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Subject: Resistance (Muse)
Author: Fray   (Authenticated as Fray)
Date: July 7, 2012 at 10:42:37 PM
Reply to: Anyone up for another game? by December Kat
This sounds fun! This is inspired by a story I'm currently writing, about a woman running away from a rebellion with this child she must protect.


We run.

He can't run very fast on his chubby toddler legs, so I carry him. We can make it to the rebel headquarters in two weeks if I go fast. The gunfire behind me grows distant with every step, and I can't help thinking if my husband is dead.

Jameson and I promised her we would take care of her son. After all she went through with the government, she had her child in secret so they couldn't take him. I hope the rebels picked her up due to her fame, which is why I must bring her child to her safely. After hours of jogging, I slow down once I can't hear the explosions.

"Where are we going Momma?"

"Somewhere safe, so you can be with your real Mommy when the fight is over." Stopping for the night in a bush, I curl myself around his small form. I hope the soldiers aren't close. If they are, I hope they won't find us. We would both be killed before I can say who the child's mother is.

"Where's my real Mommy?"

"In a safe place where you soon will be."

"Okay. Night Momma."

"Good night Red, sweet dreams."


Exactly 200 words right there. This is a great way to get back to the writing board :)

"We are a little more than friends, but a little less than lovers."

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