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Subject: Better late than never, eh?
Author: La Reina   (Authenticated as La Reina)
Date: July 4, 2012 at 10:02:02 AM
Reply to: Anyone up for another game? by December Kat
Song is Heads will Roll, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's a bit over the limit (277 words), but it's close to midnight and I'm not cropping it off now.

Kire looked up at the night sky. The full moon barely peered from behind a cloud. Rain was falling and drenching him through his clothes. In the city, people were busy - some gathered around their hearth for supper, others negotiating prices with freshly-arrived ships, and others still (he thought with a smile) prancing across rooftops and climbing the bell tower. But here, up in the hill, he was alone. Raindrops dripped from a tree and onto the top of his head. Kire sighed and shook his head, sending the water off him. He was glad that he was alone.

A taut feeling nagged on his legs, and Kire slid down to a crouch against the tree. Already he could feel that excruciating cramp gnawing through his muscles. That was how it always started. You feel twisted every way, like your limbs are trying to tear themselves off your joints, then it intensifies until you almost bite your own tongue off. Then, a short grace period. You feel numb. A momentary breather before the final, nerve-wracking wave of sheer agony.

Kire's face pulled into an involuntary grimace as the spasms shook his body. He spared a glance at the moon, then kept his eyes fixed on the faraway streets of the city. The wet streets look almost silvery in the moonlight. He would have called it beautiful, but he had neither the voice nor the energy to speak coherently. Instead, a ragged howl tore from his throat as his body convulsed again. The rain beat against his face and mingled with the tears of pain. Kire opened his eyes and blinked furiously.

Tonight, the wolf will roam.

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