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Subject: Re: Plots and Titles
Author: Mercy Joy   (guest,
Date: May 8, 2012 at 5:16:56 PM
Reply to: Plots and Titles by Rachael
I've decided to rework the Alec Carson "Rooms" plot.
Anyone who doesn't know, my main characters, Alec and Katica (name in progress), are assigned to work as an architect and artist (robots and computers do most else) and they uncover secret rooms people are sent to to cut down on population.
However, I've been learning about facial recognition and had the idea that the government can take your picture and find out EVERYTHING about you (facial recognition and stuff is scary...); name, age, height, weight, even your sexuality, what color your toothbrush is, and your style of clothes and use this and access cards (another tab) and your phone to find you at all time.
So I'm thinking of reworking that as the plot; them figuring it out and trying to escape it.
I'd like opinions on the plot and title suggestions.

-hmm Interesting dystopian story. Maybe you could call it Forbearance (Self control or patient restraint ) or Force Majeure, or Forcast (if they knew about the rooms ), Sorry not sure if the titles I suggested fit the story...Questions. Wouldn't Architecture be done by machines?,Maybe not the designing but maybe the robots could do that too..sorry- So they are assigned a job, how do they pick jobs for people, and how does one get a job in a world where they are eliminating people in secret rooms? Do they save the people from being killed? Or do they turn a blind eye to it,
To escape the secret rooms, Hmm Wouldn't the architect know about he secret rooms since he designed them?, So why did he designed it if he didn't agree with it in the first place? Since he has knowledge he could save his friends to escape the rooms by putting a secret passage ways or know someone who can get him out of there?
If the government knows where he is at all times, is it possible to escape? It's hard to escape something so big....If they become outlaws, They'd probably be sent to the rooms if caught, but I like your story, it has potential.that's my input, and hope i gave you something to think about. But i could be way off with my questions too.

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