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Name Hidemi
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 日出海 {masculine}, 秀美 {masculine/feminine}, 英美 {feminine}
Pronounced Pron. HEE-DE-MEE
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 日 (hi) meaning "day, sun, Japan", 出 (de) meaning "the process of something coming out" combined with 海 (mi) meaning "sea, ocean" (for males) and from Japanese 秀 (hide) meaning "beautiful; elegant; graceful" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful" (for males and females) and 英 (hide) meaning "flower, petal" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful" (for females). Other kanji combinations are also possible.

Famous bearers of this name are Japanese writer Hidemi Kon, Japanese footballer Hidemi Jinushizono and Japanese voice actress Hidemi Anzai.
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