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Subject: Hark! a LaRe!
Author: La Reina   (Authenticated as La Reina)
Date: December 12, 2012 at 3:26:58 AM
Reply to: 12 Days Game - Day 1 by klundtacular
Introducing the cast from my newest personal project!

The great hall was packed with people, courtiers of all flavours mingling amidst each other. Red and green, blue and yellow, orange and purple, even occasional spots of white were seen in the crowd. The fire crackled in the hearth, its warmth seeping through the revellers' skin and into their jovial, wine-imbued hearts.

Qurguen smiled as he glided elegantly across the floor. If there was a time for merriment better than the King's birthday feast, then he had yet to find one. Presently King Lazir himself had not entered the hall, although innumerable guests were already lingering and drawling out their words in the difficult art of appearing effortless. Well, Qurguen amended to himself, most of them, anyway. His eyes and ears sought for those who don't, who were gathered for something completely different.

" - of course, that is assuming that the madman knew what he was talking about. He may have the eccentricity, but his ideas about music are utter rubbish. If you had heard anything he made, you'd know what horrors it resembled. Such a long, awful moan of a noise!"

Qurguen stifled a laugh, sparing a glance towards the scandalised speaker. Lio, the King's cousin and captain of the Royal Guard, stood at one side, conversing with a few guests; apparently he was the one who had been pontificating about music. Qurguen made a small snigger and drifted over.

"Well, well, my good Sir, perhaps you can show us the correct way to make music, then? Enlighten our simple minds to its virtues," he grinned, slipping into the group.

Lio turned to face him, his rhythm disrupted, and a look of impatience on his face. "Sir Qurguen," he greeted a bit coldly. "You know I do not play."

"Oh, do I?" Qurguen raised his eyebrows in exaggerated surprise. "I'd have thought you were an expert of the arts, so knowleadgeably you expounded upon it for us."

There was a low scoff. Qurguen turned his head to see a girl amongst Lio's conversation-partners, a familiar-looking face... Ah. He recognised her the next instant. Marbra of Soluzil looked almost unrecogniseable in court dress. She was wearing a gown of deep blue, embroidered with black silk, that showed off her bony shoulders and prominent collarbones; all in all, Qurguen noted, she looked a passably pretty, if slightly too thin, lady of marriageable age.

"Sir Lio's charms are plentous," she murmured. "It makes men forget his shortcomings, and women ignore his ignorances."

Lio's eyes darted towards her, uncertain as to whether or not the comment had been a backhanded insult, but at last he decided to let it slide, rather to Qurguen's continuing amusement. "Well, I may not be a bard, but I do know what makes a good song," he carried on. "Fowls atop foliage and footprints in snow make them not."

"No more than eloquent words make a man of honour, certainly," Qurguen chimed in, an expression of perfect innocence on his face.

"Moreover," Lio said, pointedly ignoring him, "the man is raving mad. Even the Jester has more sense than he. The motleyed fool knows not to disobey his King, and Asprit knows no such thing."

"Truth," Qurguen slipped in again. Lio faced him, unable to ignore him any further, and he went on cheerily: "Wherefore should we listen to a man who claims to be an artistic authority, and yet is unable of producing true art? The man is a disgrace, unlike you, Sir Lio; you are certainly a man of illustrious accomplishments, unlike that mangy cur."

"It pleases Sir Qurguen to jest," Lio said to Marbra, who merely chuckled. "Now, if you would excuse me," he bowed and left the group.

Marbra watched him leave, then said to Qurguen: "Really, Sir Qurguen, must you annoy him so?"

Qurguen laughed. "What danger could it be? And besides, he is so very easy to rile up."

"Well," Marbra shrugged her bony shoulders. "We all need our own forms of entertainment. If you'd excuse me, good Sir, I wish to seek my brother." And with that, she curtseyed and left. Qurguen watched her sapphire skirts sway until it vanished in the crowd, then leant against the wall and grinned with satisfaction. Truly, he thought, this will be a very interesting evening.

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