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which baby girl name do you like? Nimmoiselle May/26/2015 3 Ophelia
Do you like the name Toviel for a girl? Nimmoiselle May/26/2015 4 no
Favourite Season Name for girls lusia May/26/2015 3 Even
Do you like the name Meridan for a girl? quigav18 May/25/2015 13 No
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/25/2015 11 Alyssa Odette Joanna
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/25/2015 12 Even
Pick a Rowan combo K.G Valentina May/25/2015 10 Even
Which name? LV51sfan91 May/25/2015 16 Everly (Ev, Evie Eh-vee, Ever)
Favorite full name for Callie Likeyeahwhatev May/25/2015 14 Calista
Which spelling? Pronounced as yor-eck FictionPrincess31415 May/25/2015 12 Yorick
Ghost(s) that reside in the car Mauve Tirpse drives. What should the ghost(s) be? (for a story) Part 4 gabbymac94 May/25/2015 15 Family of 4 (mother, father, 2 children)
Which unisex name do you like best? Lumiereslove May/25/2015 18 Alex (could be short for either Alexander, Alexandra or Alexandria)
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland May/25/2015 19 Marley
Which middle name is best? BayL May/25/2015 24 Clara Summer
Which Zodiac sign could work as a name? Mirrorland May/25/2015 16 Leo
Which of these do you like most? Mirrorland May/25/2015 18 Even
S & T favoriTeS (boys & girls) AshleyJuliette May/25/2015 19 Even
Ramon or Ramona? Mirrorland May/25/2015 18 Ramona
Name TWO sisters to Beatrice, Winifred, and Matilda? (pick just two please) lepetitviolet May/25/2015 38 Eleanor
Which ____ Ruby combo? lepetitviolet May/25/2015 24 Eloise Ruby
What do you think of the male name Demetrius? Socrates May/25/2015 22 Good
Name for an insecure, dark-haired female warrior? Mirrorland May/25/2015 17 Indra
names for a baby boy celtic77 May/25/2015 26 Jack Alistair
names for a baby girl celtic77 May/25/2015 27 Lucy Katherine
Which girl name do you like the best? (First and Middle Name) 5 ottergirl122 May/25/2015 23 Gretchen Olivia
Which girl name do you like the best? (First and Middle Name) 5 ottergirl122 May/25/2015 16 Even
Which middle name for Jean ( boy name ): Lalage May/25/2015 19 Jean Marcel
A sister for Leah? schlink May/25/2015 33 Ivy
Jude on a girl? New_Chloe May/25/2015 31 No!
Which? BBH May/25/2015 32 Alice Virginia