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AADHIRA   m   Hindu
Meaning the Moon
ABELL   m   ? (Rare)
ABI   f   Afizere
Abi means "owner" or "he has"/"she has" as the case maybe.
ABIGAILI   f   Biblical Swahili
Swahili form of Abigail.
ADA   m   Idoma
Means "Father"
ADAI   m   Aramaic
ADELANIE   f   ?, English (Rare)
Variant of Adeline
ADHAVA   m   Indian/Tamil
Adhava is short form of Adhavan, which means Sun in Tamil language.
ADOLE   m   Idoma
Means "Father of the house"
ADORANDA   f   Tuscan
Variant of Adorata.
AELAN   m & f   ? (Rare)
Name of two saints - Saint Aetherius of Auxerre and St. Aetherius, bishop of Lyons.
AFRODISIO   m   Galician/ Italian/ Spanish
Galician, Italian, Spanish form of Aphrodisius ( see Aphrodisios).
AGIT   m   Kurdish & Persian
Meanings: The brave, The warrior
AHJA   f   ? (Rare)
AJALY   f   ? (Rare)
AJEENAH   f   ?
AKIZA   f   ?
AKSHARIT   m   Modern (Modern)
Word originated from akshara
ALAZIDEI   m   Ijaw / Ijaw
ALBERNIE   f   ?
Of unknown origin and meaning
ALEELA   f   ?
ALIN   m   Manchu
Manchu name meaning ''mountain''.
ALINAYA   f   ?
ALKINA   f & m   ?
ALLSY   f   ? (Rare)
ALMAYA   f   ?
ALOISA   f   ?
A variant of Aloisia
ALORAD   m   Arabic (Maghreb)
Maghrebi version of Al-Horad. Most commonly used in the the 1700's among the poor.
ALYOK   m   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Alexander.
AMADELINE   f   ? (Modern, Rare)
Possibly a blend of Amanda and Madeline.
AMALI   f   ?
AMAMAH   f   Islamic
Amamah is name originating from the Qua'ranic verse 33:72 referring to the trust God placed in mankind.
AMANZI   m & f   ? (Rare)
Meaning water, cool and go’s with the flow like a wave
AMARALEE   f   Unknown
ANDES   m & f   Quechuan
From the Quechua word anti meaning "east". This is a mountain range and a brand of candy.
ANDRYU   m   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Andrew.
ANJAY   m   Sanksrit
Sanskrit name from Hindu Veda Epic Cycle, The Mahabharata.... [more]
ANKA   f   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Anna.
ANKH   m   ? (Rare)
ANNIRIDDHI   f   Hindhi
Beautiful fortune
ANZYL   m   Mari
Means "advanced" in Mari.
AQUILINE   f   ?
Likely a form of Aquilina
Variant of Archibald
ARESU   f   ?
Possibly a variant of AREZOO (the Japanese form of ARES, not the Persian name), or a variant of ARISU, or from the Italian surname of unknown meaning.
ARMARTIE   m   Ghana
ARTYO   m   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Artyom.
ASHLOND   m   English & Scottish (Rare)
Ashlond is an alternative spelling to the name Ashland. Ashland is an English & Scottish name that means 'A habitual place covered with ash trees'. It can be a name that represents tranquility and restoration.
ASHTI   f & m   Farsi and kurdish
Ashti as a first name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly, approachable, and generous.... [more]
ASLON   m   ?
ASTALCHE   f   Mari
Means "beauty" in Mari.
ASTRIL   m & f   ?
ASVIDA   m & f   ?
ASWA   m & f   West African
"One who moves through darkness toward the light." implies wisdom in knowing that compared to Allah, we will always be in darkness regardless of how bright we become
ATARINO   m   ?
ATONG   m & f   ?
ATSEN   m   Afizere
Atsen which means"Visitor" is a male given name among the Afizere people of Nigeria. who are predominantly in Jos Plateau and Bauchi State Nigeria.
ATSI   m   Afizere or Izere for short
Atsi is a popular Izere given name and sometimes used as surname among the Afizere (or Izere) people of Central Nigeria. Atsi in the Izere language means "Priest"
ATSIYLAH   f   ?
AUSPICIUS   m   Latin (?)
Auspicius of Trier was a 2nd century Christian saint.
AYAKPO   f & m   Ijaw / Ijaw
AYALLA   f   America
Variation on the name Ayala
AYBI   f   Mari
Means "feminine" in Mari.
AYDAS   m   Khakas
Means "healthy" in Khakas. The Khakas people are a Turkic ethnic group living in the Republic of Khakassia in Russia.
AYDUSH   m   Mari
AYEBATONYE   m & f   Izon
"What God has Destined", "Destiny"... [more]
AYEBAYE   m & f   Izon
"God's own", "God's property"... [more]
AYGOBEK   m   Mari
AYPLAT   m   Mari
AZAGBA   m   Benin
Means "born out of town".
BABIL   m   Catalan/Spanish
Diminutive of Babilàs.
BABILÀS   m   Catalan/Spanish
Catalan, spanish form of Babylas.
BALASUU   f   Altai
Altai feminine given name derived from Бала (bala) meaning "child" and суу (suu) meaning "water".
BALI   m & f   ? (Rare)
BAMBA   m   Nanai
BANDIA   m & f   ?
BÄRI   m   Alsatian
Alsatian form of Albert.
BARIAGARA   m & f   Khana
BARIKPOA   m   Khana
BARILEDUM   m   Khana (Modern)
God is alive
BARILEE   m & f   Khana
BARILUNYEGIA   m & f   Khana
BAWI   m & f   Chin(Myanmar)
LORD or Upper Class
BECKS   m & f   English (American)/Pop Culture (Modern)
Becks is the name of a main character on the Disney Channel television series Andi Mack. It can be considered a variation of the Beck.
BEDASI   f   Mari
Mari variant of the feminine given name Feodosiya.
BEDDU   m & f   ?
BEKHI   m & f   ? (Rare)
BENDIS   f   Thracian Mythology
Thracian goddess of the moon and the hunt.
BERSANT   m   Kosovar
Meaning unknown at this moment in time. Also compare the somewhat similar-looking names Berkant (Turkish), Berzan (Kurdish), Birzhan and Baurzhan (both Kazakh).... [more]
BETA   f   ?
BINAH   f   Bobangi
Means "a dancer".
BOLU   m & f   ?
BRANDUN   m   clean
Variant of Brandon.
BREEGAN   f   ?
BREEL   f & m   ?
BROWNELL   m & f   ?
This was American feminist Susan B. Anthony's middle name.
BULGIE   m   ?
Alternate form of Bulgy.
BUTARO   m   Je
The same as Butarou.
CAGUAX   m   Taino (Archaic)
Name of the cacique of the Turabo region of Puerto Rico at the time of the arrival of Columbus.
CAMP   m   English Scottish
Variant of Campbell.
CATARA   f   fantasy
CELEST   f   ?
Variation of Celeste.
CELLI   f   ?
CHA KNOCK BA   f   Assiniboine
Meaning, "Sweet Balm."
CHAMENDRA   m   Sri Lankan (Modern, Rare)
Meaning : The king of the Moon
CHASKE   m   Dakota
Means first born son
CHENZIRA   m & f   Zimbabwe
Other possible origins for this name include Arabic or Egyptian. Means "born while travelling".
CHEYMARINA   f   Mordvin
Means "cranberry" in Mordvin.
CHIKAP   m   Ainu
Meaning is "bird" in Ainu
CHIVAN   m   arm
from Persian, "young man"
CHIZIEM   f & m   ?
CHOTKAR   m   Mari
Means "very strong" in Mari. This was the name of a Mari legendary hero.
CH'YONG   m & f   Mandarin Chinese (Rare, Archaic)
Jyong, Jyonh, Ch'yong, Chyonh (J'On/h, "h" optional) Mandarin Chinese, "JY-ON" two vowel dipthong, Khenh (KAYnh, KhAYn'h, aspirated "h" on end), Kenh, var. Kehng, Kayng, Keng Cantonese Chinese, Quynh (kwEEnh, k'WEEn'h, khwEEnh, kwEEn'h aspirated "h" on end, hard k/kh in kw,/kwh, "OOEE" two vowel dipthong) [Vietnamese, fr... [more]
COCORO   f & m   ? (Rare, ?)
CRISTALDA   f   Mythology Italian
A dithematic name formed from the Greek name element CHRIST "anointed" and the Germanic name element WALD "to rule".... [more]
CUMSHEWA   m   Haida
CUNEGUNDA   f   ? (Archaic)
Variant of Kunigunde.
DANTA   f   ?
DEEBAH   f   ?
DELA   f   ?
DELENE   f   Altai
Altai form of Elena.
DENAIT   m & f   ?
DERSU   m   Nanai
DESTRIER   m   ?
From a French surname derived from the Anglo-Norman word destrer meaning "warhorse".
DIAGO   m   ?
DININI   m   Ijaw/ Ijaw
Meaning "mercy or pardon"
DIYINRIN   f   Ijaw / Ijaw
DJARON   m   Gunai (Kurnai)
Warrior. Other languages (unknown) blue sky
DOMBI   f   sanssanskrit
MEANING - a kind of drama... [more]
DOMON   m   ?
DORO   m   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Dorofey.
DRAGNEEL   m   Fairy
DRIGO   m   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Gregory.
DUJONOU   f   Kpelle Liberian
It is a Kpelle Liberian name that is given to a female the stops problems between people. Basically a peace maker.
DUMNWI   m   Khana
EAGLE   m   ?
From the English word eagle, ultimately from Latin aquila. Also from the surname Eagle, originally a nickname for a lordly or sharp-eyed man.
ECHAN   m   Mari
Mari variant of the masculine given name Aleksandr.
EDAR   m & f   Visaya
Common Filipino surname
EDEYNE   f   Nenets
Means "new woman" in Nenets.
EHI   f   Idoma
Means "Gift"
EKANAT   m   Altai
Altai form of Ignat.
ELDEE   f   ?
form of Elda
ELEKSEY   m   Altai
Altai form of Aleksei.
ELIAL   m   ? (Rare)
ELIKA   f   Mari
ELKI   m   Miwok
Meaning, "to hang over the top of" or "to drape."
ELLONE   m & f   ?
ELO   m   Medieval Frisian
Likely a variant of Ele, recorded between the 11th and 13th centuries.
ELONY   f   ? (Rare)
ELSIA   f   ? (Rare)
ELYKSAN   m   Mari
Mari variant of the masculine given name Aleksandr.
ELYTA   f   ? (Rare)
EMMALIN   f   ? (Rare)
Likely a variant of Emmalyn.
EMMANUELLA   f   English (African)
Latinization of Emmanuelle.
ENDRINA   f   ?
ENE   f   Idoma
Means "Mother"
ENET   f   Medieval Hungarian
Medieval variant of Enéh.
ENOBA   f   Idoma
Means "Mother of my husband" or "Mother-in-law"
ENOZ   m   ? (Rare)
EPKUV   m   Khanti, Mansi
Khanti and Mansi form of the masculine given name Efim.
EREIN   f & m   ? (Rare)
ERIANTHE   f   ?
Popularly claimed to mean "lover of flowers" (apparently due to association with Greek eran "to love, to be in love with"), it may actually mean "woolly-haired flower" from the botanical name eriantha, ultimately from Greek ἔριον (erion) "wool" and ανθος (anthos) "flower".
ERVKO   m   Nenets
ESEME   m   ?
ESTAR   f   ? (Rare)
ESTIL   m & f   ?
ESYRA   f   ? (Rare)
EVANE   f   Nenets
Means "orphan" in Nenets. This name was given to baby girls who were born after the death of their fathers.
EVDYUK   m   Mari
Mari version of the masculine given name Evgeniy.
EVIKA   f   Mari
Means "slender" in Mari.
EVTIN   m   Khanti, Mansi
Khanti and Mansi version of the masculine given name Evgeniy.
FACEBOOK   f   Egyptian (Modern, Rare)
Inspired by the impact social media played in the #Jan25 revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square, an Egyptian man reportedly named his firstborn daughter "Facebook."
FADZYA   f   Nanai
FAUDIA   f   ?
FAURESTHIA   f   Ivorian
From Cote d'Ivoire, queen of the meerkat tribe in French culture
FENRIN   m   Fictional (?)
A lupine-inspired name created by Laure Eve for Fenrin Grace in her book The Graces.
FERIA   f   ?
FIKILE   f   Xitsonga
Means "arrived" in Xitsonga, one of the languages spoken in South Africa.
FINNLA   f   Alsatian
Alsatian form of Josephine.
FIRO   m & f   ?
FYRA   f   Unknown
Variation of Fira.
GAJE   m   ?
The name of a millitary person, Gaje Gahe
GALLICUS   m   Latin
GAMOY   m   ?
GANOOSH   m & f   Arabic/English (Rare)
Ganoosh is an English name coming from baba ghanoush, a Levantine food and means "pampered papa" or "coy daddy".
GANYA   f   Mordvin
Mordvin form of Agafya.
GEMELLUS   m   ?
GIG   m & f   ?
GINA   f   Indian and Pakistani
Means "princess" in Urdu.
GIOANN   m   Piedmontese
Piedmontese form of John.
GITHIKA   f   sinhala
MEANING - a little song
GITONGA   m   Meru Embu Gikuyu
This name is commonly used in Meru, Embu and Gikuyu regions in Kenya. The name means a rich man. The name has been passed from generation to generation since time in memorial. The cultures which usually name their male children after their grandparents-dead or alive intentionally do this to ensure the character or personality of the grandpa can be carried to the grandchildren.
GLADSON   m   ? (Rare)
From a surname which may have been an English variant of the Scottish surname Gladstone
GOYAAŁÉ   m   Chiricahua, Mescalero
Meaning, "the one who yawns."
GÜSCHTI   m   Alsatian
Alsatian form of August.
GUSHKLIN   m   Tlingit
Meaning, "dorsal fin screen."
GUUJAAW   m   Haida
GYANTWACHIA   m   Seneca
Meaning, "the planter."
HADESSA   f   ? (Rare)
Variant of Hadassah.
HAJA   f   ?
HAKI   m & f   ?
HAPLO   m   ? (Rare)
HAŤEJ   f   Miwok
It really does come from a Miwok word, ha·t'ej, which means "press with the foot" or "make tracks."
HEDVIGIS   f   Latin
Latinized form of Hedwig.
HERMÓCRATES   m   Spanish/Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Hermocrates (see Hermokrates)
HOJO   f   Manchu
Manchu name of Mei
Meaning, "wolf robe."
HOSHIMU   f & m   Japanese Chinese
Comes from the Japanese Hoshi, meaning "star" and the Chinese Mu, meaning "military, martial".
Meaning, "tall bull."
HULICHAN   f   Even
Meaning is "fox" in Even
HUNTY   f & m   ?
HYELA   f   ?
IASYR   m   Dungan
Variant of Yasyr.
IDALMA   f   Spanish Italian Germanic
Composed from the names Ida (hard work ) Germanic and Alma (soul) Spanish, Italian,its meaning is possibly : Hard working soul
IDEN   m & f   ?
IGNAE   m   ? (Rare)
IGNEY   m   Nenets
Nenets form of Ignat (see Ignatius).
IGNIS   f & m   ?
Of unknown origin and meaning.
IHOTU   f   Idoma
Means "Love" or "Like"
ILHA   f   manchu
means "flower" in Manchu
ILIP   m   Mari
Mari version of the masculine given name Filipp.
ILLIRIS   m   ?
INEK   m   ?
INID   f   ? (Rare)
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