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Ciana sweetasjam 6/24/2017 5 Don't Like It
Florian sweetasjam 6/24/2017 6 Don't Like It
Lucy & Edmund as siblings? sweetasjam 6/24/2017 6 They're fine.
Emerie Paula Puddephatt 6/24/2017 8 Not a fan
Tristan Paula Puddephatt 6/24/2017 8 Love it
"D" names for boys - any you like Paula Puddephatt 6/24/2017 7 Donovan
"G" names for girls - any you like Paula Puddephatt 6/24/2017 10 Gwendolen
Justine Paula Puddephatt 6/24/2017 8 Not a fan
Brendan, Brandon, Brennan, Brenner sweetasjam 6/24/2017 9 Brendan
Ardelia sweetasjam 6/24/2017 7 Don't Like It
When do you suspect Donald Trump will no longer be the president of the U.S? (Just curious lol) Fictionprincess2020 6/24/2017 4 Even
Which name for a muscular blonde all American jock ? Goldcrown 6/24/2017 12 Dylan
Which ones do you like? Goldcrown 6/24/2017 13 Edmund
Rare English names which do you like? Goldcrown 6/24/2017 13 Kerensa
If you were to have 2 kids of your own, which months would you wish for them to be born the most? Fictionprincess2020 6/24/2017 7 July & October (Summer & Autumn)
Pick all you like Goldcrown 6/24/2017 13 Louisa
WDYT of Solenne? ars musica 6/24/2017 5 Dislike
Sister to Alice? hylo 6/24/2017 16 Clementine
Which for a brother to Evelyn? aussiechic04 6/24/2017 14 Henry
Elettra Leonora Wordsmith 6/24/2017 11 It's okay.
A Brother for Liam & Nolan kelseyjoxo 6/24/2017 16 Flynn Wilder
Rosamel looks like: RosieMac 6/24/2017 19 Even
The parents are named Sergei and Mary; NAME THEIR SON RIGHT NOW. Kinola 6/24/2017 15 Dmitri
How much do you like the name Lavinia booklover15 6/24/2017 20 Like it
The parents are named Joshua and Candelas; NAME THEIR DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW. Kinola 6/24/2017 13 Sonia
The parents are named Quang and Natalie; NAME THEIR SON RIGHT NOW. Kinola 6/24/2017 10 Vincent
Which full name for Maggie? HappilyWeberAfter 6/24/2017 19 Margaret
Lavinia? CherylTunt 6/24/2017 20 Meh
Which name deserves a revival? Goldcrown 6/24/2017 26 Cordelia
Rate the combination Sora Akashita (Akashita is the last name) lilolaf 6/24/2017 11 5 (I like it)