Guarani Submitted Names

Guarani names are used by the Guarani people of South America.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Amambái f Guarani
Means "fern" in Guarani.
Amambay f Guarani
Means "fern" in Guarani.
Amapytu m Guarani
Means "spirit of the rain" in Guarani.
Anahí f Guarani, Tupi, Spanish (Latin American)
Meaning uncertain. In Tupi-Guarani legend this is the name of a princess killed by Spanish conquistadors, who was turned into a flower--usually identified with the flower of the Ceibo tree (Erythrina crista-galli)... [more]
Angatupyry m Guarani
Means "spirit of goodness" in Guarani.
Ára f Guarani
Means "sky, heavens" in Guarani.
Arami f Guarani
Diminutive of Guarani word ára meaning "sky, heavens".
Arandu m Guarani
Means "wise" in Guarani.
Araresa m Guarani
Means "eye of the universe" in Guarani.
Arasunu m Guarani
Means "thunder" in Guarani.
Aratiri m Guarani
Means "ray, bolt, lightning" in Guarani.
Aravera m Guarani
Means "flash of lightning" in Guarani.
Cambuci f Tupi, Guarani
Derived from Tupi-Guarani cambucy meaning "pot; vase".
Camocim f Tupi, Guarani
Means "pot; vase" in Tupi and Guarani.
Irupé f Guarani, Spanish (Latin American)
Name of Guaraní origin, used in Paraguay and Argentina.... [more]
Jasy f Tupi (Rare), Guarani, New World Mythology
A Tupi name derived from îá "moon" and sy "mother". Its Guarani cognate jasy means "moon".... [more]
Ka'akupe m & f Guarani
Means "behind the forest" in Guarani, taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, la Virgen de Caacupé.
Kamé f Guarani
Guarani form of Carmen.
Katupyry m Guarani
Means "skillful" in Guarani.
Kauan m Guarani, Tupi
Means "hawk" in Tupi-Guarani.
Kauane f Guarani, Tupi, Brazilian
Feminine form of Kauã and Kauan.
Kerana f Guarani
Etymology unknown. This is the name of the Guarani goddess of sleep.
Ko'êju f Guarani
Means "dawn, first light" in Guarani.
Ko'êtî f Guarani
Means "beginning of dawn, dawnbreak" in Guarani.
Kuarahy m Guarani
Means "sun" in Guarani.
Kuarahyresê m Guarani
Means "setting sun, rising sun" in Guarani.
Kyryi f Guarani
Means "tender, soft" in Guarani.
Marangatu m Guarani
Means "saint" in Guarani.
Mba’ehory m Guarani
Means "be cheerful" in Guarani.
Mba’evera m Guarani
Means "be resplendent" in Guarani.
Mburukuja f Guarani
Means "passionflower" in Guarani.
Mbyja f Guarani
Means "star" in Guarani.
Mimbi f Guarani
Means "bright" in Guarani.
Pakuri f Guarani
Means "wild plant, wild fruit" in Guarani.
Panambi f Guarani
Means "butterfly" in Guarani.
Pykasu f Guarani
Means "pigeon" in Guarani.
Pytuna m & f Tupi, Guarani
Means "night" in Tupi-Guarani.
Sypavê f Guarani
Etymology uncertain. This is the name of the first woman in Guarani mythology.
Tabaré m South American, Guarani (Hispanicized, ?), Tupi (Hispanicized, ?)
Chiefly Uruguayan name, allegedly of Guarani or Tupi origin and meaning "village man" or "one who lives far from town". The Uruguayan poet Juan Zorrilla de San Martín used it for the title hero of his epic poem Tabaré (1888), which depicts the tragic love between Tabaré, an indigenous Charrúa man, and Blanca, the sister of a Spanish conquistador.
Tainá f Tupi, Guarani
From Tupi-Guarani tainá meaning "the star".
Tainã-Kan m & f New World Mythology, Tupi, Guarani
Means "great star" in Tupi-Guaraní.... [more]
Tajy Poty f Guarani
Means "lapacho flower" in Guarani.
Tatapytu m Guarani
Means "spirit of fire" in Guarani.
Tatarendy m Guarani
Means "flame" in Guarani.
Thainá f Brazilian, Guarani
Guarani form of Tainá.
Thaynni f Brazilian, Tupi, Guarani
Diminuitive of Thayna.
Tuvicha m Guarani
Means "big" in Guarani.
Yamandú m Tupi, Guarani
Means "the precursor of the waters (of the world)" in Tupi-Guaraní.
Ygary m Guarani
Means "cedar" in Guarani.
Yrasêma f Guarani
Means "murmur of the waters" in Guarani.
Ysyry f Guarani
Means "flowing water" in Guarani.