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Subject: Re: Character Questionnaire
Author: Shamaim   (Authenticated as Shamaim)
Date: January 24, 2012 at 6:37:52 AM
Reply to: Character Questionnaire by Norah
Frédéric is a secondary yet important character from a story I'm still working in. Mireille is the main character. English is not my first language (I took this as an English training), so I apologize in advance for any mistake.

Name and age?

Frédéric Deschamps - or at least it's the name he goes by in the present (his real name may be perhaps Daniel or Danis). He looks in his late 30s; actual ages is about 800 years.

Nickname – given by whom, and how?

Fairies often call him "Black Bard" (Barde Noir, Barde Negre, Barzh Du, Bardo Beltza, etc.) for his poetry, music and storytelling abilities. His youngest vampire child Mireille calls him simply "Papa".

What is most noticeable about your character’s appearance/physical presence? How does he or she feel about it?

Frédéric is a handsome yet rather small man (about 5'6" feet and less than 120 pounds) who seems unimportant until a closer look; then the eyes can't keep out of his irresistibly charming figure. His skin is darker than the other vampires' and almost look human; he has bright black eyes which look like two endless pits and seems to know your deepest thoughs. His hands are surprisingly strong and masculine. He has a number of scars on the arms, chest, neck etc. he always hide under his clothes when in public.

Describe his or her voice, verbal ticks, pet phrases etc.

His voice is deep, husky and usually low, though when he's enraged it can be really loud and powerful. His main language is French, which he speaks without any recognizable accent - not even Parisian. He's also able to speak a large number of languages at perfection, all with a slight French accent adding some charm. His favorite phrase is: "There's no woman so ugly or vile that doesn't deserve to be courted".

Describe a gesture your character makes.

His gestures are elegant and precise, and they look all natural, not robotic. He smokes with his hand open over the face, holding the cigarette between the large part of his fingers. When upset, he rubs both hands on the hair.

Where does he or she now live? Describe the city, town or village, the house itself. Be very specific. It doesn’t have to be in Canada. Any feelings about this place?

He lives in Paris, France, since anyone can remember, even other vampires. Hey, that's Paris! It means all: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sorbonne, night life, art, fashion, philosophy, glamour and seduction. He lives in a large penthouse in an art-nouveau building on the Left Bank, magnificently decorated with a lot of antiques and art objects.

Has s/he lived elsewhere? What does s/he remember of these places?

Most of people believe Frédéric is born in Paris, but this may or may not be true. His first "daughter" Alice or Aelis (the first vampire he created) is either from Navarre or Aquitaine (she talks with affection about the Pyrenees, and her mother language is surely Occitan), the youngest, Mireille, was born in Toulouse, and it's possible he also lived or actually came from Southern France. He doesn't appear to have any memory of it, and Alice won't talk about.

What part of her home is her favourite? Least favourite? Why. Describe, using specific details.

He loves the library, where he spend most of time when he's home. It's a large, impressive library with lots of ancient and rare books in stunning bindings, a large desk where he usually writes his art works and a few comfortable armchairs and loveseats. On the walls, there are a medieval tapestry and two or three original paintings from great masters. A second favorite is the living room, also a music room filled with several instruments and artwork. The least favorite, of course, is the kitchen - a vampire doesn't have use for one.

What does your character’s bedroom/sleeping place look like? (lots of detail please)

It's a wonderfully decorated bedroom, dominated by an antique canopy bed with green velvet curtains. There's a bathroom with a marble tub, a Camille Claudel sculpture, two baroque paintings, wonderful Aubusson rugs, but no windows - they're sealed from inside and covered.

What does he or she wear to sleep in?

Usually nothing...

What does your character dream of at night?

He doesn't - vampires usually don't dream.

Who are/were her parents? Rest of family? What does she feel for them?

Frédéric have almost no memory of his mortal life. He remembers (or believes, or dreams, or fantasize) he had a warm mother and a cheerful father, but for some reason they died or abandoned him when he was only a child. He also has little contact with the (female) vampire who created him vampire since they split apart (she was his lover at the time he was turned).

Class, ethnic group, religious background?

For centuries, Frédéric has been acting as an aristocrat, a grand lord, a wealthy and classy man with the most sophisticated manners. Actually, the few memories he has from his mortal life are of poverty and deprivation, mitigated mostly by his artistic talents and clever lies. For his tanned skin, some vampires (mostly his enemies) claims he has gypsy or moorish blood. More likely it's just his Mediterranean heritage. He was raised catholic, but as a vampire, and a libertine, he turned agnostic. But sometimes he prays to Our Lady for guidance. Mireille, a christian herself, sometimes try to turn him back to religion.

Who does s/he love, or has s/he loved? Or what. Detail.

Paris. France. Women, specially if beautiful, witty or talented. His vampire "daughters" Alice, Henriette and Mireille (who was all his lovers at some point). Poetry and music. His fairy friends and lovers. Fairy affairs, when he's allowed into them. Justice and fairness - as long as a vampire can be just and fair.

Who loves him or her?

His vampire "daughters", many vampires he treated fairly when no one else did, and specially a lot of women - much more he could handle if he couldn't vanish as a vampire can.

Married/ in relationship/single? Give names and specifics.

His youngest, Mireille, is his current lover. But he sent her to abroad for the recent events involving the vampires.

How does your character feel about sex/intimacy? What sexual relationship(s) is he or she involved in?

It's the only mortal thing that remains intact in him, not faked nor reconstructed - he'd probably lose his mind otherwise. Also, it's a great way to feed without notice. He loves women, and they love him. He can seduce two or three mortal women in one night (and feed from them), come back to his lover, and claim he loves them all! Mireille is his lover in the present. Also, he was once madly in love with Alice, and they never stopped to see each other now and then. The affair with Henriette ended a century or so in the past.

Exactly what does your character do to make a living (or in the case of a child, what do his/ her parents do; or in the case of independent wealth, how does he or she pass the time?)? How much does s/he earn? Feelings about work? What is the best part of the job, the worst?

He's a vampire - he doesn't need much for living, so he spends almost all he get in luxury. Occasionaly his writings and songs are published under pseudonym and even become popular - it's the basis of his present fortune. This fortune is administrated in several ways along the centuries with some mortal help. He's a hard worker when it's needed (seldom), and he's accepted as a leader for other French vampires: he mediates disputes, acts as a judge and recently become a spokesman from vampires from around the world who want to be accepted on the mortal society. Most of his time is spent in fun and art, in seduction and dissipation and all sort of eccentricity. But he also needs quiet moments and can disappear from good society for days, hanging out with the hideous outcasts from Paris when he's down.

Who or what does/he fear?

Not much, actually - to lose what is left from his humanity, to be unable to keep his children and people he protects safe, things like this. He doesn't fear death - I mean real death, as he's already dead.

What about his or her life would he or she change if s/he could?

He loves (un)living as a vampire just the way he does! Power, immortality, eternal youth, endless time to do what he pleases, or simply to learn and perfect himself, no worry about disease or subsistence... It's what he says, but he misses the sun, the heat, the sea, the freedom to wander for other places any time he wants, and an uncertain feeling of something missing he has when he's in fairy places and feasts. Sometimes he secretly desires to be a fairy himself.

Does the character have a hobby? Secret passion? (Can be something ordinary like soccer playing or yoga classes or mountain biking or sewing or fixing up old trucks - or an unusual interest like some Greek poet from the third century, or collecting spiders, or walking the tightrope…

Frédéric is passionated by the French language and, in general, for language studies - he collects languages as they were stamps, and can speak and read over 60 of them. His main activity is to write, specially poetry. He's also a gifted musician, able to play from piano to electric guitar, including flute, violin, accordion and almost any occidental string instruments. Besides it, he's a good singer and likes drawing, dance, fencing, ride, storytelling.

What would be his or her favourite smell ( why)?

Blood, of course... He's a vampire.

What kind of shoes does he or she wear, (e.g. furry slippers or gumboot or trainers… new or old, style, what colour, fitting properly or too tight or too loose, nice and clean or old and smelly)? Describe exactly.

Handmade, custom-made, usually black, shiny leather shoes. Always. Even under a storm or with sport or old clothes.

Favourite meal? Attitude to food?

I could say blood - but, while Frédéric, as a vampire, can't really eat (I mean, digest food), he developed a way to fake it and even taste the meal a little. He likes seafood the most, along with sweets - except chocolate, which he think it's bitter.

Favourite clothes?

Custom-made suits of expensive fabrics, made by the most famous fashion designers, or comfortable sweaters in vivid colours with jeans and a colourful scarf. When he's down and running from society, he wears only worn black clothes.

What is the worst thing that could happen to him or her right now?

Lose one of his prized "daughters". He may lose interest in unlife if anything happens with one of them.

What vehicles does your character use/own? (for example: bike, skateboard, truck, yacht, stroller, canoe, spaceship, battered pickup, etc.. please be as exact as possible). What are his/her feelings towards it/them. What kind of journeys does he or she make?

He loves to drive. He drives a silver convertible Peugeot RCZ and enjoys to drive all night to another French city or even to Belgium, only to return in the same or next night. He also like to ride a bike in Paris. When he needs to go far away, he doesn't have a problem to take an airplane, differently of many other old vampires.

What is his or her most treasured possession?

A bunch of medieval manuscripts, many of them unreleased and unknown.

What illnesses has he or she suffered, if any?

Uh... vampirism?

What’s his/her philosophy of life? For example’ You’ve got to look after Number 1’ or ‘Never say die’ or ‘Don’t ask for reasons.” What are his or her most strongly held beliefs?

Frédéric follows a strict code of honour, mostly based on chivalry code: protect the weak (by not harming mortals if he can avoid - he seldom kills his victims and don't let any other vampire to do so), keep who and what he swears to protect over his own unlife, be just and fair, always keep his word (unless he's convinced he made a mistake), be loyal to his country. He's also a libertine, in the broad sense - supporting and advocating freedom of body, mind and spirit. This means specially to teach women to free their desires (body) by engaging in sex activities with no boundaries while developing their intellectual skills (mind) by studying, reading, writing and debating ideas. All of this doesn't mean he's less violent and merciless than his peers, specially when angry.

What does he or she feel guilty about?

He doesn't like to kill and doesn't have any pleasure hurting other people (he doesn't see feeding carefully as hurting), and he often feels guilty when he needs to - specially when he's not fully convinced there's no other way.

Biggest mistake ever made?

Once he created vampire a man. This child disgusted him so much that Frédéric decided to destroy him - although there's rumours that he never give him real death, but expelled him under a death sentence instead. He was so sorry about this that he swore never create vampire another man again.

Best thing he/she ever did?

He's very proud he had battled on defense of France each time his country was menaced, since the Hundred Years War or even before (he can't remember precisely). In WWII, he left his luxurious life, went underground with the French Resistance and a group of rogue vampires, and fought nazis really hard, helping to save hundreds of people and artworks. He claims it's the best thing he ever made.

What, right now, does your character want most of all? His or her deepest desire – a glass of water, to get out of her marriage, a new pair of shoes, peace and quiet…

He recently become vampires' spokesman and he's battling to have them accepted into mortal society for the first time in several centuries. This is what he wants the most - because it'd give him peace to (un)live quietly, no need to hide or lie anymore.

Sorry for my poor English.

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