Bishops of Rome and the Popes

According to tradition the first Bishop of Rome was the apostle Saint Peter. By the time of Leo the Great 400 years later the Bishops of Rome were the most powerful figures in western Christianity.

It was Leo who began officially using the title pope (Latin papa "father"), though it was originally used by many other bishops besides him. In the 11th century Gregory VII decreed that the title should belong only to the Bishops of Rome. It is worth noting that not all of the popes have lived in Rome; for 70 years in the 14th century they resided in Avignon in France.

Note: an antipope was a rival who was set up in opposition to the canonical pope. The antipopes are unnumbered in the chronological list.

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Adeodatus2 popes2
Adrian6 popes6
Agapetus2 popes2
Agatho1 pope1
Albert1 antipope1
Alexander7 popes, 1 antipope8
Anacletus1 pope, 1 antipope2
Anastasius4 popes, 1 antipope5
Anicetus1 pope1
Anterus1 pope1
Benedict15 popes, 2 antipopes17
Boniface8 popes, 1 antipope9
Caius1 pope1
Callixtus3 popes, 1 antipope4
Celestine5 popes, 1 antipope6
Christopher1 antipope1
Clement14 popes, 3 antipopes17
Conon1 pope1
Constantine1 pope, 1 antipope2
Cornelius1 pope1
Damasus2 popes2
Dionysius1 pope1
Dioscorus1 antipope1
Donus1 pope1
Eleuterus1 pope1
Eugene4 popes4
Eulalius1 antipope1
Eusebius1 pope1
Eutychian1 pope1
Evaristus1 pope1
Fabian1 pope1
Felix3 popes, 2 antipopes5
Formosus1 pope1
Francis1 pope1
Gelasius2 popes2
Gregory16 popes, 2 antipopes18
Hilarius1 pope1
Hippolytus1 antipope1
Honorius4 popes, 1 antipope5
Hormisdas1 pope1
Hyginus1 pope1
Innocent13 popes, 1 antipope14
John23 popes, 2 antipopes25
Julius3 popes3
Lando1 pope1
Laurentius1 antipope1
Leo13 popes13
Liberius1 pope1
Linus1 pope1
Lucius3 popes3
Marcellinus1 pope1
Marcellus2 popes2
Marinus2 popes2
Mark1 pope1
Martin3 popes3
Miltiades1 pope1
Nicholas5 popes, 1 antipope6
Novatian1 antipope1
Paschal2 popes, 2 antipopes4
Paul8 popes8
Pelagius2 popes2
Peter1 pope1
Philip1 antipope1
Pius12 popes12
Pontian1 pope1
Romanus1 pope1
Sabinian1 pope1
Sergius4 popes4
Severinus1 pope1
Silverius1 pope1
Simplicius1 pope1
Siricius1 pope1
Sisinnius1 pope1
Sixtus5 popes5
Soter1 pope1
Stephen9 popes9
Sylvester3 popes, 1 antipope4
Symmachus1 pope1
Telesphorus1 pope1
Theodore2 popes, 1 antipope3
Theodoric1 antipope1
Urban8 popes8
Ursinus1 antipope1
Valentine1 pope1
Victor3 popes, 2 antipopes5
Vigilius1 pope1
Vitalian1 pope1
Zachary1 pope1
Zephyrinus1 pope1
Zosimus1 pope1