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Subject: Help On & Ideas for Fanfic
Author: Kinola   (Authenticated as Kinola)
Date: September 9, 2012 at 12:07:09 PM
Hi, I'm here looking for a bit of help. I'm writing a Matilda fanfic that takes a look into the Trunchbull's life before she became the cruel, child-hating headmistress she is in the book. Problem is, I'm having trouble thinking about how to start it, and what I should put in. Here's what has been swimming in my head so far:

*Agatha goes to a strict, all-girls school, where she is bullied and bullies others.

*Agatha does something terrible and is locked up in a dark room for the evening.

*Agatha attempts to run away from home, but is caught.

*Agatha's mother gives birth to a baby girl, and she is jealous of the attention her sister gets.

*Agatha's real father shows up.

I'm also trying to think of a way to get this fanfic started. Originally, I had it on the day Agatha is born, but I've been thinking about starting it before, explaining how she was conceived. If anyone has suggestions, or ideas to put in my story, please let me know! :)

Original characters in the fanfic:

*Robert Tatham: Agatha's stepfather, a stoic man who works at his father Jacob's law firm. Robert despises Agatha and punishes her for every little mistake she makes.

*Grace Tatham: Agatha's mother, a sweet yet meek woman with blond hair. She has two sisters named Mercy and Hope. Her experience with Wilmer has caused her to avoid her daughter, and looks forward to the day when she and her husband can finally have a child of their own.

*Claudine Moore: The maid of Robert and Grace, a plump, middle-aged woman. When Agatha was born, Claudine found herself in the role of her nanny, much to her disdain. She thinks that Agatha will turn out to be just like her cousin, and is very strict with her.

*James Webb: The chauffeur of Robert and Grace, a short, thin man with light brown eyes. During the duration of Wilmer's stay, James had been bullied by him, and this in turn has caused him to despise Agatha just as much as his employer and co-worker do. He usually calls her names when no one is around.

*Wilmer Trunchbull: The cousin of Claudine, and Agatha's true father. This man is lazy, selfish, and a total misogynist who had had run-ins with the law before, but somehow has not been sent to jail. Claudine had invited him to stay with her employers when he was evicted from his apartment, and it was during his stay that he forced himself upon poor Grace. Agatha is practically the spitting image of him. He will show up when Agatha is 10.

*Baby Girl Tatham: This is Agatha's sister, and the mother of Miss Honey in the book. She has yet to be born, and currently, there is a poll on my profile to determine her name. Names to vote on are Samantha, Rose, Beatrice, Jacqueline, Victoria, Lillian, Alice, Sylvia, and Opal.

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