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Subject: Multiple Languages - How to? (And this site really needs backspace protection!)
Author: Lopus H. Etterie   (Authenticated as Illunaxettia)
Date: June 4, 2012 at 6:42:49 AM
First of all, I had all sorts of information out here, and my computer decided it wanted to click outside the box nanoseconds before I hit the backspace button.

And then it decided to click a link before I could hit the forward button and save all my hard work.

This site needs something called "backspace protection", where it opens a little command menu that asks if you would like to confirm leaving the current page if there is anything written under the "Message" section when posting.

Anyways, onto the full subject.
My novel is to a point in which I have three options.

Option 1:
Write in Russian-english. (ie.: It's all written in english, but it's how words sound in Russian. Kind of like ye-olde writing, where people took what the person said and wrote that down by means of how it sounded, rather than using an actual language.)

Option 2:
Write it in English and Russian, where it switches between intervals of how they're speaking. Namely, this will be used when addressing eachother as "Father"/"Papa" and "Son"/"Child".

Option 3:
Write it in English, but outwardly imply they're speaking Russian.

Problem with option three is that I don't exactly know how to do that without ultimately screwing it up.

And here's where I describe a bit of the conversation.

Basically, it's the main character's father "asking"(More like yelling at) him why he's yet to be married and have children, as well as why he has also yet to really make advances into it at all. The main character parts into the conversation by explaining the fact he doesn't want to be married at the age of nineteen. Then there's the matter of the main character's sexuality, and the fact his family doesn't know of it.

So, if you can, help would be greatly appreciated.

Novice writer, just trying to make a living.

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