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Subject: Re: Who is Kitty Kilpatrick?
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: October 29, 2012 at 7:01:09 AM
Reply to: Who is Kitty Kilpatrick? by Billina
Kitty was born in the late 1960's to wealthy people in NY state. Of course Kitty isn't her realy first name but no one ever called her anything but Kitty - not even her parents. Of course her mother spent hours at a the club, getting her hair done, being on boards of some kind or other, etc. Kitty remembers her mother like a moviestar - someone far away who came into her life every once in a while. Even after Kitty called her nanny "Mama" and her mom fired that nanny, her mother never really did spend time with her. Instead her nannies were not allowed to get too personal with Kitty.

It didn't matter. Her favorite nanny, Mary, had taken a photo of them together and Kitty treasured it. She had a folder hidden in the library with this photo so she could see the image of the only woman to ever really love her. Whenever she felt lonely or like the idea of Kitty Kilpatrick was taking over and suffocating her, she would pull out the picture. Mary had drawn whiskers and black noses on them. They were cats. Sometimes Kitty pretended that Mary really was her mom and that she could deal with being poor as long as she had a mother who loved her.

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