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Subject: Help with character names?
Author: Holmes333   (Authenticated as Holmes333)
Date: January 30, 2013 at 12:41:29 PM
For a story I'm writing, I have all these names and I know some roles, but I want your opinions. Sibsets, couples, opinion on the name, how they sound together, whatever.
FYI (meaning)

Era - f protag (wind)
Carina - f (born by constellations
Hikari - f (light)
Kaito -m bro to Hikari (soar, ocean)
Isis - f queen ( goddess of the sky)
Isador - m husband to Isis ( gift of Isis)
Edmee -m prince (rich protector)
Nila - f (dark blue)
Evening - f (night)
Seren - f (star)
Verity - f (truth)
Fritz - m younger bro to Edmee (peace ruler)
Tamara - f little sis to ? (spice)
Amity - f (friendship)
Roslinn - f little sis to Carina (rose)
Emmerich - m (whole universe, home, labour)
Astor - m (hawk)
Paden - m ( nobleman)
Sachie - f (name of a town)

Ps- did you catch the theme with most of the name meanings?
Thanks alot!!

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