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Subject: Drug Empires
Author: Pyrrhus Emery Coal   (Authenticated as Pyrrhus Emery Coal)
Date: February 22, 2012 at 7:36:22 PM
this might be a controversial for ALOT of people, but it something I have been thinking of for the past couple of days...

I think the five major drugs are Weed, Acid, Heroine, Cocaine, and Meth. Normally I would refuse to include subjects like drugs and alcohol because I never touched them, but now that I am learning more about these substances I have created a pot smoker and named him Zen Rock.

(okay, that was the introduction into the subject) Since my story kind of revolves around Elemental Empires, why can't I do this with something else? I have come up with two of the rulers names: the Hemperor (Hemp + Emperor) and the Acidatator (Acid + Dictator) Can anyone suggest a name for the other three Empires?

oh, obviously they don't to follow the Empire hierarchy, you can use anything :)

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