Medieval Czech Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Czech peoples.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Biagota f Medieval Slavic, Medieval Czech
Of uncertain origin and meaning; current theories, however, include a form of Blahota or Bjegota... [more]
Boleslaus m Medieval Czech (Latinized)
Latinized form of Boleslav. Boleslaus was the brother of Duke Wenceslaus of Bohemia (the inspiration for the Christmas carol) and became notorious for his murder.
Bonka f Medieval Slavic, Medieval Czech
Medieval Czech diminutive of Bona.
Dusca f Medieval Czech
Of unknown meaning. The -ca ending indicates that this may be a Slavic diminutive of some unidentified name.
Křišťan m Medieval Czech
Medieval variant of Kristián. Křišťan z Prachatic (Christian of Prachatice in English) was a medieval Bohemian astronomer, mathematician and former Catholic priest who converted to the Hussite movement... [more]
Luda f Medieval Czech
Derived from Proto-Slavic *ljudъ "people". This name was also used as a short form of various names beginning with the element Lud-.
Marquart m Medieval, Medieval Italian, Medieval German, Medieval Czech, Estonian (Archaic), German (Austrian, Archaic)
Old High German marka "march; fortified area along a border" + Old High German wart "guard, ward".
Nemoy m Medieval Polish, Medieval Czech, Medieval
Polish nie "not" + Polish mój "mine".... [more]
Ofka f Medieval Czech, Medieval Polish
Medieval Czech and Medieval Polish diminutive of Eufemia or (less common) Sofia.
Otta f Medieval Czech
Feminine form of Otto.
Quieton m Medieval Czech
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories, however, include a connection to Quentin.
Teta f Medieval Czech, Slavic Mythology
In Bohemian mythology, Teta is the second oldest daughter of the Bohemian ruler Krok (or Crocco). Her sisters are Kazi and Libuše. While Libuše is a soothsayer, Teta is guiding people to worship supernatural beings and worshiping natural forces... [more]
Theuda f Gothic, Medieval Czech, Medieval French
Derived from the Gothic element þiuda meaning "people" (Old High German diota, Old Frankish þeoda), either a short form of Germanic names beginning with this element (such as Theudelinda) or used independently as a standalone name... [more]
Tyesca f Medieval Czech
Medieval Czech variant of Theuda.
Vácslav m Medieval Czech
Medieval Czech form of Václav.
Velislav m Bulgarian, Medieval Czech
From Old Church Slavonic велии (velii) meaning "great" combined with слава (slava) "fame, glory".
Vlkava f Medieval Czech
Medieval Czech feminine form of Vlk.
Wilk m Medieval Czech
Derived from Polish wilk "wolf".
Witoslav m Medieval Czech
Derived from Slavic wit, vit "to rule" and slava "glory, fame".
Wizzo m Medieval Czech
It was initially given to children of high priests in the time of medieval Czech. The name was a representation of power and free spirit.
Wizzo m Medieval Czech
Your first name Wizzo has created a most expressive nature, idealistic and inspirational, driven with a strong inner urge to be of service in some way that would uplift humanity as a whole.... [more]
Wojslav m Medieval Czech
Derived from Slavic voj "war" and slava "glory, fame".
Wok m Medieval Czech
A medieval Czech name meaning "wolf" (see also Vuk).
Zawissius m Medieval Czech (Latinized)
Latinized form of Zawisza. This name was recorded several times in Brno.
Zbincza f Medieval Czech
Feminine form of Zbygniew.
Zdenka f Medieval Czech, Hungarian
Medieval Czech diminutive of Zdeslava. It is also occasionally considered a diminutive of Sidonia.
Zemislav m Medieval Czech, Medieval Slavic
Derived from Slavic siem/ziem "family, land" and sława/slava "glory, fame".