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Subject: Story Idea... Opinion's appreciated...
Author: JessaRose   (Authenticated as dancingintherain)
Date: September 3, 2012 at 5:37:36 AM
So I've been revisiting story ideas that I've written down, and have been busy playing around with one in particular. I've posted twice in regards to small details within it.

First, about naming the planet and the species. I'm not sold on anything yet, but I'm thinking of naming the planet Antares, and the alien race Anterae. I am aware that is a star, Astronomy is hugely important to this race.

The second post was worry that star related names as a theme and the use of the name Bellatrix would be to much like Harry Potter - and had something else pointed it.

Background: The alien race is relatively humanoid. This race is way more technologically advanced then us, and has been able to come to Earth over thousands of years. They have abducted children, many orphaned and abandoned children, and taken them back to their planet. They performed experiments on them, and the environment was much different. Eventually they created a superhuman race, with increased reflexes, senses, and mental powers. Unfortunately for the alien race, they were overpowered by what they had created. Flash foward to the time the book is set in and you have:

The superhumans on top - within this is a social order, the higher class having star names, lower classes not so much. however this lower class could be compared to a middle or business class
The aliens - some are lucky enough to escape and live in villages away, some are not lucky, and sometimes become slaves to the high class. This is the lower class.
The halflings - as the name suggests, these guys are the offspring between the humans and the aliens. By relatively humanoid I mean biochemically able to reproduce perfectly healthy and fertile offspring with humans and the super humans! These guys are considered even lower class.

The actual story itself is set many years after this all happened. It will be about finding an equality, and fighting against propagandas and all of that.

The characters:

The main narrator was initially called Lyra, but someone pointed out the Golden Compass. After much searching, I decided to name her Meissa (May-suh) instead, its a star in the constellation Orion, which is a theme in her family. As her name suggests she is from the upper class. I've chosen her as the narrator, because initially she's starts off as this stubborn, spoilt girl who has never had a hard day, and then after a few choices finds her self on the wrong side of the government, decides she likes it and toughens up.

Her father was initially called Altair, then a friend made an assassin's creed comment. So I changed it to Rigel and decided to go with the Orion theme in the family. The mother is still named Carina, a constellation. Meissa did have two brothers, Arcturus and Hyperion, but I got rid of Hyperion and changed Arcturus' name to Betelgeuse. The name Arcturus will instead be used for a male upper class character who is one of Meissa's best friends.

To avoid the Bellatrix issue, I changed the other main protagonist into a male and named him Saiph. Saiph is actually half human half anterae, so the fact he is named after a star wasn't taken to lightly. But there is a reason for it.

That is sort of all I've figured out... please tell me what you think, and if anything sounds like something you've read... I kind of live under a rock and I'm not familiar with a lot of things...

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