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Subject: Re: Names From My Story!
Author: La Reina   (Authenticated as La Reina)
Date: November 28, 2011 at 8:29:40 AM
Reply to: Names From My Story! by lakin5
I think the names are all right, nothing I'd especially object to. I would have pointed out that EllaNora with the CamelCapitalisation is cheesy, but maybe you were intending to do just that (you did say it's a comedy). A minor comment is that for an in-universe preteen TV show, Zandria, Daphne, and Wally have some rather, er, un-preteenish names. Especially because Daphne sounds like the one from Scooby-Doo and Wally is between an oldish name and Where's Wally? (also known as Where's Waldo?).

Surname suggestions for Damian: Thompson, Lang, Keller, Anders, Lloyds, Smythe, Cartwright, Nicholls.

Title/generic plot for TV show: Once Bitten (Zandria is a teenage vampire hiding in a high school), Lookalikes (classic Prince and the Pauper; Zandria and Daphne look very similar and pretend to be each other for some reason), Nerd Power! (Zandria, Daphne, and Wally are nerds/geeks surviving in high school)... can't think of more for now.

Glossary of La Reinaisms

Aheheh: onomatopoeia for a chuckle, esp. a mischievous one
Hurm: onomatopoeia for thinking; a standard reply when all else fails
Spam: an all-purpose word

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