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Name Arent
Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. AH-rent (Dutch), AR-ehnt (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)
Other Forms FormsAarend, Aarendt, Aarent, Aerend, Aerendt, Aerendth, Aerent, Aerenth, Arendt
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Meaning & History

Medieval Dutch and East Frisian form of ARNOLD as well as a Scandinavian variant of AREND. As for the Netherlands: this given name is still in use there today, but it is not as common there as its modern form AREND is.

Known bearers of this given name include the Danish-Norwegian topographical author Arent Berntsen (1610-1680), the Dutch Golden Age landscape painter Arent Arentsz (1585-1631) and Arent van Curler (1620-1667; later known as Arent van Corlaer), the Dutch founder of what is now the American city of Schenectady (located in the state of New York).
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