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What comes to mind first with the name Homer? robinsegg Jul/5/2015 0 Even
Thoughts on Naming a Car? igoesrawrOMG Jul/5/2015 0 Even
Margarida Blythe Wordsmith Jul/5/2015 0 Even
Berenice Lydia Wordsmith Jul/5/2015 0 Even
Polish feminine names with name days in July. Which do you like. mairinn Jul/5/2015 6 Even
Sister for Sapphire chloesaffie Jul/5/2015 3 Even
Mirabelle Fay ? schandrou Jul/5/2015 2 Even
Iris Aurelia DeForest ? schandrou Jul/5/2015 2 Even
Less-common names from family graduation books: which ones do you like? (f) XII grimscribe Jul/5/2015 11 Norah
Less-common names from family graduation books: which ones do you like? (f) XI grimscribe Jul/5/2015 10 Noëllie
Best real given name for a middle-/upper-class young Brit slumming amongst working class men in 1830. darkmoonman Jul/5/2015 7 Even
Which full name(s) suit an enthusiastic, intelligent, warm-hearted, motherly scientist who is at the centre of a terrible mystery and may have become a monster? (I didn't feel Lenore or Enid fits her) grimscribe Jul/5/2015 9 Perdita Wendan
Which of these names do you like? Gelsomina Jul/5/2015 14 Eleanor
Which of these similar-sounding names do you prefer? Gelsomina Jul/5/2015 11 Genevieve
Keturah or Keziah? Arkham Bear Jul/5/2015 13 Keziah
James Jefferson, John Stephen, or Sven Alexander? Arkham Bear Jul/5/2015 11 Even
Felicity or Helena Sadie-Janae Jul/5/2015 20 Helena
Caspian or Lysander Sadie-Janae Jul/5/2015 13 Caspian
Griffin or Jensen Lalage Jul/5/2015 18 Griffin
Baby girl names DiLePa1822 Jul/5/2015 23 Ava
Catherine, Lucy, Beatrice, Henry, George, and ….. kahurema Jul/5/2015 21 Theodore
Divorced business man in his late 20s Stephan Di Laurentios has an 11 year old Eruchalu2015 Jul/5/2015 16 Daughter - Lydia
Mercy or Agnes? BBH Jul/5/2015 23 Mercy
Ezekiel or Leon? BBH Jul/5/2015 23 Leon
Cynthia or Brigitte? BBH Jul/5/2015 20 Brigitte
Joshua or Casper? BBH Jul/5/2015 22 Casper
Minna or Olive? BBH Jul/5/2015 21 Minna
Clemence Combos Part 7 SofiaSweden Jul/5/2015 15 Even
Pt 2 . Which name fits the youngest level headed yet disconnected son of a rich infamous family? Eruchalu2015 Jul/5/2015 19 River
Which name best suits the youngest, level headed & snooty son in an infamous rich family? Eruchalu2015 Jul/5/2015 25 Darius