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Which nickname? Username24 Sep/30/2016 3 Nellie
Sib-set struggles. Which one do you like the most? maladies Sep/30/2016 6 Antonia & Lydia
My immortal character should be from the... (Story in present day) ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/30/2016 7 1600s
Which One? lakin5 Sep/30/2016 11 Emerald Iris East
Which One? lakin5 Sep/30/2016 9 Emerald Opal East
Is the spelling "Katharyn" usable in the real world? erb816 Sep/30/2016 18 No
Which boys names have you never heard on a real or fictional person? tidalwaveengineer Sep/30/2016 17 Bukkiah
Nicanor or Nicholas erb816 Sep/30/2016 11 Nicholas
Ayako, Ayaka, Ayano, Ayame, Ayane or Ayana cutenose Sep/30/2016 11 Ayane
Which Japanese Name Submitted By lilolaf Do You Like? cutenose Sep/30/2016 11 Even
Nelia Constance BBH Sep/30/2016 10 Like.
Who will be the twin brother of Takuma? cutenose Sep/30/2016 9 Even
Sibling of Susumu lilolaf Sep/30/2016 9 Kohaku
The parents names are Makoto and Haruna, what will there daughter's name be? cutenose Sep/30/2016 10 Minato
Rate Ichigo lilolaf Sep/30/2016 9 3
Taichi or Ayato? cutenose Sep/30/2016 7 Ayato
Meredith, Louella or Melantha lilolaf Sep/30/2016 12 Meredith
Choose all you like. AmyChlad Sep/30/2016 13 Even
Which Nala combo? brimariiee Sep/30/2016 10 Even
Which middle name for William Newton? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/30/2016 8 William Page
Which Monroe combo? brimariiee Sep/30/2016 8 Monroe Cassidy
Choose. BBH Sep/30/2016 14 Sibyl Guinevere
Choose. BBH Sep/30/2016 15 Winifred Rose
Boy names LV51sfan91 Sep/30/2016 16 Even
Yes, Which would you prefer most Salazar Sep/30/2016 15 Sebastian Lucas
Which nickname for Elizabeth? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/30/2016 15 Beth
Which combo/nickname? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/30/2016 14 Esther Miriam (Essie)
'U', 'V', 'W', 'X' & 'Z' boys names tidalwaveengineer Sep/30/2016 17 Even
'T' boys names tidalwaveengineer Sep/30/2016 15 Thaddeus
'S' boys names tidalwaveengineer Sep/30/2016 15 Silas