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Subject: Re: Characters You're Sick Of? edited to add more
Author: RoxStar   (Authenticated as RoxStar)
Date: September 6, 2012 at 7:32:20 AM
Reply to: Characters You're Sick Of? by Fleur
The loyal servant, especially the black one, who loooves the white children in the family. Okay, sure, it probably has happened, but it's so tired.

The miserable neglected abused child who is saved by a love of books. Oh please. Doubly oh please if they also escape to a fantasy realm.

The super-smart child who is mouthy and know-it-all and still adults love him.

The discontented woman. Any time period, anything to be discontented over. Nuff said. Sick of them all. Kwitcherbitchin.

Black hair and green eyes. I have never actually met somebody with green eyes and truly black hair. Since Harry Potter it seems to be a must-do for bad fantasy writing.

The couple who does nothing but argue and try to sabotage each other but they end up falling in love at the end. In real life it usually is the other way around, they fall in love, or think they do, and later on start bickering.

The protagonist who everybody hates and doesn't understand and we're supposed to root for them. Well, newsflash: if "everybody" hates you, there is a good reason for it and you're not going to be somebody I root for.

The kid who gives every indication of being mentally retarded but who is in fact a genius and/or have supernatural powers. As if. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...

Threesomes or foursomes of women who get together every week to eat chocolate and plot against their men or something.

The gay guy who is the "honorary girlfriend" and tags along with the women to shop or helps them with their makeup. Gag.

The idea that the ugly girl is always the nicest or smartest girl. The idea that the beautiful girl is always shallow or mean.

Having a "plus-sized" character proclaim how happy she is to look like "a real woman" and then bring up her size again and again throughout the book. Shut up! We don't care!

Books for adults that feature mystery-solving cats or dogs. That kind of thing is fine for kids' books, but any adult who likes to read about a cat who solves mysteries for his dimwitted cop owner is lame.

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