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Subject: A Book I May Or May Not Write
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: April 2, 2012 at 2:14:48 PM
I was re-inspired by that huge lottery over the weekend to write a story about a family winning the lottery and how it affects their lives and such (gosh, that makes winning the lottery sound boring...)

So, here's the idea.

The Downings find that the lottery has gotten very high, and, like everyone else in the world, buy a ticket.
Then, they win over 500 million dollars (w/o taking money away for taxes, yet), and they don't have to split it.
The parents keep the ticket safe, not telling anyone, and hire an advisor to help them.

The Family:

Asher Downing is the father. He works in the office of Krueger Office Supplies, where he has some good friends (I haven't thought of them yet). His hair is messy auborn with soft brown eyes.

Miranda Downing is the mother. She works at some clothes store like Banana Republic (or maybe Banana Republic itself, not sure yet), she doesn't like it there. She has brown hair with slight gold highlights (natural) and bright blue eyes.

Avery Downing is their eighth grade daughter. She is the quiet, shy, bookish type known as a nerd and constantly teased (sometimes to her face in the way popular girls do as if she couldn't tell they're teasing her, but she does.). She has brown hair, her father's eyes, and glasses.

Wyatt Downing is in fourth grade. He's the elementary school's official weirdo. Though he has a good group of friends, there are a lot of kids that shun him and a group he gets in fights with. He's super ADHD, dyslexic and called a 'sped' a lot for being in special ed.

I'm going to show how Asher and Miranda's friends react, their various relatives, and some of the letters they get begging for money from strangers, etc. They both immediately quit their jobs.
For Avery, I want to show how suddenly everyone thinks she's the coolest and then how eventually the girls get even more cruel. She fully recognizes what's going on.
For Wyatt, most of the shunners suddenly want to be his best friend, one of his friends gets greedy, and the bullies get worse. He thinks those kids really want to be his friends with nothing to do with the money.

Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions?
I'm still working on an ending and minor characters.

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