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Subject: Re: Plots and Titles
Author: Mercy Joy   (Authenticated as Mercy Joy)
Date: May 9, 2012 at 12:16:51 PM
Reply to: Re: Plots and Titles by Rachael
I see, Swimming to canada could be the way out.other ideas - Underground tunnels, becoming part of the government worker team, Aliens come down and help them, maybe people are so scarce, they rethink the program and start breeding humans
Or they find it hard to keep track of them because The robots mainframe blew a fuse and the government workers are the only ones left and they get captured by Katica and Alec, The public find out, people feel shame and tearful yet happy that the former dystopian government is gone. Or the head of gov workers gets poisoned and a desenting group takes over, who knows

what can the public do, since most are going to the rooms?
I don't really know...
to be honest, I haven't seen Hunger games or read it. So I have nothing against the rooms...what exactly happens in the rooms, is it like the german showers in ww2? or do they fight?

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