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Welcome to the interactive polls! This is a place to ask name-related questions and find out which of the possible options is the most popular with other people on this website. You must be logged in to create polls, but anyone may respond to them.

Which name flows the best? HarvenEliaj Jul/25/2014 2 Even
Which is best for a girl? poetgirl Jul/25/2014 4 Helena
Which do you prefer for a boy? poetgirl Jul/25/2014 3 Colin
More Sibyl combinations Wordsmith Jul/25/2014 3 Sibyl Annora / Honora / Honoria
Favorite Name (set of cousins) Patience2010 Jul/25/2014 6 Even
WDYT of sibling for Lydia Patience: Mary Faith (who goes by Mary Faith) Patience2010 Jul/25/2014 5 Change it!
Which of these fn ln combos sounds the best for this character (20 yr old woman from Barbados, athletic, confident, take-charge personality)? Lothlaurien Jul/25/2014 11 Even
Various Sibyl combinations Wordsmith Jul/25/2014 12 Sibyl Genevieve
A sister for Sibyl Wordsmith Jul/25/2014 14 Flora
How would you describe Samuel Apollo Giacott? lilmissodd Jul/25/2014 7 Even
How would you describe Lilah Artemis Giacott? lilmissodd Jul/25/2014 7 Graceful
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jul/25/2014 22 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Jul/25/2014 21 Gabriel Finbarr
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jul/25/2014 20 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Jul/25/2014 23 Isaac Dmitri
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jul/25/2014 21 Rosalie Winter
Favorite male Swahili name? Kinola Jul/25/2014 20 Jelani
Female 'I' names Nala Jul/25/2014 25 Isobel
Male 'H' names Nala Jul/25/2014 23 Hector
Female 'H' names Nala Jul/25/2014 27 Hazel
Female 'G' names Nala Jul/25/2014 24 Guinevere
Hester, Rowena, Corliss, or Madison? BBH Jul/25/2014 27 Hester
Male 'F' names Nala Jul/25/2014 17 Finn
Which Mary combo(s) do you like? hyp.atia Jul/25/2014 19 Mary Iris
(for a fantasy story) So I decided that Broz doesn't work well as Cecily's last name. Help me change it! (Note: all names are of Croatian origin) Kinola Jul/25/2014 16 Horvat
Lucille, Margot, Rosa, or Kaylee? BBH Jul/25/2014 23 Margot
Which name for a boy? (Older brother is Daniel Don) Chrisell Jul/25/2014 20 Theo Hamish
Sister names for Isabella Louise kiwimatt Jul/25/2014 18 Caroline or Carolina
Random Female Combos BBH Jul/25/2014 24 Rosa Vivienne
Which name for a girl? (Older brother Daniel Don; Jean is honouring) Chrisell Jul/25/2014 23 Even