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Which combo for a girl? Cristi-es Jul/27/2015 7 Emilia Rose
Jonah LV51sfan91 Jul/27/2015 5 Jonah Timothy Langer (dove, honoring God)
Joel LV51sfan91 Jul/27/2015 4 Joel Timothy Langer (the Lord is God, honoring God)
Aaron LV51sfan91 Jul/27/2015 4 Aaron Timothy Langer (mountain, honoring God)
Owen LV51sfan91 Jul/27/2015 4 Owen Martin Langer (well born, god of mars) After Grampy
Names from Aoharu x Machine Gun ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/27/2015 2 Masamune (m)
Simon LV51sfan91 Jul/27/2015 4 Simon Alexander Langer (listening, defender of man)
Which sounds sadder? Philidel Jul/27/2015 10 Héloïse
Baby #5 willowprincess Jul/27/2015 11 Inigo Lysander
Random Girl Names AshleyJuliette Jul/27/2015 12 Seren
Various Myrrine combinations Wordsmith Jul/27/2015 12 Myrrine Lydia
Judah Engilram or Enéas Judah? Francesca Jul/27/2015 9 Enéas Judah
George Ennis or Ennius George? Francesca Jul/27/2015 8 George Ennis
Enna, Vesna, and... Francesca Jul/27/2015 12 Hugo
Enna Vesela or Enna Vernice? Francesca Jul/27/2015 10 Enna Vesela
Enna Francesca Jul/27/2015 13 Neutral / Undecided
Carlina or Layla? Last name Carson... Frenchfrygirl Jul/27/2015 19 Layla Noelle
Annabeth or Elizabelle? Silverstarswept Jul/27/2015 16 Annabeth
which middle name for Theodore ElleMichelle Jul/27/2015 21 Theodore Rhys
Which middle name for Linus ElleMichelle Jul/27/2015 16 Linus Henry
Which long name for girls? naomism Jul/27/2015 30 Alexandra
Which name do you like best? ottergirl122 Jul/27/2015 26 Chloe Jane
Favorite Boys Name booksandtea Jul/27/2015 27 Elias
Best Sister to Rose booksandtea Jul/27/2015 30 Alice
Favorite Rose combo booksandtea Jul/27/2015 24 Even
Mara trayc53 Jul/27/2015 26 Mara on its own
current favourites (boys #1) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 23 Ronan
current favourites (boys #2) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 25 Lachlan
current favourites (girls #1) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 25 Maeve
current favourites (girls #2) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 26 Even