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Subject: Plots and Titles
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: May 7, 2012 at 4:36:31 PM
I've decided to rework the Alec Carson "Rooms" plot.
Anyone who doesn't know, my main characters, Alec and Katica (name in progress), are assigned to work as an architect and artist (robots and computers do most else) and they uncover secret rooms people are sent to to cut down on population.
However, I've been learning about facial recognition and had the idea that the government can take your picture and find out EVERYTHING about you (facial recognition and stuff is scary...); name, age, height, weight, even your sexuality, what color your toothbrush is, and your style of clothes and use this and access cards (another tab) and your phone to find you at all time.
So I'm thinking of reworking that as the plot; them figuring it out and trying to escape it.
I'd like opinions on the plot and title suggestions.


My other one is the Nikolai Pasternack story. It sounds very cheesy, I am having trouble wording it a different way. It will be more subtle in the actually story.
Almost his whole Russian town of Navloshnisk was shot and killed, and he hasn't seen them in five years. He returns and there's an emotional journey of him socializing again, his friendship (Bogdan and Raisa), and Marina. After the incident and death of her boyfriend, Andrei, she started to go crazy.
The title I've really been liking is Broken Glass Piano because it serves as a metaphor for their situations.

'Broken Glass' Piano - this is the metaphor for Marina. She is trying to piece back the fragile pieces of her old life (a glass piano, broken with the shooting), but using broken glass is only hurting her.
Broken 'Glass Piano' - this one is Nikolai's. Kind of him playing a thin glass piano, but breaking it with every note. Bogdan will point out that he doesn't do anything interesting or worthwhile (which will anger Nikolai).

The story alternates between Nikolai's narrative of the real story of him going back and Marina recounting everything up to present day (her childhood and Andrei)

I was very proud of my double-meaning metaphor, and it's like one of those things people analyse in an English class. But I don't know if I'm going too deep or if it's a good metaphor (my metaphors suck) or if it's a good title. I'd also like plot opinions.


EDIT: His name was Andrei, not Dmitri. Too many Russian names.

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