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Welcome to the interactive polls! This is a place to ask name-related questions and find out which of the possible options is the most popular with other people on this website. You must be logged in to create polls, but anyone may respond to them.

Which do you like better? lizwashere72 Dec/20/2014 6 Greta for a girl.
Greta or Sibyl? BBH Dec/20/2014 10 Greta
Nicholas or Shane? TruthDawnsInFire Dec/20/2014 17 Nicholas
Emmeline or Romilly? BBH Dec/20/2014 16 Emmeline
On my Howrse game, my mare Leotie is expecting a filly sired by Cha'tima. What should I name her? Kinola Dec/20/2014 10 Nituna ("daughter")
Ezekiel or Hector? BBH Dec/20/2014 22 Ezekiel
My PNL Part 27 Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 13 Rebecca
My PNL Part 26 Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 14 Raphael
Jason or Ryan Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 19 Ryan
Names from 2008 French TV Movie: De Feu et de Glace Felie Dec/20/2014 17 Viviane
Is Ulysses too associated with President Grant? essie Dec/19/2014 15 No, it's usable
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/19/2014 42 Estelle
title of my novel about runaways in new York city AutumnInNewYork Dec/19/2014 21 On the Streets of New York
name for my son. AutumnInNewYork Dec/19/2014 26 James Victor Maynard
If you had to choose only between these names for a daughter (No. 4)... BBH Dec/19/2014 37 Violet
Lumi is a... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 17 Pisces
Amaryllis is... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 15 Aries
Oh my, which one? Are they too similar for sisters? Ottilie Dec/19/2014 29 No, Katarina and Wilhelmina are not too similar.
10 letter names Ottilie Dec/19/2014 31 Cassiopeia
Amzi (boy) Joiya Dec/19/2014 20 Dislike.
Baby Boy "Long" maggie5683 Dec/19/2014 32 Jasper
Italian Names Felie Dec/19/2014 27 Alice
Vera & Audrey combinations Christine1999 Dec/19/2014 26 Audrey Vera (i like both)
Best Random Female Name Combos (first, mid, last) Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 25 Aleksandra Lia Mondy
Spellings of Megan or Meghan or Magen or WHATEVER!!! Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 31 Megan (how I spell my name)
Male A Names: Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 33 Alexander
Females A names: Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 30 Audrey
Which Rose combo(s) do you like? whim Dec/19/2014 26 Rose Wilhelmina
Battle of the Names 2: (Pick 1 per symbol) (~ means won last round) Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 29 % Felix ~
Name for a pixie? Felie Dec/19/2014 26 Mistletoe