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Subject: The Build-a-Story Game, Resurrected: ROUND ONE!
Author: Viola Eponine   (Authenticated as Saffine Grace)
Date: August 5, 2012 at 4:43:03 PM
Because the Writing Room's been utterly dead for quite a while, I thought another game wouldn't go a miss.

For those who are new to this, "Build-a-Story" is a sort of improvisation game for writers. In round one, you begin an entirely new story (it can contain characters you've used before, if you like, but the plot must be entirely new), and each round, you write a little more of it. For now, I'm going to say that there'll be six rounds, but that may be subject to change if people would prefer their stories to have more/less chapters.

So. Round One - setting the scene. For this round, there isn't a prompt, exactly. Just answer these questions; these will set the 'guidelines' for what sort of story you're writing (and no scrolling down and cheating!)

1) What's your favourite musical instrument?
a) Guitar
b) Piano
c) Flute
d) Violin

2) What's your favourite time of day?
a) Morning
b) Afternoon
c) Evening
d) Night

3) What dessert would you rather eat?
a) Ice-cream
b) Cake
c) Sweets/candy
d) Fruit

4) Pick an animal:
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Rat
d) Rabbit


1) Your story is set in/on...
a) the present
b) the future
c) the past
d) another world/planet

2) Your story must feature...
a) a romance
b) a betrayal
c) a character's death
d) a fight

3) You must include a recurring metaphor/motif of...
a) glass and/or mirrors
b) fire and/or smoke
c) water and/or ice
d) clockwork and/or machinery

4) You must in each round make reference to...
a) a quote from a book
b) a line from a film
c) a lyric from a song
d) you must alternate between the above

Happy writing!


SOPHIE: BtN's resident whimsical insomniac fairytale-junkie!


“Hope is the thing with feathers"
-----Emily Dickinson


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