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This is a list of submitted names in which the person who added the name is thezenithofnadir.
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BEKKA f English
Variant of BECCA.
DANELIYA f Kazakh (Rare)
From Persian دان (dân) meaning "knowing, able" and Turkic el meaning "country, society".
EDSILIA f Dutch (Rare)
This name is best known for being the name of the Dutch singer Edsilia Rombley (b. 1978), who is of Dutch Antillean descent. In her case, the name is probably a combination of a name starting with Ed- (such as EDWINA) with a variant spelling of a name like CECILIA (such as SESILIA).
LEMMY m & f English (Modern), German (Modern, Rare)
The nickname of Motorhead's IAN FRASER Kilmister, in his case coming from the phrase "lend me ...".
LUMTURIJE f Albanian
From Albanian lumturi meaning "happiness". Also a variant of LUMTURIJA.
PLAVKA f American (Rare)
In the case of American singer Plavka Coleridge (née Lonich) the name was derived from a Croatian worn meaning "blondie". It is not used as a name in Croatia.
REBY f English
Diminutive of REBECCA.
SERTAB f Turkish
Means "the main light, radiance". Sertab Erener is a famous singer with the name. Her name was chosen from a classical Turkish song called "Ey Şûh-i Sertab".
TSAKANI f South African
The meaning is "to be happy". It was popularized by Tsakani Mhinga. She was a South African singer who died in 2006.
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