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Name Gill
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Indian
Scripts ਗਿੱਲ(Gurmukhi) गिल(Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi)
Pronounced Pron. Gil
Other Forms FormsGela, Gull, Shergill
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Meaning & History

This name derives from the Jatt tribe. All members of the Gill tribe will traditionally add Gill as their surname. This Jatt tribe can be found throughout the historic Punjab region and the regions bordering Punjab. They are mostly Sikhs with some Muslims (concentrated in Punjab, Pakistan). In Punjab, India, they are concentrated in the Malwa region of Punjab. Moga district has a high concentration of Gill Jatts. The Nishwanwalia Misl of the Sikh Confederacy was founded by Gill Jatts.
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