Seleucid Kings and Queens

This list is comprised of kings of the Seleucid Empire, a Hellenistic realm centered around Persia and Mesopotamia. The state was founded by Seleucus, a general under Alexander the Great, at the end of the 4th century BC.
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Seleucus I Nicator306-281 BC
Antiochus I Soter281-261 BC
Antiochus II Theos261-246 BC
Seleucus II Callinicus246-225 BC
Seleucus III Ceraunus225-223 BC
Antiochus III the Great222-187 BC
Seleucus IV Philopator187-175 BC
Antiochus IV Epiphanes175-164 BC
Antiochus V Eupator163-161 BC
Demetrius I Soter161-150 BC
Alexander Balas150-146 BC
Demetrius II Nicator146-139 BC; 129-126 BC
Antiochus VII Sidetes138-129 BC
Alexander II Zabinas128-123 BC
Seleucus V Philometor126-125 BC
Cleopatra Thea125-121 BC
Antiochus VIII Grypus121-96 BC
Antiochus IX Cyzicenus114-96 BC
Seleucus VI Epiphanes96-95 BC
Antiochus X Eusebes95-83 BC
Tigranes II the Great83-69 BC
Antiochus XIII Asiaticus69-64 BC