Which second name goes with Amalia lily of the valley 9/15/2018 31 Amalia Rose
Out of all these male names which one do you think is the most popular overall? Luvbug86 9/15/2018 45 James
Parthenope Jane Wordsmith 9/15/2018 33 I dislike it.
Terence Apollo Wordsmith 9/15/2018 32 I dislike it.
Elwood Sebastian Wordsmith 9/15/2018 32 Even
Cassiopeia Ivy kayisforkeen 9/15/2018 27 ☆☆☆☆
Created my baby middle name poll on my personal account by accident. Carina Eathe and Femmesia are the same person, one is just for naming my baby and the other for the geeky name side of me. Femmesia 9/15/2018 26 Anna
Which of these names containing "white" or "fair" in their meaning do you like? Lynxosophy 9/15/2018 40 Bianca
Cindy or Sandy? puzzleprincess 9/15/2018 32 I dislike both
Which spelling of Emily? puzzleprincess 9/15/2018 43 Emily
Final Girl Middle Names Poll! Thanks for all of your votes, you have been extremely helpful! Femmesia 9/15/2018 26 Hollis
Ugly/old lady-ish names(part 5) Curious me 9/15/2018 26 Madge
Henry or Charles? Glen Corc. 9/15/2018 38 Henry
Jonah Wes(ley) aaronjaymes 9/15/2018 30 No
A boy named George or a girl named Georgina? Belphoebe 9/15/2018 45 A girl named Georgina
Characters from The Heroic Legend of Arslan Higuma Kanora 9/15/2018 18 Even
Nightingale as a first/middle name for a girl? kayisforkeen 9/14/2018 45 No
My "ugly girl names" list - which is the ugliest, to you? erb816 9/14/2018 43 Beulah
Elimination #7 Azifa 9/14/2018 28 Devyn
Last Name Elimination #4 Azifa 9/14/2018 25 Parson
Adaline Marchand edg0123 9/14/2018 35 OK
Best Nickname for Susanna? Superwriter 9/14/2018 45 Susie
Name for brother of Sarah and Sophie Donovan Superwriter 9/14/2018 40 Even
What do you think of: Sage Charlotte dahliaflower 9/14/2018 42 i only like Charlotte
Top 3 girls... help me narrow this down :) graldi19 9/14/2018 45 Ivy Rose
Top 3 boys... help me narrow this down :) graldi19 9/14/2018 47 Rhys Benjamin
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(girls)part 14 kayisforkeen 9/14/2018 39 Hagar
Which do you prefer? glaucous 9/14/2018 45 Vanessa
Zerla Genevieve Wordsmith 9/14/2018 37 I dislike it.
Which names meaning "snow" do you like? Lynxosophy 9/14/2018 41 Eira