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Name Ryouya
Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 綾也, 綾夜, 綾野, 亮哉, 亮也, 亮弥, 僚哉, 僚弥, 凌哉, 凌也, 凌夜, 凌弥, 涼哉, 涼也, 涼夜, 涼弥, 涼矢, 稜也, 稜夜, 良允, 良哉, 良也, 良夜, 良弥, 諒哉, 諒也, 諒夜, 諒弥, 遼哉, 遼也, 遼弥, 嶺夜, 怜哉, 怜也, etc.
Pronounced Pron. ṙyo:-yah
Other Forms FormsRyōya, Ryoya
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 綾 (ryou) meaning "design, figured cloth, twill", 亮 (ryou) meaning "clear, help", 僚 (ryou) meaning "colleague, official, companion", 涼 (ryou) meaning "cool, refreshing", 稜 (ryou) meaning "angle, edge, corner, power, majesty", 良 (ryou) meaning "good", 諒 (ryou) meaning "reality", 遼 (ryou) meaning "distant", 嶺 (ryou) meaning "peak, summit" or 怜 (ryou) meaning "wise" combined with 也 (ya) meaning "also", 夜 (ya) meaning "night", 野 (ya) meaning "area, field", 哉 (ya), an exclamation, 弥 (ya) meaning "all the more, increasingly", 矢 (ya) meaning "dart, arrow" or 允 (ya) meaning "license, sincerity, permit". Other kanji combinations are possible.

Famous bearers are Ryoya Ogawa, a Japanese football player and Ryoya Ueda, a Japanese football player.
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