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Subject: Re: "What would you do if..." Character Survey
Author: theresa232   (guest,
Date: June 4, 2012 at 8:06:14 AM
Reply to: "What would you do if..." Character Survey by Rachael
4.give it to them.
5.scream loud. fair to others.
7.think about it first.
8.ask her if she was joking.
9.scream outloud saying: I'm not ready!!!
10.turn it in to the homeless shelter. 911. them.
13.scream: no whats wrong with you.
14.tell her i have to think about it.
15.take a picture and turn it into the police.
16.say: no i cant.
17.act suprised.
18.look at my self to see if i look old.
19.ask alot of questions.

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