Pick Your Favs (Girls, Part 1) iamjunkshit 10/14/2018 50 Even
A girl named Hannah or a girl named Mary? Belphoebe 10/14/2018 51 Even
What do you think of the girls name Eve? Rigatoni 10/14/2018 52 I like it as a full name
Various names found while reading "Dear Abby" letters; choose your favorites! (Part 9) Kinola 10/14/2018 43 David
Hannelore Sibyl Wordsmith 10/14/2018 46 It's okay.
Favorite Girls. Least to most popular Iris627 10/14/2018 48 Marigold
female B names 2 - pick all you like Vera 10/14/2018 50 Beatrix
female B names - pick all you like Vera 10/14/2018 47 Bea
A girl named Janet Belphoebe 10/14/2018 47 Dislike
Are Anaïs and Luis too similar to be siblings? Belphoebe 10/14/2018 43 No
What do you think of the girls name Michaela? Rigatoni 10/13/2018 54 Dislike
Diane, Diana, or Denise? Luvbug86 10/13/2018 53 Diana
Names of girls from the Nevada Heart Gallery; choose your favorite! (Part 2) Kinola 10/13/2018 40 Victoria
Boy/girl sibling sets KylieLocke 10/13/2018 54 Oliver and Violet
The Kiterunner characters(girls) kayisforkeen 10/13/2018 36 Sofia
The Kiterunner characters(boys) kayisforkeen 10/13/2018 35 Even
Wolfram Oscar Wordsmith 10/13/2018 38 It's okay.
Girls PinkTwila 10/13/2018 42 Even
Crescentia Maude "Zenzi" Wordsmith 10/13/2018 40 Even
Old-fashioned or modern? kayisforkeen 10/13/2018 49 Old-fashioned(e.g.Ethel, Alfred)
Mildred kayisforkeen 10/13/2018 47 Old fashioned, but in a good way
Names of boys from the Nevada Heart Gallery; choose your favorite! (Part 2) Kinola 10/13/2018 38 Michael
Borbala kayisforkeen 10/13/2018 32
What do you think of the boys name Harry? Rigatoni 10/13/2018 48 I prefer Henry
Transitioning FTM. Need help narrowing down names. I'm 18, hobbies are engineering, robotics, writing, guitar, and dance. I am American with dark hair and green eyes. IKnewThat 10/13/2018 46 Tobias
Pick ones you dont like [girl names] honor yo 10/13/2018 54 Salem
pick a name im torn im having a girl. help me pick a name [some unisex names] honor yo 10/13/2018 50 Elle
Unique girl names. Pick all you like! Freyja228 10/13/2018 46 Even
Do you like the name Joshua? edg0123 10/13/2018 54 Yes
What's your favorite uncommon virtue name? Paige 10/13/2018 53 Verity