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Nagi, Ayumi or Keiko lilolaf Dec/9/2016 4 Even
Ichiro, Yoshiaki or Takeru lilolaf Dec/9/2016 3 Even
(For a story) What should Antonin's last name be? Kinola Dec/9/2016 4 Even
Name of daughter of a mother who loved fairies...? BookStorm Dec/9/2016 9 Nymphadora
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Dec/9/2016 8 Even
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Dec/9/2016 6 Amanda
Girls: Pick ONLY the 4 names you like best, please Charlie1977 Dec/9/2016 12 Athena
Redone~ Caius or Cai "Kye-Es" "Kye" boys name Ixiation Dec/9/2016 7 Caius (with nickname Cai)
Which one Caius or Cai or bothNN Kye-Es , "Kye" boy name~ Ixiation Dec/9/2016 7 Caius
Which name for a girl? Ghirardellstar Dec/8/2016 15 Gwendolyn
Which name for a boy? Ghirardellstar Dec/8/2016 14 Alexander
Which Name For The Mother Of Clarinda And Rosetta "Rosie" Belmont? lakin5 Dec/8/2016 10 Oriana "Ora" Belmont
Names of the Retro-Future! CherylTunt Dec/8/2016 18 Helen
Which one? brimariiee Dec/8/2016 9 Vivian
Skyler/Skylar? brimariiee Dec/8/2016 8 Both neutral
Vivian Raphaelle glaucous Dec/8/2016 10 4 - Like it.
Which with Barbara? Lumiereslove Dec/8/2016 12 Eden Barbara
Which last name? FictionPrincess31415 Dec/8/2016 8 Even
Barbara or Linda? CherylTunt Dec/8/2016 11 Barbara
Which with Bruce? Lumiereslove Dec/8/2016 11 Timothy Bruce
Which do you prefer, as a sibset? glaucous Dec/8/2016 10 Vashti Octavia, Genevieve Miriam, Veronica Willow
Pick all you like (Girl names) Mo923 Dec/8/2016 20 Jasmine
Pick all you like (Girl names) Mo923 Dec/8/2016 15 Even
Pick all you like (Boy names) Mo923 Dec/8/2016 16 Clark
Pick all you like (Boy names) Mo923 Dec/8/2016 17 Alec
Which with Ann? Lumiereslove Dec/8/2016 12 Elizabeth Ann
Which is your favorite from these three sibsets? ThatOneAuthorGirl Dec/8/2016 12 Madeleine Lucy Thorne (f)
How's this siblingset: Susan,Travis, Hallie, & Ethan. All siblings were born during the 70's or 80's FictionPrincess31415 Dec/8/2016 11 Meh... its alright. its usable
Callum Pierce vs. Callum Grey (Last Name) HelpfulMcHelperson Dec/8/2016 9 Callum Grey
Cameron for a girl's middle name If father is named Cameron? HaySkyNat Dec/8/2016 13 No