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Subject: Duel Prompts Game
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 8:44:16 PM
Write a short story or partial story if you prefer. It can be only a paragraph or you're welcome to make it as long as you wish.

Only Two Rules.

Rule One: Somewhere in the story, you must choose one of the following lines to incorporate:

1. "There was noise coming from everywhere."

2. "The clock was ticking and s/he didn't have time to stop to look."

3. "There was no delivery, Sir."

4. "No one had ever questioned it before."

5. "The thick fog kept anyone from seeing the full distance before them."

6. "*Character* could hear the spark from the next room."

7. "S/he couldn't make it out."

8. "Cries were coming from somewhere nearby."

Rule Two: One or more of the following must be mentioned or included:

1. Street fair
2. Kidnapping
3. Collar
4. Flower bouquet
5. Flashlight
6. Horse
7. Teleprompter
8. Casserole


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