Favourite subject? kayisforkeen 9/6/2018 39 History
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(boys) part 12 kayisforkeen 9/6/2018 35 Nabouchodonosor
Where are you from? Realisticmindxxx 9/6/2018 43 United States of America (USA)
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(girls)part 12 kayisforkeen 9/6/2018 38 Grimhilde
Fictional sibling set {Born roughly around the 40's-50's. Last two are fraternal twins} Pick your favorite Fictionprincess 9/6/2018 33 Evelyn
Do you like any of these for a boy? Babochka 9/6/2018 46 Thomas
Which one for a character? Higuma Kanora 9/6/2018 36 Bram Sullivan (first, last)
Elimination #3 Azifa 9/6/2018 39 Devyn
My Favourite Girls Names AJ1835 9/6/2018 49 Clara
Carlotta Beatrice Bear 9/6/2018 38 I say, "BEE-uh-tris" in general
Anna Vincenza Bear 9/6/2018 36 Like it
Bartolomea Lucia Bear 9/6/2018 34 I say, "loo-SEE-uh" generally
Wolfram Ulysses Higuma Kanora 9/6/2018 34 Like
Which of these boys names do you like? Rigatoni 9/6/2018 44 Henry Frederick
Which of these girls names do you like? Rigatoni 9/6/2018 45 Florence Josephine
Feminine middle Name for my baby! Carina Eathe 9/6/2018 39 Hattie
Masculine Middle names Carina Eathe 9/6/2018 40 Henry
Favorite boy name Razzy1006 9/6/2018 38 Lachlan Blake
Which twin pairing do you like best? The theme is broken up names. (female) thezenithofnadir 9/6/2018 44 Ella and Nora (Eleanora)
My mothers favorite girl names. Which ones are the best? puzzleprincess 9/6/2018 51 Clara
Pick all combos you like (girl names) puzzleprincess 9/6/2018 42 Louisa Genevieve
My favorite W Names. Pick one girl and one boy name! puzzleprincess 9/6/2018 47 Willow
Favorite feminine combos erb816 9/6/2018 49 Jane Madeleine
My favorite V Names. Pick one girl and one boy name! puzzleprincess 9/6/2018 48 Vincent
Favorite masculine combos erb816 9/6/2018 44 Luke Everett
Ava or Avalyn skyred1 9/6/2018 46 Ava
My favorite U Names. Pick one girl and one boy name! puzzleprincess 9/6/2018 35 Una
What do you think of these combos? and other... Chaka 9/6/2018 38 Even
Hey all! Feminine First Name. Carina Eathe 9/6/2018 29 Noraline
How do you think the name : XAVIER should be pronounced? EscalusEmex 9/6/2018 37 Xavier [ZAY-Vee-Er]