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Welcome to the interactive polls! This is a place to ask name-related questions and find out which of the possible options is the most popular with other people on this website. You must be logged in to create polls, but anyone may respond to them.

Which of these name styles do you like best? Lalage Jan/31/2015 0 Even
Which name for a small male dog? The Midnight-Rose Jan/31/2015 1 Billie
Which name do you think best suits the femme fatale archetype? Becky.J Jan/31/2015 5 Even
Characters - LN Soape (Round 2) maggifred Jan/30/2015 7 Freya
Characters - LN Gladwyn (Round 2) maggifred Jan/30/2015 7 Sybil
"Old Fashioned Beauties" & "Classic Combos" AshleyJuliette Jan/30/2015 18 Pearl Agnes
Catalina or Catarina for a Hispanic girl who goes by Catie? Rachelgirl1989 Jan/30/2015 19 Catalina
Avis Jacqueline Wordsmith Jan/30/2015 12 I dislike it.
Sedna Marjorie Wordsmith Jan/30/2015 12 I hate it!
Freda Hester Wordsmith Jan/30/2015 14 I dislike it.
Combos: Which one(s) do you like? AshleyJuliette Jan/30/2015 17 Malachi Raphael
Pronounce Riordan TruthDawnsInFire Jan/30/2015 21 rear-dan
Which girls name? Gwynbow Jan/30/2015 20 Eleanor Catherine
Random Sibsets AshleyJuliette Jan/30/2015 10 Bryn, Eva, & Kai (all girls)
Do you like the name Emma? SugarSwiirlz Jan/30/2015 18 Yes
Hazel combos - pick your favorite Magz Jan/30/2015 24 Even
Random Sibsets AshleyJuliette Jan/30/2015 11 Even
Is Catherine too old and stale for a 2015 baby? Lalage Jan/30/2015 36 No
Random Combos Felie Jan/30/2015 21 Even
Which set of sisters? BBH Jan/30/2015 31 Eleanor, Charlotte, Matilda, Jane
Which set of brothers? BBH Jan/30/2015 33 Even
Feminine forms of "Julius" Ali Hassan Jan/30/2015 29 Julia
Which sibling name(s) do you like with Maeva? whim Jan/30/2015 25 Eloise
Gillian or Jillian LennonDeaconLover96 Jan/30/2015 25 Jillian
Which one is the best: Lalage Jan/30/2015 33 Catherine
Please choose the ones you like. Girl. ElectricDreams Jan/30/2015 30 Ingrid Celeste
Chose a brother for Aurora: ElectricDreams Jan/30/2015 29 Leon
Chose a sister for Aurora: ElectricDreams Jan/30/2015 30 Celeste
Chose a sister for Matilda: Emily Amy Jan/29/2015 34 Even
boys irishrocker Jan/29/2015 23 Finnegan Cormac