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Subject: Reflections
Author: ClearEyedAthene   (Authenticated as ClearEyedAthene)
Date: August 8, 2012 at 5:04:41 PM
Reply to: The Build-a-Story Game, Resurrected: ROUND ONE! by Viola Eponine
b- is set in the future
c- features a character's death
a- features a metaphor of glass and/or mirrors
b- make reference to a line from a film

"Miss..." the nurse's voice echoed through the long, white hallway. "Miss, you must return to your room."

I turned around slowly. "I'm not crazy. I saw it all."

"Of course you did, honey. Now, please, go back to your room," she was bored. I knew the type. Just looking to make some money to pay for their kids' every whim.

"No! I won't!" I shouted, then I remembered that shouting got you in trouble. "I won't."

The nurse just held out her hand, like I was an invalid. I shook my head. "I won't. I saw it. It's like looking in a mirror. Like looking in a mirror..." I collapsed on the ground, and covered my ears. "I don't wanna think about it!"

The nurse knelt down beside me. "Would it help if you talked about it?".

I knew she just wanted to help. I hate those loving-types. It's so like... never mind. Best not to think about Jareth. Jareth...

"It all started..." I choked out, "In 2020. Back when... when fights and stuff were common. Jareth and I were exploring..."

"A tunnel of trees!" he shouted, running towards a pine grove.

"A tunnel of trees?" I echoed, amused by his childish enthusiasm. Childish enthusiasm is what he'd call it. He was always a geek.

He was so earnest... he brought me out there to pray. After his dad was in a fight, He wanted to pray, of all things!

"You know, the Brahmahn says that when the world goes through the Cleansing, the Brahmahn Faith will replace both Christianity and Islam in scope and scale," he explained as we jumped over a log.

I rolled my eyes. "You know I won't convert, Jareth. I don't like that cult. It's so... nice..."

"What do you mean, Casey?"

Of course, the paragon of goodness wouldn't understand. For him, there could never be too much nice. "It just isn't natural."

He turned around. "But isn't being kind and respectful ingrained in human nature?" he asked.

"Yeah, but so is sarcasm, laughter, and a sense of humor!" I said, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

Ever since we were little, Jareth was always better than me. He was better at school, better at being nice... but I was down to earth, reality was important to me.

Suddenly, he stopped. "Are we going in circles?"

I looked around. There was the same log in front of us. I turned around. It was behind us. "Wha-"

Then, my blood ran cold. I saw another Jareth.

"We have to get out of here. Now." I grabbed him. He was mouthing a prayer, small good that would do. The other Jareth ran in the opposite direction... with another me!

I kept running until I reached Jareth's house.

We stood on the lawn, gasping for air.

"'ll...never...tell..." he panted. ""

"What?! Why?" I asked. "We gotta tell someone! This is like the stuff you talked to me about from the Brahmahn Faith! It isn't... It's all..."

"Calm down, Casey," he said, and he kissed me. I was too shocked to speak. That was something my Jareth would never do... not in a million years. "Casey, this is the Cleansing. I never thought... It took over the woods. Soon, the mirror image will be the image. We are being Perfected."

"Th-that was us?" I asked. "Our perfect selves?"

He nodded. "Don't tell. People will panic. We have to run, Casey. I never wanted this. That's why I obsessed over it all. To make myself understand... so we could be safe"

I took his hand. I kissed him. The Casey I know would never have done that... but I didn't care. Then I said "What about the others?"

"The fights mean they are ready for Perfection. We aren't. Come on, we have to move!"

I turned, and saw Jareth's home... his perfect, reflected home. It looked... blissful.


"Don't look at it. It's a lie." he said darkly.

Still holding hands, we ran.

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