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Old Vlach name.
AKSHARITmModern (Modern)
Word originated from akshara
ALEXIOm? (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Alexios.
Means "mountain" in Manchu.
ALKINAf & m?
Variant of Alethea.
AMADELINEf? (Modern, Rare)
Possibly a blend of Amanda and Madeline.
Amamah is name originating from the Qua'ranic verse 33:72 referring to the trust God placed in mankind.
AMANZIm & f? (Rare)
Meaning water, cool and go’s with the flow like a wave
Vlach form of Andrej.
Vlach form of Andrej.
Vlach name Angelija is from greek word Angel.
Vlach variant of Anisija
Sanskrit name from Hindu Veda Epic Cycle, The Mahabharata.... [more]
Combination of Anna and Betha. Also a variant of Annabeth.
Beautiful fortune
Likely a form of Aquilina
Possibly a variant of AREZOO (the Japanese form of ARES, not the Persian name), or a variant of ARISU, or from the Italian surname of unknown meaning.
ARJUNKATHAITf & mthudda chori wali
chor daku aur dakait ne banaya arjun kathait
Typical ivorian name.
Serbian and Vlach form of Arsenius.
ASHTIf & mFarsi and kurdish
Ashti as a first name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly, approachable, and generous.... [more]
ASTRILm & f?
ASVIDAm & f?
ASWAm & fWest African
"One who moves through darkness toward the light." implies wisdom in knowing that compared to Allah, we will always be in darkness regardless of how bright we become
ATONGm & f?
ATURINDAm & fBanyankore
The name Aturinda means He(God) protects us.
Auspicius of Trier was a 2nd century Christian saint.
The meaning of this name has multiple but here’s just one- Intriguing, arousing the curiosity of others
AWUSUNGm & fSayawa
The name is from the sayawa tribe in Nigeria , meaning extremely Sweet and great.
Variant of Ayala
Means "healthy" in Khakas. The Khakas people are a Turkic ethnic group living in the Republic of Khakassia in Russia.
Means "what God has destined" or "destiny" in Izon.
AYEBAYEm & fIzon
"God's own", "God's property"... [more]
AYLINTÁfWestern African (Senegal)
The name Aylintá comes from the West African nation of Senegal and means Bearer of Light or Bringer of Light.
Means "born out of town".
BÁI-HǓm & fChinese Astronomy
Bái-Hǔ is a Xiang (象) one of the Four Symbols that include all the constellation of the Chinese System. Bái-Hǔ is known as The White Tiger of the West and is a mythological spirit creature linked with the west, the left and the fall/autumn season.
BANDIAm & f?
BASARABAf & mVlach
Derived from Basaraba, which is the Vlach name for the historical region of Bessarabia. It is said to be the native land of the Vlach people.
Arabian boy's name meaning "Bringer of Joys"
BAWIm & fChin(Myanmar)
LORD or Upper Class
BECKSm & fEnglish (American)/Pop Culture (Modern)
Becks is the name of a main character on the Disney Channel television series Andi Mack. It can be considered a variation of the Beck.
BENDISfThracian Mythology
Thracian goddess of the moon and the hunt.
Meaning unknown at this moment in time. Also compare the somewhat similar-looking names Berkant (Turkish), Berzan (Kurdish), Birzhan and Baurzhan (both Kazakh).... [more]
The meaning of the name is, "Gift of God", but others believe it to be a combination of Evelyn and Beverly.
Means "a dancer".
BORIŠAf & mVlach
Means "fighter", derived from Vlach boriti meaning "to fight".
Means "person who fights" in Vlach.
Feminine form of Borisav.
This was American feminist Susan B. Anthony's middle name.
Alternate form of Bulgy.
CAGUAXmTaino (Archaic)
Name of the cacique of the Turabo region of Puerto Rico at the time of the arrival of Columbus.
Variant of Celeste.
Means first born son
CHENZIRAm & fZimbabwe
Other possible origins for this name include Arabic or Egyptian. Means "born while travelling".
from Persian, "young man"
CRISTALDAfMythology Italian
A dithematic name formed from the Greek name element CHRIST "anointed" and the Germanic name element WALD "to rule".... [more]
Vlach feminine form of David.
From a French surname derived from the Anglo-Norman word destrer meaning "warhorse".
DJARONmGunai (Kurnai)
Warrior. Other languages (unknown) blue sky
Vlach diminutive of Dobrila.
Essentially means "good man", derived from Vlach dobro meaning "good".
Derived from Vlach drag meaning "dear person". This name can also be the Vlach form of Dragoljub.
DUJONOUfKpelle Liberian
It is a Kpelle Liberian name that is given to a female the stops problems between people. Basically a peace maker.
DYNESTYf??? (Americanized, ?)
a line of hereditary rulers of a country.... [more]
From the English word eagle, ultimately from Latin aquila. Also from the surname Eagle, originally a nickname for a lordly or sharp-eyed man.
ELÁJf & mPwâla
One of the first Pwâla names assigned originally to Pwâ-Eláj. The name translates directly to “scholar” but also suggests “curiousity” and “intelligence”.
Altai form of Aleksei.
Derived from Miwok elkini "to hang over the top of" or "to drape over", with the implied meaning "bear hanging intestines of people on top of rocks or bushes".
ELLONEm & f?
ELOmMedieval Frisian
Likely a variant of Ele, recorded between the 11th and 13th centuries.
Serbian and Vlach form of Enoch.
Popularly claimed to mean "lover of flowers" (apparently due to association with Greek eran "to love, to be in love with"), it may actually mean "woolly-haired flower" from the botanical name eriantha, ultimately from Greek ἔριον (erion) "wool" and ανθος (anthos) "flower".
ESTILm & f?
Latinizated feminine form of the Gaulish name Esvios which potentially refers to the Esuvii Gaulish tribe, or the Gaulish god Esus.
EZLYNNfSri Lankan
A famous bearer is Ezlynn Deraniyagala was the first female barrister of Sri Lanka, who also was a founding member of the country`s feminist movement.
FACEBOOKfEgyptian (Modern, Rare)
Inspired by the impact social media played in the #Jan25 revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square, an Egyptian man reportedly named his firstborn daughter "Facebook."
Means "lord of the elephants" in Fe'Fe'.
From Cote d'Ivoire, queen of the meerkat tribe in French culture
FENRINmFictional (?)
A lupine-inspired name created by Laure Eve for Fenrin Grace in her book The Graces.
FIROm & f?
Variant of Fira.
The name of a millitary person, Gaje Gahe
a diminutive of geminus "twin".
Ghafran is an attributive name of prophet Muhammad. Its means absolution or salvation.
Piedmontese form of John.
MEANING - a little song
GITONGAmMeru Embu Gikuyu
This name is commonly used in Meru, Embu and Gikuyu regions in Kenya. The name means a rich man. The name has been passed from generation to generation since time in memorial. The cultures which usually name their male children after their grandparents-dead or alive intentionally do this to ensure the character or personality of the grandpa can be carried to the grandchildren.
GLADSONm? (Rare)
From a surname which may have been an English variant of the Scottish surname Gladstone
Means "to grow, breed, foster, nurture" in Vlach.
Latin form of Gregoria.
Meaning, "dorsal fin screen."
HAKIm & f?
It really does come from a Miwok word, ha·t'ej, which means "press with the foot" or "make tracks."
Latinized form of Hedwig.
HERSZEKmYiddish (Polonized)
Polish influenced name, see Hersz.
HERSZKAmYiddish (Polonized)
Polish influenced name, see Hersz.
Manchu name of Mei
Means "wolf robe" in Cheyenne.
HOSHIMUf & mJapanese Chinese
Comes from the Japanese Hoshi, meaning "star" and the Chinese Mu, meaning "military, martial".
Means "tall bull" in Cheyenne.
HRISTAf & mVlach
Masculine deminutive for Christian and Christopher, and femine deminutive for Christina or Hristina on Serbian and Vlach.
Hristos means saviour on greek,and this is origin title of Jesus Christ. Hristandin have a meaning "Person who belive in Son of the God".
Meaning is "fox" in Even
HUNTYf & m?
IDENm & f?
Vlach cognate of Enoch.
IGNISf & m?
Meaning unknown.
Ignjatija is Vlach femine and masculine form of Ignatius. Ignatius mean fire in Latin.
Means "flower" in Manchu.
Vlach for Serbian Ilija. Ilija is Serbian, Macedonian and Croatian for Elijah
IREDIAmBini Edo State Southwst Nigeria and language is Ishan
A common name that can be bear base on an event that predates birth (given to a child that stay after parent suffer a lot of child death).... [more]
Vlach form of Ishmael.
ISONGKEf & mSouth south of Nigeria
It means nothing is impossible
This name comes from the Otomí culture, an indigenous ethnic group in Mexico. The name means "Crystal Clear"
Vlach feminine form of John.
JAHSHARAfJamaican (Modern, Rare)
Religiously, Jah has been a signifier of God. In Sumerian mythology, Shara is a minor god of war. And in Hebrew, it is a verb meaning "she sings". Together, the name means that she endures the good and the bad and is able to keep positive through to the end.
Vlach form of Jasmine.
JANITm & f?
JAROMARmPolabian (Archaic)
jaro = „very“; mar = „peace“... [more]
JIAfHindi and Urdu
Means "Heart, Spirit, Soul".
JOBEf & mIgede
Means "Give thanks" Alternative meanings are "Gratitude" or "Be grateful"
JOCEf & m?
JOISm & f?
JOUARGImSeselwa (Anglicized, Rare)
Means "Son of the stars."
Vlach form of Hussein.
KAHINUmEthiopia Eritrea, Geez
"the clergyman"
KAIm & fMelpa
This a Melpa(a tribe in Papua New Guinea) word for good.
KAINAATfArabic / Urdu / Pakistani
Muslim name used in the middle east and in Pakistan, it is an Arabic name and also a Urdu name. It means universe, not only space but the infinate universe.
KAMALIYYAHfArabic Muslim
Kamaliyyah - An Arabic Muskim name for female that means whole, without flaws perfect of Nelumbo belongs to the Lord.
KANGMIm & fGoemai/Ankwai (Rare)
"Kangmi" is a native name of the "Goemai"G_My people found in "Shendam" Local government and "Kwande" village in "Qua'an-pan" Local government of Plateau State Nigeria. It is a unisex name meaning 'Joining of clans' or in "Hausa" "Hada Dangi"(hada=join, Dangi= clan)... [more]
Altai feminine name derived from кара (kara) meaning "black" or кар (kar) meaning "snow".
Genesis 14:5, also Greek Karnain. A place near the Dead Sea.
KAYMONDmEnglish, ?
Likely an invented name, possibly a combination of Kay and Raymond
KAYOKWAmLala Bemba (Rare)
Kayokwa is an African name meaning Sugar or something sweet.
KEBRAf & mGe'ez (Ethiopian)
The name comes from the Ge'ez language (south semitic) of Ethiopia/Eritrea. It is found in the name of the Rastafarian holy book, the Kebra Nagast, a 14th century account of the origins of the Solomonic line of the Emperors of Ethiopia... [more]
meaning is "flower" in Nanai
KENNISf? (Rare)
Seems to be predominantly used in Hong Kong.