959The Flintstones
Andy Taylor1960The Andy Griffith Show(Andrew, Jackson)
Fred Flintstone1960The Flintstones
Opie Taylor1960The Andy Griffith Show
Velvet Brown1960National Velvet
Gomer Pyle1960; 1964The Andy Griffith Show; Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Cathy Gale1961The Avengers(Catherine)
David Keel1961The Avengers
Emma Peel1961The Avengers
Martin King1961The Avengers
Tara King1961The Avengers
Venus Smith1961The Avengers
John Steed1961; 1976The Avengers; The New Avengers(Wickham, Gascoyne, Beresford)
Amy Pond1963Doctor Who(Amelia, Jessica)
Bill Potts1963Doctor Who
Clara Oswald1963Doctor Who
Donna Noble1963Doctor Who
Martha Jones1963Doctor Who
River Song1963Doctor Who(Melody)
Rory Williams1963Doctor Who(Arthur)
Rose Tyler1963Doctor Who
Jack Harkness1963; 2006Doctor Who; Torchwood(Javic, Piotr)
Darrin Stephens1964Bewitched
Larry Tate1964Bewitched
Samantha Stephens1964Bewitched
Adam Stephens1964; 1977Bewitched; Tabitha
Tabitha Stephens1964; 1977Bewitched; Tabitha
Abby Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(Abigail, Johanna)
Abe Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Abraham, Washington)
Addie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Adelaide)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Josephine)
Alan Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Alex Marshall1965Days of Our Lives
Alice Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Allie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Alice, Caroline)
Aloysius "Nosey" Parker1965Thunderbirds
André DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Anna DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Audra Barkley1965The Big Valley
Austin Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Samuel)
Belle Black1965Days of Our Lives(Isabella)
Ben Weston1965Days of Our Lives(Benjamin)
Benjy Hawk1965Days of Our Lives
Bill Horton1965Days of Our Lives(William)
Billie Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Holiday)
Bo Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Beauregard, Aurelius)
Bonnie Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Maureen)
Brady Black1965Days of Our Lives(Victor)
Brandon Walker1965Days of Our Lives
Calliope Jones1965Days of Our Lives
Cameron Davis1965Days of Our Lives
Carly Manning1965Days of Our Lives(Katerina)
Caroline Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Carrie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Caroline, Anna)
Cassie Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Celeste Perrault1965Days of Our Lives(Francesca, Frankie)
Chad DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Michael)
Chelsea Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Georgia)
Chloe Lane1965Days of Our Lives
Ciara Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Alice)
Claire Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Cole Hines1965Days of Our Lives
Curtis Reed1965Days of Our Lives
Daniel Jonas1965Days of Our Lives(James)
Daphne DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Don Craig1965Days of Our Lives(Donald, Jeremiah)
Doug Williams1965Days of Our Lives(Douglas)
EJ DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Elvis, Aaron)
Eric Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Roman)
Eugene Bradford1965Days of Our Lives
Eve Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Frankie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(François)
Fred Madden1965The Big Valley
Gabi Hernandez1965Days of Our Lives(Gabriella, Josephina)
Gordon Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Heath Barkley1965The Big Valley
Hope Williams Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Alice)
Isabella Toscano1965Days of Our Lives(Beatrice)
Jack Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(William, Earl, Harcourt)
Jan Spears1965Days of Our Lives
Jarrod Barkley1965The Big Valley(Thomas)
Jeff Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Jennifer Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Rose)
Jeremy Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Jessica Blake1965Days of Our Lives(Angelique)
JJ Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(Jack, Thomas)
Joey Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Joseph)
John Black1965Days of Our Lives
John Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Jordan Ridgeway1965Days of Our Lives
Julie Olson Williams1965Days of Our Lives
Justin Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Alexander)
Kate Roberts1965Days of Our Lives(Katherine, Elizabeth)
Kayla Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Caroline)
Kimberly Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Kristen DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Larry Welch1965Days of Our Lives
Laura Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Lawrence Alamain1965Days of Our Lives(James)
Lee DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives(Emily)
Lexie Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Alexandra)
Liz Chandler1965Days of Our Lives
Lucas Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Desmond)
Maggie Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Marie Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Marlena Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Max Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Maxwell)
Melissa Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Mickey Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Michael)
Mike Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Michael, William)
Mimi Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Miriam, Elizabeth)
Nathan Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Neil Curtis1965Days of Our Lives
Nick Barkley1965The Big Valley(Nicholas, Jonathan)
Nick Fallon1965Days of Our Lives(Nicholas)
Nicole Walker1965Days of Our Lives(Stella)
Patrick Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Brian)
Paul Narita1965Days of Our Lives
Penelope Creighton-Ward1965Thunderbirds
Philip Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Robert)
Quinn Hudson1965Days of Our Lives
Rafe Hernandez1965Days of Our Lives(Rafael)
Renée DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives
Rex Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Roman Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Augustus)
Samantha Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Sami Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Samantha, Gene)
Sandy Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Sarah Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Scott Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Shane Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn-Douglas Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Sonny Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Jackson, Steven)
Stefano DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Stephanie Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Kay)
Steve "Patch" Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Steven, Earl)
Susan Banks1965Days of Our Lives(Delilah)
Taylor Walker1965Days of Our Lives
Theo Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Theodore, Brandon)
Theresa Donovan1965Days of Our Lives(Jeannie)
Tom Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Thomas)
Tommy Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Thomas)
Tony DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Antony)
Victor Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives
Victoria Barkley1965The Big Valley
Virgil Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Vivian Alamain1965Days of Our Lives
Will Horton1965Days of Our Lives(William, Robert)
Zack Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Beauregard, Isaac, Theo)
James T. Kirk1966Star Trek(Jim, Tiberius)
Leonard "Bones" McCoy1966Star Trek
Spock1966Star Trek
Arthur Wilson1968Dad's Army
Charles Godfrey1968Dad's Army
Claude Gordon1968Dad's Army
Corey Baker1968Julia
Earl J. Waggedorn1968Julia(J)
Frank Pike1968Dad's Army
George Mainwaring1968Dad's Army
Hannah Yarby1968Julia
Jack Jones1968Dad's Army
James "Taffy" Frazer1968Dad's Army
Joe Walker1968Dad's Army
Julia Baker1968Julia
Leonard Waggedorn1968Julia
Marie Waggedorn1968Julia
Maurice Yeatman1968Dad's Army
Mavis Pike1968Dad's Army
Morton Chegley1968Julia
Timothy Farthing1968Dad's Army
William Hodges1968Dad's Army
Bert1969Sesame Street
Ernie1969Sesame Street
Oliver Tyler1969The Brady Bunch
Oscar the Grouch1969Sesame Street
Sam Franklin1969The Brady Bunch
Alice Nelson1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Bobby Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Robert, Eric)
Carol Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Ann)
Cindy Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Cynthia, Sofia)
Greg Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Gregory, Stanford)
Jan Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Janet, Elizabeth)
Marcia Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Denise)
Mike Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Michael, Paul, Thomas)
Peter Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Peterson, Christian, Edward)
Harry Klein1969; 1974Der Kommissar; Derrick
Grover1970Sesame Street
Prairie Dawn1970Sesame Street
Archie Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place(Archibald)
Edith Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place
Ben Walton1972The Waltons(Benjamin)
Cindy Brunson Walton1972The Waltons
Corabeth Walton Godsey1972The Waltons
Curtis Willard1972The Waltons
Elizabeth Walton1972The Waltons(Tyler)
Emily Baldwin1972The Waltons
Erin Walton1972The Waltons(Esther)
Esther "Grandma" Walton1972The Waltons
Ike Godsey1972The Waltons(Isaac)
Jason Walton1972The Waltons
Jim-Bob Walton1972The Waltons(James, Robert)
John Walton Sr.1972The Waltons
John "John-Boy" Walton Jr.1972The Waltons(Lee)
Ludivine Peyrissac-Vernet1972Les Gens de Mogador
Mamie Baldwin1972The Waltons
Mary Ellen Walton1972The Waltons
Olivia Walton1972The Waltons
Rose Burton1972The Waltons
Zeb "Grandpa" Walton1972The Waltons(Zebb, Zebulon)
Cuthbert Rumbold1972; 1992Are You Being Served?; Grace & Favour
Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries1972; 1992Are You Being Served?; Grace & Favour
Jaime Sommers1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman
Oscar Goldman1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman
Rudy Wells1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman
Steve Austin1973; 1976The Six Million Dollar Man; The Bionic Woman(Steven)
Sheila Carter1973; 1987The Young and the Restless; The Bold and the Beautiful
Mork1974; 1978Happy Days; Mork & Mindy
Stephan Derrick1974Derrick
Dave Starsky1975Starsky & Hutch(David, Michael)
Demelza Carne1975Poldark
Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson1975Starsky & Hutch(Kenneth, Richard)
Ross Poldark1975Poldark
Charlie Townsend1976Charlie's Angels(Charles)
Elwood Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Fozzie Bear1976The Muppet Show
Gonzo1976The Muppet Show
Jake Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Jill Munroe1976Charlie's Angels
John Bosley1976Charlie's Angels
Julie Rogers1976Charlie's Angels
Kelly Garrett1976Charlie's Angels
Kris Munroe1976Charlie's Angels(Kristine)
Mike Gambit1976The New Avengers(Michael)
Sabrina Duncan1976Charlie's Angels(Bri)
Tiffany Welles1976Charlie's Angels
Afton Cooper1978Dallas
April Stevens Ewing1978Dallas
Cally Harper Ewing1978Dallas(Calpurnia, Elizabeth)
Carter McKay1978Dallas
Clayton Farlow1978Dallas
Cliff Barnes1978Dallas(Clifford)
Donna Culver Krebbs1978Dallas
Miss Ellie Ewing1978Dallas(Eleanor)
Jack Ewing1978Dallas(Jay)
James Beaumont1978Dallas(Richard)
Jamie Ewing1978Dallas
Jenna Wade1978Dallas
Jock Ewing1978Dallas(John, Ross)
John Ross Ewing III1978Dallas
Liz Adams1978Dallas(Elizabeth)
Michelle Stevens1978Dallas(Louise)
Mindy McConnell1978Mork & Mindy
Pam Ewing1978Dallas(Pamela, Jean)
Ray Krebbs1978Dallas
Stephanie Rogers1978Dallas
Sue Ellen Ewing1978Dallas
Willard "Digger" Barnes1978Dallas(Digger)
Bobby Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Robert, James)
Christopher Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing
Gary Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Garrison, Arthur)
J. R. Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(John, Ross)
Kristin Shepard1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Marie)
Lucy Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Ann)
Valene Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Val)
Bo Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Beauregard)
Cletus Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Cooter Davenport1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Coy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Daisy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Mae)
Hughie Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard
J. D. "Boss" Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Jefferson, Davis)
Jennifer Hart1979Hart to Hart
Jesse Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Jonathan Hart1979Hart to Hart
Luke Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Lucas, K)
Lulu Coltrane Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Rosco P. Coltrane1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Purvis)
Vance Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Enos Strate1979; 1980The Dukes of Hazzard; Enos
Ben Carrington1981Dynasty(Benjamin)
Dana Waring Carrington1981Dynasty(Bethany)
Danny Carrington1981Dynasty(Steven, Daniel)
Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter1981Dynasty(Dex)
Krystina Carrington1981Dynasty(Emma)
Krystle Carrington1981Dynasty
Leslie Carrington1981Dynasty
Sammy Jo Carrington1981Dynasty(Samantha, Josephine)
Blake "Little Blake/L.B." Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Carrington, Jeffrey)
Bliss Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys
Connie Colby Patterson1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Constance)
Jason Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys
Lauren Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Constance)
Miles Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Andrew)
Sable Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Sabella)
Adam Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Michael, Alexander, Gordon)
Alexis Carrington Colby1981; 2017Dynasty
Amanda Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty
Blake Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Alexander)
Cecil Colby1981; 2017Dynasty(Baldwin)
Claudia Blaisdel1981; 2017Dynasty
Dominique Deveraux1981; 2017Dynasty(Millie)
Fallon Carrington1981; 1985; 2017Dynasty; The Colbys(Morell)
Jeff Colby1981; 1985; 2017Dynasty; The Colbys(Jeffrey, Broderick)
Joseph Anders1981; 2017Dynasty(Arlington, Winifred)
Kirby Anders1981; 2017Dynasty(Alicia)
Mark Jennings1981; 2017Dynasty(Samuel)
Matthew Blaisdel1981; 2017Dynasty
Michael Culhane1981; 2017Dynasty
Monica Colby1981; 1985; 2017Dynasty; The Colbys(Scott)
Steven Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Daniel)
Alberto Bertorelli1982'Allo 'Allo!
Alex P. Keaton1982Family Ties(Peace)
Andy Keaton1982Family Ties(Andrew)
Carla Tortelli1982Cheers(Maria, Victoria, Angelina, Teresa, Apollonia)
Christine Cagney1982Cagney & Lacey
Cliff Clavin1982Cheers(Clifford, C)
Diane Chambers1982Cheers
Edith Artois1982'Allo 'Allo!(Melba)
Elyse Keaton1982Family Ties(Catherine)
Engelbert von Smallhausen1982'Allo 'Allo!(Bobby, Cedric)
Erich von Klinkerhoffen1982'Allo 'Allo!
Ernest Leclerc1982'Allo 'Allo!
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso1982Cheers
Fanny La Fan1982'Allo 'Allo!
Gavin Fairfax1982'Allo 'Allo!
Hans Geering1982'Allo 'Allo!
Helga Geerhart1982'Allo 'Allo!
Hubert Gruber1982'Allo 'Allo!
Irwin "Skippy" Handelman1982Family Ties
Jennifer Keaton1982Family Ties
Kurt von Strohm1982'Allo 'Allo!
Lauren Miller1982Family Ties
Mallory Keaton1982Family Ties
Maria Recamier1982'Allo 'Allo!
Mary Beth Lacey1982Cagney & Lacey
Michelle Dubois1982'Allo 'Allo!
Mimi Labonq1982'Allo 'Allo!
Nick Moore1982Family Ties
Norm Peterson1982Cheers(Hilary, Norman)
Otto Flick1982'Allo 'Allo!
Rebecca Howe1982Cheers
René Artois1982'Allo 'Allo!(François)
Roger Leclerc1982'Allo 'Allo!
Sam Malone1982Cheers(Samuel)
Steven Keaton1982Family Ties(Richard)
Woody Boyd1982Cheers(Woodrow, Tiberius)
Yvette Carte-Blanche1982'Allo 'Allo!
Frasier Crane1982; 1993Cheers; Frasier(Winslow)
Frederick Crane1982; 1993Cheers; Frasier(Gaylord)
Lilith Sternin1982; 1993Cheers; Frasier
Edmund Blackadder1983Blackadder
Angela Robinson Bower1984Who's the Boss?
Elvin Tibideaux1984The Cosby Show
Gina Navarro Calabrese1984Miami Vice(Regina)
James "Sonny" Crockett1984Miami Vice(Sonny)
Jessica Fletcher1984Murder, She Wrote(Beatrice)
Jonathan Bower1984Who's the Boss?
Larry Zito1984Miami Vice(Lawrence)
Lou Rodriguez1984Miami Vice(Louis)
Marty Castillo1984Miami Vice(Martin)
Mona Robinson1984Who's the Boss?
Optimus Prime1984The Transformers
Pam Tucker1984The Cosby Show(Pamela)
Rico Tubbs1984Miami Vice(Ricardo)
Samantha Micelli1984Who's the Boss?
Sondra Huxtable1984The Cosby Show
Stan Switek1984Miami Vice(Stanley)
Tony Micelli1984Who's the Boss?(Anthony, Morton)
Trudy "Big Booty" Joplin1984Miami Vice
Clair Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Olivia)
Cliff Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Heathcliff)
Denise Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World
Martin Kendall1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World
Olivia Kendall1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World
Rudy Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Rudith, Lillian)
Theo Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Theodore, Aloysius)
Vanessa Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World
Ben Seaver1985Growing Pains(Benjamin, Hubert, Horatio, Humphrey)
Carol Seaver1985Growing Pains(Anne)
Chrissy Seaver1985Growing Pains(Christine, Ellen)
Dorothy Zbornak1985The Golden Girls(Dorothea)
Elmo1985Sesame Street
Frankie Colby1985The Colbys(Francesca)
George Hazard1985North and South
Harold Bishop1985Neighbours(Wayne)
Harry Makepeace1985Dempsey and Makepeace(Harriet)
Helen Daniels1985Neighbours
James Dempsey1985Dempsey and Makepeace
Jason Seaver1985Growing Pains(Roland)
Karl Kennedy1985Neighbours(Raymond, Marx)
Lou Carpenter1985Neighbours(Louis, Thomas)
Luke Brower1985Growing Pains
Madge Bishop1985Neighbours(Margaret, Mary)
Maggie Seaver1985Growing Pains(Margaret, Katherine)
Marlene Kratz1985Neighbours
Mike Seaver1985Growing Pains(Michael, Aaron)
Orry Main1985North and South
Philip Colby1985The Colbys
Susan Kennedy1985Neighbours(Wendy)
Toadfish Rebecchi1985Neighbours(Jarrod, Toadie, Vincenzo)
Blanche Devereaux1985; 1992The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace(Elizabeth, Marie)
Rose Nylund1985; 1992The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace
Sophia Petrillo1985; 1992The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace
Ben Matlock1986Matlock(Benjamin, Leighton)
Cassie Phillips1986Matlock
Charlene Matlock1986Matlock
Cliff Lewis1986Matlock
Conrad McMasters1986Matlock
Dori Doreau1986Sledge Hammer!
Jack W. Tweeg1986The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin(W)
Jerri Stone1986Matlock(Geraldine, Margaret)
Julie March1986Matlock
Leanne MacIntyre1986Matlock
Michelle Thomas1986Matlock
Newton Gimmick1986The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
Sledge Hammer1986Sledge Hammer!
Teddy Ruxpin1986The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
Tyler Hudson1986Matlock
Al Bundy1987Married... with Children
Aly Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Alexandria)
Beth Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Elizabeth)
Beverly Crusher1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Bill Spencer, Sr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful(William)
Bill Spencer, Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful(William)
Bridget Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Bud Bundy1987Married... with Children(Budrick, Franklin)
Caroline Spencer Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Clarke Garrison1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Clarke "C. J." Garrison, Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Darla Einstein Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Deacon Sharpe1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Deanna Troi1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Donna Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Eric Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Felicia Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Geordi La Forge1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Jackie Marone1987The Bold and the Beautiful
James Warwick1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Jean-Luc Picard1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Jefferson D'Arcy1987Married... with Children(Milhouse)
Karen Spencer1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Faith)
Katherine Pulaski1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Katie Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Katherine, Elizabeth)
Kelly Bundy1987Married... with Children
Kristen Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Liam Spencer1987The Bold and the Beautiful(William)
Macy Alexander1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy1987Married... with Children
Massimo Marone1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Michelle Tanner1987Full House(Elizabeth)
Nick Marone1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Dominick)
Peggy Bundy1987Married... with Children(Margaret)
Phoebe Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Quinn Fuller Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Rick Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Eric)
Ridge Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge "R. J." Forrester, Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Sally Spectra1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Sally Spectra II1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Shirley Spectra1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Stephanie)
Stephanie Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Stephen Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Steve Rhoades1987Married... with Children(Steven, Bartholomew)
Storm Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Stephen)
Tasha Yar1987Star Trek: The Next Generation(Natasha)
Taylor Hayes1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Thomas Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Hamilton)
Thorne Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Wesley Crusher1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Will Riker1987Star Trek: The Next Generation(William, Thomas)
Wyatt Spencer1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Lisa Turtle1987; 1989Good Morning, Miss Bliss; Saved by the Bell(Marie)
Richard Belding1987; 1989Good Morning, Miss Bliss; Saved by the Bell
Samuel "Screech" Powers1987; 1989Good Morning, Miss Bliss; Saved by the Bell
Zack Morris1987; 1989Good Morning, Miss Bliss; Saved by the Bell(Zachary)
Mark Sloan1987; 1993Jake and the Fatman; Diagnosis: Murder
Miles Drentell1987; 1999Thirtysomething; Once and Again
Robbie Lewis1987; 2006Inspector Morse; Lewis(Robert)
Endeavour Morse1987; 2012Inspector Morse; Endeavour
Alex Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Alexander)
Becky Donaldson Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Rebecca)
Danny Tanner1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Daniel, Ernest)
D. J. Tanner1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Donna, Jo, Margaret)
Jesse Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Hermes)
Joey Gladstone1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Joseph, Alvin)
Kimmy Gibbler1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Kimberly, Louise)
Nicky Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Nicholas)
Stephanie Tanner1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Judith)
Steve Hale1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Steven, Edwin)
Data1987; 2020Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Picard
Ed Conner1988Roseanne
Jack Arnold1988The Wonder Years(John)
Karen Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Kevin Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Leon Carp1988Roseanne
Mark Healy1988Roseanne
Nancy Bartlett1988Roseanne(Lynn)
Norma Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Paul Pfeiffer1988The Wonder Years(Joshua)
Roseanne Conner1988Roseanne
Wayne Arnold1988The Wonder Years
Winnie Cooper1988The Wonder Years(Gwendolyn)
Becky Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Rebecca)
Bev Harris1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Beverly, Lorraine)
Crystal Anderson1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Dan Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Darlene Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
D. J. Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(David, Jacob)
David Healy1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Maurice)
Ed Conner Jr.1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Harris Healy1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Conner)
Jackie Harris1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Marjorie, Jacqueline)
Mark Healy II1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Mary Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Abe Simpson1989The Simpsons(Abraham)
A. C. Slater1989Saved by the Bell(Albert, Clifford)
Alex Ryker1989Baywatch(Alexis)
April Giminski1989Baywatch
Bart Simpson1989The Simpsons
Ben Edwards1989Baywatch(Benjamin)
Caroline Holden1989Baywatch
C. J. Parker1989Baywatch(Casey, Jean)
Cody Madison1989Baywatch
Cosmo Kramer1989Seinfeld
Craig Pomeroy1989Baywatch
Don Thorpe1989Baywatch(Donald)
Donna Marco1989Baywatch
Eddie Kramer1989Baywatch
Elaine Benes1989Seinfeld
Garner Ellerbee1989Baywatch
George Costanza1989Seinfeld
Gina Pomeroy1989Baywatch
Harvey Miller1989Baywatch
Hobie Buchannon1989Baywatch
Homer Simpson1989The Simpsons
Jack "J. D." Darius1989Baywatch
Jerry Seinfeld1989Seinfeld
Jessie Owens1989Baywatch(Jessica)
Jessie Spano1989Saved by the Bell(Jessica, Myrtle)
Jill Riley1989Baywatch
Jimmy Slade1989Baywatch(James)
John D. Cort1989Baywatch(D)
Jordan Tate1989Baywatch
Kelly Kapowski1989Saved by the Bell
Lani McKenzie1989Baywatch(Leilani, Malloa)
Lisa Simpson1989The Simpsons
Logan Fowler1989Baywatch
Maggie Simpson1989The Simpsons
Manny Gutierrez1989Baywatch(Manuelo)
Marge Simpson1989The Simpsons
Matt Brody1989Baywatch(Matthew)
Michael "Newmie" Newman1989Baywatch
Milhouse Van Houten1989The Simpsons
Mitch Buchannon1989Baywatch(Mitchell)
Moe Szyslak1989The Simpsons
Montgomery Burns1989The Simpsons(Charles, Monty)
Ned Flanders1989The Simpsons(Nedward)
Neely Capshaw1989Baywatch
Roberta "Summer" Quinn1989Baywatch(Summer)
Sam Thomas1989Baywatch(Samantha)
Seymour Skinner1989The Simpsons
Shauni McClain1989Baywatch
Sky Bergman1989Baywatch(Skylar)
Stephanie Holden1989Baywatch
Taylor Walsh1989Baywatch
Tori Scott1989Saved by the Bell
Trevor Cole1989Baywatch
Abbie Carmichael1990Law & Order(Abigail, M)
Adam Schiff1990Law & Order
Alexandra Borgia1990Law & Order
Andrea Zuckerman1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Anita Van Buren1990Law & Order
Annie Sloan1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Faith)
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon1990The Simpsons
Arthur Branch1990Law & Order
Ashley Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Ben Stone1990Law & Order(Benjamin)
Bertie Wooster1990Jeeves and Wooster(Bertram, Wilberforce)
Brandon Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Brenda Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Carlton Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Carly Reynolds1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Cecily King1990Road to Avonlea
Cindy Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Claire Kincaid1990Law & Order
Clare Arnold1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Connie Rubirosa1990Law & Order(Consuela)
Cyrus "Lupes" Lupo1990Law & Order
David Silver1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Donald Cragen1990Law & Order
Donna Martin1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Marie)
Dylan McKay1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Michael)
Ed Green1990Law & Order(Edward)
Edna Krabappel1990The Simpsons
Elizabeth Olivet1990Law & Order
Emmet Hawksworth1990Keeping Up Appearances
Felicity King1990Road to Avonlea
Frank Lemmer1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Franklin)
Geoffrey Butler1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Gina Kincaid1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Bobbi)
Grace Musso1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Hilary Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Jack McCoy1990Law & Order(John, James)
Jamie Ross1990Law & Order
Janet Sosna1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Jerry Steiner1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Jesse Vasquez1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Jim Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210(James)
Joe Fontana1990Law & Order
Judy Lewis1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Kelly Taylor1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Marlene)
Kevin Bernard1990Law & Order
Krusty the Clown1990The Simpsons(Herschel)
Larry Kubiac1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Francis, Lawrence)
Lennie Briscoe1990Law & Order(Leonard, W)
Liz Warden1990Keeping Up Appearances(Elizabeth)
Marty Lewis1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Martin, Lloyd)
Matt Durning1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Matthew)
Max Greevey1990Law & Order(Maxwell)
Michael Cutter1990Law & Order
Mike Logan1990Law & Order(Michael)
Mikey Randall1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Michael, Patrick)
Nat Bussichio1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Nathaniel)
Nicky Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Noah Hunter1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Nora Lewin1990Law & Order
Onslow1990Keeping Up Appearances
Parker Lewis1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Lloyd)
Paul Robinette1990Law & Order
Phil Cerreta1990Law & Order(Philip)
Philip Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Ralph Wiggum1990The Simpsons
Ray Pruit1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Rey Curtis1990Law & Order(Reynaldo)
Richard Bucket1990Keeping Up Appearances
Scott Scanlon1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Serena Southerlyn1990Law & Order
Shelly Lewis1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Ann)
Sheridan Bucket1990Keeping Up Appearances
Steve Sanders1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Steven)
Valerie Malone1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Vivian Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will Smith1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air(William)
Daisy Walton1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth
Hyacinth Bucket1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth
Rose Walton1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth
Violet Walton1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth
Al Borland1991Home Improvement(Albert, E)
Bea Eliott1991The House of Eliott(Beatrice)
Benny Baroni1991Home Improvement
Brad Taylor1991Home Improvement(Bradley, Michael)
Evie Eliott1991The House of Eliott(Evangeline)
Harry Turner1991Home Improvement
Heidi Keppert1991Home Improvement
Ilene Markham1991Home Improvement(Louise)
Jack Maddox1991The House of Eliott
Jane Tennison1991Prime Suspect
Jeff Taylor1991Home Improvement(Jeffrey)
Jill Taylor1991Home Improvement(Jillian)
Mark Taylor1991Home Improvement(Marcus, Jason)
Marty Taylor1991Home Improvement(Martin)
Randy Taylor1991Home Improvement(Randall, William)
Tim Taylor1991Home Improvement(Timothy)
Wilson W. Wilson, Jr.1991Home Improvement(W)
Burt Buchman1992Mad About You
Clive Barnard1992A Touch of Frost
Edina Monsoon1992Absolutely Fabulous(Eddie, Edwina, Margaret, Rose)
Fran Devanow1992Mad About You
Ira Buchman1992Mad About You
Jack Frost1992A Touch of Frost(William, Edward)
Jamie Stemple Buchman1992Mad About You
Lisa Stemple1992Mad About You
Mabel Buchman1992Mad About You
Mark Devanow1992Mad About You
Patsy Stone1992Absolutely Fabulous(Eurydice, Colette, Clytemnestra, Dido, Bathsheba, Rabelais, Patricia)
Paul Buchman1992Mad About You
Saffron Monsoon1992Absolutely Fabulous(Saffy)
Sylvia Buchman1992Mad About You
Adrienne Lesniak1993NYPD Blue
Amanda Bentley1993Diagnosis: Murder
Andy Sipowicz1993NYPD Blue(Andrew)
Arthur Fancy1993NYPD Blue
Baldwin Jones1993NYPD Blue
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe1993Frasier
Bobby Simone1993NYPD Blue(Robert)
Brian Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Brighton Sheffield1993The Nanny(Milhouse)
Byron Sully1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Charles Wycliffe1993Wycliffe
C. C. Babcock1993The Nanny(Chastity, Claire)
Colleen Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Connie McDowell1993NYPD Blue
Dana Scully1993The X-Files(Katherine)
Danny Sorenson1993NYPD Blue(Daniel)
Daphne Moon1993Frasier
Delores Mitchell1993Diagnosis: Murder
Diane Russell1993NYPD Blue
Donna Abandando1993NYPD Blue
Dorothy Jennings1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Eddie Gibson1993NYPD Blue
Eli Williams1993Boy Meets World
Fox Mulder1993The X-Files(William)
Fran Fine1993The Nanny(Francine, Joy)
Grace Kelly1993Grace Under Fire
Grace Sheffield1993The Nanny(Gracie)
Greg Medavoy1993NYPD Blue(Gregory)
Hank Lawson1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(Hans)
Horace Bing1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Jack Stewart1993Diagnosis: Murder
Jake Slicker1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(Jacob)
James Martinez1993NYPD Blue
Janice Licalsi1993NYPD Blue
Jesse Travis1993Diagnosis: Murder
Jill Kirkendall1993NYPD Blue
Jimmy Kelly1993Grace Under Fire(James)
John Clark Jr.1993NYPD Blue
John Doggett1993The X-Files(Jay)
John Irvin1993NYPD Blue
John Kelly1993NYPD Blue(Bradley)
Laura Michaels Kelly1993NYPD Blue
Laura Murphy1993NYPD Blue
Libby Kelly1993Grace Under Fire(Elizabeth, Louise)
Loren Bray1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Maggie Sheffield1993The Nanny(Margaret)
Martin Crane1993Frasier
Matthew Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Maxwell Sheffield1993The Nanny(Beverly)
Michaela "Dr. Mike" Quinn1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(Anne)
Monica Reyes1993The X-Files(Julieta)
Myra Bing1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Nadine Swoboda1993Grace Under Fire
Niles1993The Nanny
Norman Briggs1993Diagnosis: Murder
Patrick Kelly1993Grace Under Fire
Quentin Kelly1993Grace Under Fire
Rachel McGuire1993Boy Meets World(Kimberly)
Rita Ortiz1993NYPD Blue
Robert E.1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(E)
Roz Doyle1993Frasier(Rosalinda)
Russell Norton1993Grace Under Fire
Steve Sloan1993Diagnosis: Murder
Susan Hillard1993Diagnosis: Murder
Sylvia Costas1993NYPD Blue
Sylvia Fine1993The Nanny
Thomas Bale1993NYPD Blue
Timothy Johnson1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Tony Rodriguez1993NYPD Blue
Val Toriello1993The Nanny(Valerie)
Valerie Haywood1993NYPD Blue
Wade Swoboda1993Grace Under Fire
Walter Skinner1993The X-Files(Sergei)
Yetta Rosenberg Jones1993The Nanny
Zoe1993Sesame Street
John Munch1993; 1999Homicide: Life on the Street; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Alan Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Amy Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Angela Moore1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Chet Hunter1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Cory Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Cornelius, A)
Eric Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Randall)
George Feeny1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Hamilton)
Harley Keiner1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Harvey)
Jack Hunter1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Jonathan Turner1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Josh Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Joshua, Gabriel)
Morgan Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Shawn Hunter1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Patrick)
Stuart Minkus1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Topanga Lawrence1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Niles Crane1993Frasier
Abby Lockhart1994ER(Abigail, Marjorie)
Alan Bolton1994Heartbreak High
Alex Mack1994The Secret World of Alex Mack(Alexandra)
Alice Henderson1994Christy
Allie Matts1994Heartbreak High
Andrew Bell1994Heartbreak High
Anita Scheppers1994Heartbreak High
Anna Del Amico1994ER
Annie Mott1994Party of Five
Archie Morris1994ER(Archibald)
Ault Allen1994Christy
Bailey Salinger1994Party of Five
Ben Pentland1994Christy
Benton Fraser1994Due South
Bill Southgate1994Heartbreak High
Bob Allen1994Christy
Bob Fraser1994Due South(Robert, J)
Bogdan "Draz" Drazic1994Heartbreak High
Little Burl Allen1994Christy
Callie Martel1994Party of Five
Carol Hathaway1994ER
Carol Willick1994Friends
Cate Banfield1994ER(Catherine)
Chaka Cardenes1994Heartbreak High
Chandler Bing1994Friends(Muriel)
Charlie Byrd1994Heartbreak High(Charles)
Charlie Salinger1994Party of Five
Christina Milano1994Heartbreak High
Christy Huddleston1994Christy(Rudd)
Claudia Salinger1994Party of Five
Cleo Finch1994ER
Con Bordino1994Heartbreak High(Costa)
Conni Oligario1994ER
Creed Allen1994Christy
Danielle Miller1994Heartbreak High(Danni)
Daphne Jablonsky1994Party of Five
Dave Malucci1994ER
David Grantland1994Christy
Deb Chen1994ER(Jing, Mei, Debra)
Declan Costello1994Heartbreak High
Dennis Klinsmann1994Heartbreak High
Di Barnett1994Heartbreak High
Donald Anspaugh1994ER
Doug Ross1994ER(Douglas)
Effie Poulos1994Heartbreak High
Elaine Besbriss1994Due South
Elizabeth Corday1994ER
Emily Waltham1994Friends
Ethel "Chuny" Márquez1994ER
Fairlight Spencer1994Christy
Francesca Vecchio1994Due South
Frank Buffay, Jr.1994Friends
Frank Martin1994ER(Francis)
Gemma Whitely1994Heartbreak High(Gem)
George Poulos1994Heartbreak High
Gloria1994Touched by an Angel
Grace Wilcox1994Party of Five
Graham Brown1994Heartbreak High
Greg Pratt1994ER(Gregory)
Griffin Holbrook1994Party of Five(Chase)
Haleh Adams1994ER
Harding Welsh1994Due South
Helen Bordino1994Heartbreak High
Hilary Scheppers1994Heartbreak High
Ida Grantland1994Christy
Irini Poulos1994Heartbreak High
Jack Geller1994Friends
Jack Huey1994Due South(James)
Jack Tran1994Heartbreak High
Jeanie Boulet1994ER
Jeb Spencer1994Christy
Jerry Markovic1994ER(Anthony)
Jim Deloraine1994Heartbreak High
Jodie Cooper1994Heartbreak High
Joe Mangus1994Party of Five(Joseph)
John Carter1994ER(Truman)
Judy Geller1994Friends(Judith)
Julia Salinger1994Party of Five
June Dyson1994Heartbreak High
Justin Thompson1994Party of Five
Katerina Ioannou1994Heartbreak High
Kerry Weaver1994ER
Kirsten Bennett1994Party of Five
Kurt Peterson1994Heartbreak High
Lee Delaine1994Heartbreak High
Les Bailey1994Heartbreak High
Louis Gardino1994Due South
Lucy Knight1994ER
Lucy Weston1994Heartbreak High
Luka Kovač1994ER
Lundy Taylor1994Christy
Lydia Wright1994ER
Maggie Doyle1994ER
Mai Hem1994Heartbreak High(Stephanie)
Malik McGrath1994ER
Mark Greene1994ER
Mary Allen1994Christy
Matt Logan1994Heartbreak High(Matthew)
Meg Thatcher1994Due South(Margaret)
Melanie Black1994Heartbreak High
Michael Gallant1994ER(Emory)
Mike Hannigan1994Friends(Michael)
Monica Geller1994Friends
Mountie O'Teale1994Christy
Ned Grayson1994Party of Five
Neela Rasgotra1994ER(Kaur)
Neil MacNeill1994Christy
Nick Poulos1994Heartbreak High
Nikki Ruark1994Heartbreak High
Owen Salinger1994Party of Five
Paul Thomas1994Party of Five
Peter Benton1994ER
Peter Rivers1994Heartbreak High
Phoebe Buffay1994Friends
Rachel Green1994Friends(Karen)
Randi Fronczak1994ER(Miranda)
Ray Barnett1994ER
Ray Kowalski1994Due South(Stanley, Raymond)
Ray Vecchio1994Due South(Raymond)
Renfield Turnbull1994Due South
Richard Burke1994Friends
Rob Allen1994Christy
Robert Romano1994ER
Roberto Bordino1994Heartbreak High
Ronnie Brooks1994Heartbreak High(Rhonda)
Rose Malouf1994Heartbreak High(Rosette)
Ross Geller1994Friends(Eustace)
Ross Werkman1994Party of Five
Ruby Mae Morrison1994Christy
Ruby St. John1994Heartbreak High
Ryan Scheppers1994Heartbreak High
Sam Houston Holcombe1994Christy
Sam Robinson1994Heartbreak High
Sam Taggart1994ER(Samantha)
Sarah Livingston1994Heartbreak High
Simon Brenner1994ER
Stassy Sumich1994Heartbreak High(Anastasia)
Stella Ioannou1994Heartbreak High
Steve Wiley1994Heartbreak High
Susan Bunch1994Friends
Susan Lewis1994ER
Swannie O'Teale1994Christy
Thomas E. Dewey1994Due South(E)
Tom Summers1994Heartbreak High(Thomas)
Tony Gates1994ER(Anthony)
Ursula Buffay1994Friends(Pamela)
Will McCorkle1994Party of Five(William, Bradley)
Yola Fatoush1994Heartbreak High
Zac Croft1994Heartbreak High
Zady Spencer1994Christy
Andrew1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Claire Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Dinah Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Erasmus Jones1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Hattie Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Josh Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land(Joshua)
Monica1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Nathaniel Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Russell Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Tess1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Sarah Reeves Merrin1994; 1999Party of Five; Time of Your Life
Gina Tribbiani1994; 2004Friends; Joey
Joey Tribbiani1994; 2004Friends; Joey(Joseph, Francis)
Annika "Seven of Nine" Hansen1995Star Trek: Voyager
B'Elanna Torres1995Star Trek: Voyager
Harry Kim1995Star Trek: Voyager
Kathryn Janeway1995Star Trek: Voyager
Tom Paris1995Star Trek: Voyager(Thomas, Eugene)
Xena1995Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; Xena: Warrior Princess
Adam Yuen1996Silent Witness
Alissa Strudwick19963rd Rock from the Sun
Ally Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Alexandra)
Amy MacDougall Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Louise)
Andy Dalziel1996Dalziel and Pascoe(Andrew)
Annie Camden19967th Heaven
Antwon Babcock1996Nash Bridges
Arnold Shortman1996Hey Arnold!(Phillip)
August Leffler19963rd Rock from the Sun
Ben Kinkirk19967th Heaven
Bryn Carson1996Nash Bridges
Caitlin Cross1996Nash Bridges
Cassidy Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Cecilia Smith19967th Heaven
Chandler Hampton19967th Heaven
Chuck Fishman1996Early Edition
Clarissa Mullery1996Silent Witness
David Camden19967th Heaven
Debra Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Louise)
Dick Solomon19963rd Rock from the Sun(Richard)
Don Orville19963rd Rock from the Sun(Donald, Leslie)
Dorian "D-Money" Long1996Moesha
Eric Camden19967th Heaven
Erica Paget1996Early Edition
Eugene Horowitz1996Hey Arnold!
Evan Cortez1996Nash Bridges
Frank Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Francis, Oscar)
Gary Hobson1996Early Edition
Geoffrey Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Gerald Johanssen1996Hey Arnold!(Martin)
Gertie "Grandma" Shortman1996Hey Arnold!(Gertrude)