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Subject: Re: Which twin combo do you like better? edited
Author: jennifer   (Authenticated as jennifer)
Date: September 2, 2012 at 3:47:23 PM
Reply to: Which twin combo do you like better? by Coco-Poco
A twin named George, is a class clown, but has a serious side outside of school, and is on a spoerts team with that twin- Are you talking about George Weasley? George is out imo for that reason alone.

As sibsets, Josh is nicknamey, and George and Gregor are more formal. Joshua nn Josh and Gregor nn Greg would be better, but they don't have the same feel to me. Joshua is more of an average Joe, while Gregor feels more like the family is well educated.

If you want to stick with a G name, Garrett, Gavin, and Geoffrey nn Goeff are better imo.

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