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What do you like best? Malk Jul/31/2014 2 Even
What do you like best? Malk Jul/31/2014 2 Vesper
What do you think of this name and nickname? (Oswald and Oz/Ozzie) bigfamilymommy Jul/30/2014 5 I don't like any of it
Which Version? Clytemnestra1992 Jul/30/2014 5 Vera Suzanne
Which with middle name Danielle? Lumiereslove Jul/30/2014 7 Even
Which of these girls names are usable? Babochka Jul/30/2014 8 Even
which one is more beautifal´╝č MISAKIYAN Jul/30/2014 12 Freya
Which combination for Danielle? Lumiereslove Jul/30/2014 9 Even
Best Boy Names 1 livy126 Jul/30/2014 14 Zachary
Middle name for Theodore Rach512 Jul/30/2014 14 Theodore Joseph
Danielle as a first or middle name? Lumiereslove Jul/30/2014 13 middle name
Deïanira Ottilie Jul/30/2014 16 Nay!
What do you think of the name Jared for a boy? Anna21 Jul/30/2014 23 I like it
Top 4 names - your favorite? Rach512 Jul/30/2014 22 Yuck, they're all bad. :(
(2) Which Anastasia(s)? -Julia- Jul/30/2014 18 Even
Which boy name do you like best? lizwashere72 Jul/30/2014 27 Noah.
Which of these girl/boy twin sets do you like? lizwashere72 Jul/30/2014 23 Stella and James.
Help naming baby #2, I think I got it narrowed down... pamelak Jul/30/2014 26 Valentina
What do you think about Bailey for a boy? Answer both! lizwashere72 Jul/30/2014 21 Horrible!
Which name do you like? Bellissimo Jul/30/2014 17 Vanessa
MN order ingo Jul/30/2014 16 Even
Is Perdita unusable because of 101 Dalmatians? Ottilie Jul/30/2014 17 No, it's definitely usable!
Which name goes best with Milo? the detective Jul/30/2014 15 Ramona
Middle name(s) for Ailsa ("AYL-suh") Bear Jul/30/2014 15 Even
Best GIrl Name Contest 1 livy126 Jul/30/2014 23 Hazel
Middle name(s) for Dido ("DIE-do") Bear Jul/30/2014 15 Callista
Middle name for Maureen Bear Jul/30/2014 18 Isobel / Isabel / Isabelle
pick all the boy's names you like EDillon Jul/30/2014 19 Jack Sawyer Dillon
Middle name(s) for Pippa Bear Jul/30/2014 20 Rosalie
Middle name for Unity Bear Jul/30/2014 14 Even