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Name Sumomo
Gender Feminine
Scripts 李, 寿桃, 寿百, 澄桃 (kanji), すもも (hiragana), スモモ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. SOO-MO-MO(Japanese)
Theme fruit
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Meaning & History

This name is used as 李 (ri, sumomo), referring to the type of plum known as Prunus salicina. The name/word is derived from a combination of 酸 (su) meaning "sour, acid, tart," from the plum's taste, and 桃 (momo) meaning "peach," from its similarity to the peach.
The name can also be written as 2 kanji by combining 寿 (shuu, ju, su, kotobuki, kotobu.ku, meaning "congratulations, longevity" or 澄 (chou,, (-)su.masu) meaning "lucidity" with 桃 or 百 (hyaku, byaku, momo) meaning "hundred."

One fictional bearer of this name is "persocom" Sumomo (すもも) from the manga and anime series Chobits.

This name is very rarely given to girls, if given at all.
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