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Ralph Amichai Wordsmith Aug/30/2016 0 Even
Ivo Romulus Wordsmith Aug/30/2016 0 Even
I have a character named Rose who is a young teenager who is tall and pretty, has long hair, also talented in academics, drama, and track. What should Rose be short for? shoshannah Aug/30/2016 2 Even
First Name Options for Middle Name Nicole undecidedNamer Aug/30/2016 2 Even
Which do you prefer - one per symbol Sadie-Janae Aug/30/2016 3 Even
Pick your favourite name for girls, one per number. shoshannah Aug/30/2016 4 Even
Which way should we spell it? (Girl name) J.C.F.M.C.C.O.E.J Aug/30/2016 2 Emily
Choose your favourite! AmyChlad Aug/30/2016 4 Holly
What do you think of the name Vi? shoshannah Aug/30/2016 6 I don't like it.
Pick all you like (names of a friend's characters) male and female shoshannah Aug/30/2016 8 Savannah
Pick all you like. BOYS (brother's favourites) maladies Aug/30/2016 16 Anthony
Pick all you like. GIRLS (brother's favourites) maladies Aug/30/2016 17 Lucia
Would you rather... AmyChlad Aug/30/2016 9 read a story set in Seattle, Washington (story is about a lawyer)
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Aug/29/2016 16 Aurora
Cyrus or Pavel? kchernenkoff Aug/29/2016 9 Cyrus
Which nickname do you like best for Lillian MazzyieRose Aug/29/2016 9 Lily
*Best Masculine "Em" names? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/29/2016 14 Emilio
Final: Names for parents of Carson, surname Christie ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/29/2016 10 Ryan and Caroline Christie
What Arabic name do you like? lilolaf Aug/29/2016 16 Noor
Rate Min-Jun lilolaf Aug/29/2016 9 3
Chihiro or Mariko lilolaf Aug/29/2016 11 Mariko
Nasrin or Amira? highexpectasians Aug/29/2016 16 Amira
MOST FEMININE MellParr Aug/29/2016 28 Viviana
Which name for a Norwegian boy? ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/29/2016 16 Rune Landvik
"Arwyn" is technically masculine, could this spelling be feminine? ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/29/2016 15 Yes
Which One? One Per Symbol! lakin5 Aug/29/2016 25 Even
*Best feminine "Em" names? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/29/2016 24 Even
Which Cassandra combo? brimariiee Aug/29/2016 15 Cassandra Faye
Would you rather have a total of 3 kids or 4? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/29/2016 16 4
Which Brylee combo? brimariiee Aug/29/2016 10 Brylee Kate