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If your ex-wife is Emily, would you name your daughter (with a new partner) Emma? Emily Amy 3/24/2019 0 Even
How would you pronounce Dara? Luvbug86 3/23/2019 4 Dah-Ruh
Names whose appeal I don't understand. Which do you DISlike? holeyg 3/23/2019 7 Brielle
What fits the surname ong Kat_Oreki 3/23/2019 9 James
What do you think of Roan? (rhymes with Cone; not to be confused with Rowan) Katarina.L 3/23/2019 18 It’s okay
Boy Siblings ceruleanskylark 3/23/2019 16 Seth, Jude, Eli, & Micah
Which girls name? Jc89 3/23/2019 27 Mia Lorelai Carter
Which An-name? Renee Seance 3/23/2019 28 Anna
Margo or Margot Renee Seance 3/23/2019 26 Margot
Molly as a nn to Margaret Renee Seance 3/23/2019 26 Even
Effie as a nn to Elizabeth Renee Seance 3/23/2019 28 No
Siblings ceruleanskylark 3/23/2019 28 Desmond, Atticus, Evander, & Helena
Ianthe (YAN-tee) (Greek mythology) Xena 3/23/2019 26 Even
What do you think of the name Forest (male)? Katarina.L 3/23/2019 26 It’s okay
What Friends names do you prefer? I_Want_Kids 3/23/2019 27 Phoebe
What do you look for in a name? I_Want_Kids 3/23/2019 26 Sound
Charles for my son...no middle name idea yet...probably my future husband's name I_Want_Kids 3/23/2019 28 It is average
Sage Malia as my other daughter I_Want_Kids 3/23/2019 29 Ehhhh....not so much, no offense
Liana Christian as my daughter I_Want_Kids 3/23/2019 27 Ehhhh....not so much, no offense
What do you think of the name Ashton (male)? Katarina.L 3/23/2019 32 Hate it
Which sibsets do you like? (b,g,g) schlink 3/23/2019 33 Stellan, Linnea & Freya
Ezri Realisticmindxxx 3/23/2019 31 Even
How do you perceive Haven? KathosAnnora 3/23/2019 32 Will be perceived as feminine
Colden as a first name (instead of a surname) Katarina.L 3/23/2019 31 Hate it
Girls names A - (10) FINALE ari. 3/23/2019 39 Athena
Best name for a girl? Please vote! ScarlettPharoah 3/23/2019 38 Penelope
B/G twin set PinkTwila 3/23/2019 32 Daphne Cordelia
UK births - boys DaughterofGrace 3/23/2019 38 James Alexander
Recent births (UK - siblings in brackets) DaughterofGrace 3/23/2019 33 Even
Names you prefer Kat_Oreki 3/23/2019 34 Sophia